Small is the new big

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Will the elected government make the lives of their electors great again?




Big business




Small business

Small business has always been big. Just not especially visible.



Small is the new big
Doc Searls, the celebrated co-author of Cluetrain Manifesto published a detailed narrative of how business is done within his intimate surrounding.

You probably can easily recall very similar stories from the business conduct in your own immediate surrounding. Of how you help each other out in your community and family. We are following a path previous generations have been following until BIG came along. The path of family businesses, that of craftmanship.

None of them want to grow their businesses any larger than they need to be.

Searls also has impressive statistics to show. “Firms with fewer than 100 employees have the largest share of small business employment.”

Luck favors the bold. That’s what it comes down to.

“No one got rich working”, remember the sarcasm? Read in fullby Doc Searls


Small is the new big


Slanted truth well told in stripped down ad

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Droga5 minimalist truth billboard for the NYTimes

Droga5’s abgespeckte Plakatwerbung für die NYTimes



Truth. NYTimes



Truth. NYTimes





slanted truth
What’s true about the truth is that no one can stand it. We hate it. True is we live our lives in media. According to our President, much of media is fake news and alternative facts.

1The tense political climate in the U.S., and the Trump administration’s high-profile attacks on the media, have put many media outlets in the spotlight—which makes this a propitious time for brand messaging emphasizing the importance of quality journalism.



Sunday morning reaction



The campaign includes a 30-second spot that will air on the Academy Awards on Feb. 26 (where such ad slots are going for up to $2.5 million). The spot features audio of people debating politics, while on-screen text finishes the sentence “The truth is…” in various ways.Read in fullby Tim Nudd


slanted truth



A touch of fahionable Nazi romanticism in German McDonalds ad

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“I Love It.”





fahionable Nazi romanticism Fisch
“You migratory birds1 in the air,
in the ether, in the sunny scent,.
in blue sky waves,.
I greet you as a journeyman!
I’m also a keen hiker
a fresh breath of life I am carried by
and my song gift
is my dearest belongings.”

—Otto Roquette



fahionable Nazi romanticism



Alternative facts with fake news as advertising

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fake news websites with fake anti-Trump narrative to get a filmtalked about.



alternative facts
According to Chris Thijk, Fox has now appologized for the inapropriate promotion. The fake news website has been discontinued.





What is happening all over the world?

A dominant, liberal elite including the liberal press is accusing the US President. Not of something the President did but what they fear he will be doing. How does this differ from previous Presidents new in office?
We now live our lives n media while with previous Presidents we lived a normal life. One without the media extension.

An international liberal elite fears to lose their dominance and demonstrates bad behavior. The bad behavior they accuse the president of.



Skeptiker, Zyniker, Nein-Sager und andere fiesen Charaktere.

Inappropriate group portrait with assholes



A lifetime I am consumed with and wonder what sources the next Nazis will spring from. How the next fascist groove thang will come about.

I must have had a more conducive progress in mind to come about with the transformation. Not a transformer as he appeared with Donald Trump.



Fortune favors the bold

I urge my socialist friends to hold back with their scorn. See first if work gets returned. And if money goes into the pockets of the hard working people.



©Wasted Rita

– before –

©Wasted Rita

– after –




alternative facts


Geoff McFetridge, Apple WWDC17

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Geoff McFetridge, Apple WWDC17



Geoff McFetridge, Apple WWDC17





Geoff McFetridge



Geoff McFetridge



Resilience in an ad space dominated by digital

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Stronghold resilience on German tv: Carglass and Fielmann glasses

Long standing resilience on German tv: Carglass and Fielmann glasses



German commercial television air time is dominated by digital brands, products and services. For at least two years in a row and long enough to leave an impression. Conventional household brand names have come close to become extinct.

But wait a minute, there are two contenders that seem resilient toward the epidemic spread of new technology driven businesses.

Fielmann glasses, with stores throughout the counties runs a high and dry testimonial campaign ending in the briefest possible message in white letters on a black background: Glasses: Fielmann.
You can’t be more to the point than that.

The other is Carglass, a repair franchise for damaged car glass with a campagin that reminds me of advertisements you see on local tv in the US heartland.

Both campaigns have been running long enough at a frequency to insure excellent sales quotes.



Glasses: Fielmann ad in original language



A take on an international Carglass ad
(does not represent a typical hard selling ad, carglass is known for)






Spoonerism in new classic advertising

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Kiss caramel, with nobility a taste perceived exeptionally well.

Kiss caramel, with nobility a taste perceived exeptionally well.





Das Duell (the shoot out)


For the introduction of their caramel kisses, Ferrero won’t place their bets on 15 or 30 second tv ads. A 5 second tvc should do.

Ferrero Kisses have long made a name for themselves. Here’s what some genius figured. More attention for less (content) works wonders with consumers struggling with information overload. 30 seconds of product explanation or a memorable fun line presented in 5 second slots, you do the math.

The launch of their 5 second tv campaign got my attention and had me laugh out loud. Hit the button for many more one liners rhyming on caramel. Some German language knowledge required.More spoonerismin German language






Speak English like you’ve always wanted to

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It would be rude not to.

It would be rude not to.



World-class global campaign





like you’ve always wanted to
A no less welcome distraction from the great bustle to Trump.



like you’ve always wanted to



Go back home

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Anheuser Busch

“You don’t look like you’re from around here”

A wave of immigrant tales can make a difference.





“An Immigrant’s Tale”

Super Bowl 2017

Super Bowl Ad







back home
It doesn’t take guts but brains to make use of inverted psychology. And help remind rural counties to please get back with the program. Not that what I perceive as either a subtle political, or as a cynical statement was intended though:
Read in fullby E.J. Schultz



back home



Campbell’s goes back to the future

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Cambell's Beefsteak Tomato Soup ©Edelman

Campbell’s return to original packaging and content
despite the world famous iconic Andy Warhol art
that made Campbell’s soup world famous.



Making of narrative of beatsteak tomato soup.



Campbell's Clam Chowder - Campbell's Cream of mushroom

    Campbell’s Clam Chowder           –       Campbell’s Cream of mushroom



Campbell’s goes back to the future
Whenever Hugh Hicks was under the weather he made himself New England Clam Chowder. Hugh Hicks is my deceased father. I recall that he was never too fond of New England, but he sure placed his bets on its clam chowder. (The crossed out product shown is a can of condensed Manhattan clam chowder. It never made it into our house.)

For my entire life, I was certain that clam chowder holds some magic to make you well again. My favorite then was the condensed cream of mushroom. At restaurants, I ordered fancy turtle soup for its incomparable taste.

With my personal memories, I am in line with nostalgia tendencies. One of the big motivational drivers at the turn of transformation. And I am keen to learn how Campbell’s bold approach stands the test of time. Or do I hope they would never change their iconic look?

How Campbell’s dusted off a century-old recipe to cook up its latest marketing idea. Following a recipe from 1915 isn’t as easy as it sounds…

Read in fullby Robert Klara



Campbell’s goes back to the future