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Queen Elizabeth II at 90 Source The Guardian

Queen Elizabeth II at 90 Source: The Guardian



Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 today.
At her age her Majesty is offering an amazingly steep learning curve to brands, marketers and the rest of us.

I know of no single formula for success. But over the years I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together.

Elizabeth II



The Queen at 90: Across the decadesBy Caroline Davies





Interest vs excitement

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Foto: Franc & Jean Shore, National Geographic

Photograph by Franc & Jean Shore, National Geographic



Excitement wears off,
interest lives on



The real life social network

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friends come in groups of five. photo: Elizabeth Currier


Sketching out your online activities:

Paul Adams demonstrates, how you can connect your contacts with the intended touch points on a home grown overview chart made with post-it notes and colored sticky dots and get a feel for what you are doing before you do it

Friends come in groups, pictured here in groups of five to make it easy on you and me.

I was raised with Enith Blyton books (5 friends) .

These groups really consist of 2-10 people. People tend to have between 4 and 6 groups. Friends we made at school, at earlier childhood stages in our neighborhood, sports pals and teammates at work, hobbyists, lobbyists and so forth.

Usually we keep our groups of friends apart.

Only at special occasions such as marriages or funerals do our separate groups of friends get to know each other, likely for the first time.

This is exactly what happens on Facebook – all of the time.

A melting pot where everything comes together with no differences or distinctions made, and people we would never place together at one table, get to be in touch with one another if intended or not.

However difficult it may be, becomes obvious for those responsible for seating arrangements at weddings and funerals.

As with seating arrangements at major events, it takes masterful planning to manage indifferently united groups in social networks to remain in their traditional grouping in the best interest of your business project.

To distinctly identify the groups separately and treat them individually, preferably with no touch points amongst one another.


The Roman army was split into groups of 150 so that everyone in the group knew each other. Close enough, Adams (centurion = 80 men, 2 centurions = maniple, 6 centurions = cohort, 10 cohorts = 1 legion with up to 6,000 soldiers)


Presupposed, you share with me the opinion, that the social web is here to help with persuing relationships and fostering communities with the aim to increase your share of market place and community reach.

Most of us can only stay with up to 150 weak ties. This is a limitation of our brain. The number has been consistent throughout history.


Excerpt of Paul Adams’ präsentation: the real life social network v2


Identify the peple relevant to your project on post-it notes and group them in whatever way makes sense. With colour dots map them to the touch-points and glimpses of coming attractions you mean to provide

Here’s a chart I made in Omni Graffle for my daughter in Eugene, OR.

A reference point for my adored reader, how even the process of mapping out overviews my add clarity how to eventually become relevant to the different mind sets you are addressing with the intended release of your artwork or touchpoint or what have you.

Design offers a passage to integrated marketing to which facebook, if at all, plays a minor role.

Creativity is not cute, as New York planner Heidi Hackemer pointed out.

Now it’s on you to bring your business goals or your intend as artist in agreement with the motivation of the members of groups and to have good design resolve into action (Naoto Fukosawa via Ana Andjelic).


Paul Adams’ Think outside in



Fine Time Web Typography

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long copy

Always forcing a smile

Allison House's dribbble invite



A fine time for enhanced web typography eventually turning the web into a nicer place to visit

After 109 years of offset printing, the new iPad and now the Mac Book Pro Retina display surpasses the quality of glossy fashion magazines.

Give it some time and the broad availability of retina quality displays will boost our expectation in a new aesthetic for web design.

Quite the contrary perhaps of what the talented James Bridle got his mind wrapped around when waving at the machines.

Most certainly we want to wave to the machines


You can only preserve what you keep a fond memory of

  • The bona fide multi column layout of your favorite newspaper.
  • Clear structuring of content.

  • Learned and loved user habits, such as the iOS swipe gestures and swiping content preferably up and down rather than left and right.
  • The re-education by blogs of how we want to browse the web.


    With web fonts and CCS, designers are more than ever in control of their design.

    So there.

    Design offers a passage to integrated marketing.

    Visiting code academy helps along the way and the occasional Google search for anything ‘html‘, helps reach a self-taught understanding of how it all is coming together.


    The best time is spent in a learning curve

    No learning, no living. Granted. No vital livelihood, no good living. In either of our chosen worlds.

    Room to move.



SXSW 2012

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SXSW 2012


Easier done than said

This panel is not about re-educating our industry much further, but to first refocus on a solution that has long been brought to the conversation and that will help our industry’s issues get resolved more immediately. I trust it to be a universal yet very pragmatic solution -it more specifically- is a set of instructions, demonstrating work out there already, that will help our industry instantly by providing orientation by design.

Classic Art Directors do excellent work once they get to know what is required and can get their hands around what needs be done to return the magic.

You lovely people have already discovered, that it’s not our thinking that changes our doing but that it’s our doing that changes our thinking.

As an industry, let us now put our money where our mouth is and get the industry involved in solving their issues on their own. In providing a platform that aggregates practical samples of work with proof of return on investment and focus on a unique solution that likely prove to be universal in bringing the magic back to our ad industry.

My daughters handed me a drawing years ago with the words: “Less talk. More rock.” I honor my daughters for being right in the first place.


Qestions answered

  1. What can we do to get our ad industry involved in their own issue resolving?
  2. What is the big issue?
  3. How SXSW visitors can help get our industry involved?
  4. Can panelists and thought leaders go on with their conversation after that?
  5. Will we get paid?


Level: Beginner

Category: Design/Development

Supporting materials:



It has become imperative to refocus on a solution that has long been suggested

Long Tail no more

Less Talk. More Rock.









Be so kind as to let me know how you feel about getting our industry involved in their own issue resolving. Please enter questions you may have for me in the comments field below. It will greatly help sharpen my presentation, thank you much.




Gaining trust in your insurance company

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Who wants to volunteer and take on the new insurance account?

Speaking for EMEA country, no fingers will be raised and little to no excitement is to be expected from creatives when it comes to insurance marketing.

Insurance companies are believed to consist of boring bureaucrats, hopelessly lost on the square side and of no opportunity to sharpen your creative profile.

Something went wrong with the mindset of European creatives and needs adjustment and transformation. We are utterly trained to resolve issues no matter what.

A couple years ago, I returned to Frankfurt empty handed from an Allianz insurance pitch in Munich, a not so frequent incident, I must ad in my defense. I was with zentropy then, now MRM Worldwide and in retrospect, I’d say fair enough.

Being a sucker at failure, I researched learnings from US insurance companies and have come across an astonishing psychological finding. With buying insurance, people want to cut a deal with the devil, a bit of horse-trading by which, bad things are prevented from happening with making the purchase.

© Thomas Bröse, Berlin


Motivation for purchasing insurance


Preventing bad things from happening with the purchase of insurance.


Getting reimbursed in case of damage.


Two topics, that should get the creative juices flow, for there are great stories to tell as this example of an Adweek ad of the day comes to show for State Farm insurance.

An entry on Amsterdam Ad Blog, made me wonder, why no agency with an insurance company in their portfolio has wrapped their minds around an authentic testimonial approach, by which people get to tell their story: How they emerged unscathed from fate in blogger style.

With so many unfortunate, yet curiously strong catastrophes happening around the world, an insurance company will likely take on the role of the guardian angel and savior with current real time events of magnitude as long as the brand stays subtly in the background as an enabler and curator for true stories to get told and talked about in the new world.

Dolly Rogers, an ad agency in Amsterdam published a blog, portraying citizens of Amsterdam, one at a time. This way Dolly Rogers gets talked about and gains popularity (without necessarily having to show off client wins and great work). 

Spinnin Yarns by Dolly Rogers, Amsterdam


To escape without a scratch

With an authentic testimonial campaign consisting of consolidated and curated empiric reports, including a small demographic, illustrating fact and figures to prove the case, and dialogue unfolding between insurants and family/friends having withnessesed the insurance case and outcome, the insurance company establishes an account of lively case studies in the new world. Exciting true stories told by the insurant. Rolled out in collaboration with help organizations, the effort could raise funds, even for the not insured victim of circumstance.

An excellent and most exciting example to help you get your hands around this observation, can be found here and here.

The insurant themselves manage their blog entries and responds to comments with the help of social media practitioners assigned by the agency.


The insurance company gets into the conversation as an increasingly appealing, popular figure.


Trust in the insurance company is gained or returned organically and is strengthened by supporting figures and fact.


Empiric report as building blog for the new international marketing strategy
© Allianz insurance

New international Allianz insurance campaign

The new campaign is centered around the viewpoint of the customer on behalf of the Allianz performance and its 10.000 representatives, a press statement declares on their corporate website.

A close call to my observations, allas a far cry… Grey, their agency has chosen to deliver good old in your face advertising, rather than relying on authenticity, transparency and access as key attributes for good social engagement to bring the magic back.

With their new campaign, Allianz fails to deliver on my observations and misses out on the drama unfolding in the new world. No reasons to believe any of this, are being given.

Empiric reports can be viewed as videos here and are perceived as what they are: adfilms.Testimonials are no longer being delivered as empty promises, dear Christian Deuringer (in charge of marketing). Experience must be shared to be relevant and trustworthy. Grey has been dragging their feet and delivered advertising messages for the old world while we are living in the new world with exciting opportunities for participation marketing and amazing things to talk about.

Have a look here, at how 3 BBH interns raised $24,000 to help 89 year old barber after his livelihood was devastated by recent unrests in London. You’ll get the idea.


That’s Vaginal

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Join the movement to place one incredible word in its rightful place of superiority over all other words.

Early adopters who had witnessed Carlton’s call on YouTube are climbing Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze, long before the announcement of a german language website. They want to be first to have shouted out “vagina” in EMEA adland.
Zugspitz call

I don’t want to wait for mother’s day. I want to become active now.

Here’s what you can do. Whenever you get to see something truly amazing, witness a great discovery, or become overwhelmed, you don’t squeek omg, you make your astonished self heard in a loud and firm voice: “That’s Vaginal”. Read more. Find the german language version of this best practice example here.

via Cindy Gallop


© 2011 That’s Vaginal A rogue agent acting loosely on behalf of Summer’s Eve.

  • V-Power—Summer’s Eve


    Buying power & the sex I was sold on

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    American Apparel testimonial ad: Tree Climbing.

    American Apparel testimonial ad: Tree Climbing.

    American Apparel testimonial ad: Burn Out

    American Apparel testimonial ad: Burn Out


    It is on you to lend support to
    American Apparel with your buying power and a little strategic consumption.

    On Munich’s Amalien steet 44 and Schelling street 11 the American Apparel stores have closed, Petra says. Go to Sendlinger street. On Sendlinger street 24 you can buy American Apparel.


    Since last year American Apparel has been teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Despite the common wisdom of sex that sells and American Apparel having made plenty of use of that wisdom. For American Apparel to escape pending bankruptcy, continuous fincanciel growth must be demonstrated until september 2013.


    Founder and CEO Dov Charney sees nothing wrong with the controversal identity of his brand. He insists, ‘we’ll continue to give the core audience what they want, a real, untampered with view of the creative process at American Apparel‛.


    American Apparel ad featuring male model

    American Apparel ad featuring male model

    Opening ad Amsterdam

    Ad for store opening in Amsterdam

    Back in March 2007, Christina Waechter succeeded with a pro and con write up of the controversies surrounding AA’s marketing, a rather insightful and objective confrontation over the drama of sex in advertising, leaving the decision up to the reader. In command of the German language, read the article here.


    American Apparel Bubblelicious billboard ad and print ad.

    American Apparel Bubblelicious billboard ad and print ad.


    It’s give and take… A Canadian immigrant, Dov Charney enabled 4,500 work places in downtown LA with an average pay of $12. He exports his Hipster fashion made in USA to sweatshop paradise China.


    Much like Trigema-CEO Wolfgang Grupp, who is popular in Germany for keeping workplaces in the country instead of outsourcing to countries with lower wages.


    In contrast to Wolfgang Grupp, Dov Charney has also adopted an idea from Hustler founder Larry Flint, that of letting the people get what they wish- and pay for. Larry Flint convinced the larger part of his potential readers, of competitor Playboy to cheat on people with glossy, photoshop retouched, softblured pictures, which would never reveal the most vital detail of femality. From researching the Venecian Giacomo Casanova for a previous assignment, I happen to know, that at an appropriate instant, Gicomo would first gently move his mistresses leg aside for proof of beauty.


    There is plenty to learn from crm & marketing masters the likes of Giacomo Casanova, Dov Charney and Derek Sivers.


    It is the expression of style and cultural good of our post-digital era, which American Apparel incessantly produces like no other brand. By which the brand not only keeps busy with internal affairs and their making a profit but exists in permanent arguing with what keeps all involved and their surroundings occupied.


    Two Koreans and a Jew making T-shirts

    Early insert: *Two Koreans and a Jew making T-shirts*


    American Apparel employs more than 10 thousand employees worldwide with its vertically integrated business model which minimizes the use of sub-contractors American Apparel made in U.S.Aand offshore labor.


    Knitting, dyeing, sewing, photography, marketing distribution and design all happen in their Los Angles facilities. Terry Richardson is a photographer for American Apparel, most of the ads however are photographed by Dov or any of his co workers. American Apparel sports the most socially enabled and engaged brand website I ever came across with a plentytude of bloggers directly engaged and enabled in a feature section called Best of Seen and Submitted Raz Schionning being the web director.


    Criticism: Dov Charney had been accused of sexual harrassment by more than one female coworker. During an interview he masturbated in the presence of one reporter and he has appeared in his underwear for many such interviews.





    Dynamically not planning.

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    Tale of regenerating tail

    Not surprisingly for long tail marketing, the tail regenerates.
    ~ based on an illustration by Patrick Moberg ~
    Courtesy of Patrick Moberg. © 2011 All rights reserved.


    Dynamically not planning.

    Today the entrepreneur can resort to better means and technologies to launch their product than ever before. A little noticed circumstance comes into play and to the aid of the entrepreneur entering the market with their product, when needed and only then.

    In the pre-digital days, the entrepreneur was sold on marketing and advertising by way of campaigns: pre launch, launch post launch. A campaign had a beginning and an end without any pre-existing knowledge on how people would react to any part of it. Both, advertising media and campaign planning were static. Businesses however wanted to be known as being dynamic.

    Doctors can not cure themselves

    Entrepreneurs are never short of a solution.

    Today wer are being swamped by a never ending flood of tools and applications, suggesting a permanent promise of closeness between the people and the brand. A claim that in technical terms is being made possible and allows easy handling.

    Looking back still makes us smirk, gigantic far into the future reaching campaings ruled our day, based on little more than assumptions and manipulated statistics with no way of ever pre-determining the people’s reactions or fluctuations of the market situation. A marketing melt-down – that enentually becomes more obvious in the presence of Fukushima.

    As early as 1800 in the very beginnnings of hard sale and direct response, practitioners such as John Powers¹ followed by Claude C. Hopkins, were rewarded their greatest successes, whenever they managed to surprise the public, make them wonder with little effort, on a small budget and frightingly frankness. All of which eventually turned into admiration more often than not.

    John Powers received a call from a client one night, asking his help to prevent the bancruptsy from happening within days. Powers published an insert in the newspaper the next morning with a headline stating something the likes of: “Buy my merchandise, prevent me from having to shut down for good within days.” The people were concerned and the checkouts rang a storm. For the caller it became a successful business year.

    Currently American Apparel is globally fighting for survival of its hipster fashion. Customers stay away and dept is pressing. American Apparel’s rather ingenious Dov Charney won’t bet his company’s future on empathy nor sympathy, even though he’s got plenty working in his favor, however Charney does not trust it to be a powerful enough motivation and so he rather bets his and his brand’s life on the old myth, that of sex sells.

    With a difference, it’s a hipster-flavor, contemporarily fitting sex sells, that is touching and exposes females and also men without the usual photoshop effects, resulting in a more authentic testimonial eventually returning people to their true identity. Which in turn makes the subject even more touchy, steamy.
    Caring is creepy. ~t. Preview

    Caring is creepy. ~t. Preview.

    A beginning trend in 2011, by which the entrepreneur is perfectly equipped for handling her brand communication with no agency involved:

    1. Your company is prepared to involve the customer in the development of your product and its communciation
    2. A good story has been defined for your poduct and brand and can be told continuously, whilst reflecting context and Zeitgeist
    3. Products and services are aimed at making the customer’s life easier. [ in Germany Oral B’s so called people toothbrush has allowed competitor Dr. Best to become profitable with alternative brush heads ]
    4. Marketing is predominately aimed at allowing the consumer to discover your product on her own terms

    Caring is creepy.

    Caring is creepy.

    This is when the benefits of involving your customers in the development and communication of your product and brand, come into play. Due to the strategic use of social media, you are consequently amidst your consumers and surrounded by consumers actively involved in the history of developments, likely sharing their experience and ideas which may very well lead to resolving issues.
    A little noticed circumstance finally comes into play, which is the actual determining dynamic factor, we no longer fall prey to the insanity of expecting long term campaign planning in advance. The entrepreneur moves ahead taking small steps. Listens for any occuring reaction upon which he acts accordingly and immediately. He stays flexible for whatever may happen next. [ Dell recently opened its listening center for social media in Germany. ]

    Always on communications with consumer communities must endure once started [ a newer silliness wants to us to believe that a facebook- and twitter account is all there is to social media. ]. Traditional media such as tv, radio, print ads and billboard are complementing your communications, no longer are they at its center.

    Long tail marketing is to communicatons what slow food is to McDonalds.
    Amazingly, the tail regenerates just when we want to give up, and new learnings make themselves available when needed. A rather organic, natural way of conducting business to the better of the business as well as for the consumer.

    Should a shitstorm occur, the business learns to deal with it. A new tail grows. We don’t fail from making mistakes we fail from not doing.


    ¹“Print the news of the store,” said he. “No ‘catchy headings,’ … no smartness, no brag, no ‘fine writing,’ no fooling, no foolery, no attempt at advertising, no anxiety to sell, no mercenary admiration; hang up the goods in the papers, one at a time, a few today, tomorrow the same or others.”




    Protected: TV Productions is your product, no?

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