Are you looking for your business online presence?

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Are You Looking For Your Business Online Presence? Illustration. ©Ernie Bushmiller

Illustration. ©Ernie Bushmiller



looking for your business online presence?

I help with the design of your business idea, if I may.

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looking for your business online presence?


When you leave New York you ain’t going anywhere

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Coca-Cola, Guinness, Apple:
The Art of Building Fantasy Worlds in Advertising



you leave New York you ain’t going anywhere
An animated wonderland inside a vending machine. A squirrel-filled dreamworld of stout drinkers chasing the meaning of life. A centuries-old monster infiltrating the modern world to sell the newest of technologies.

Scott Carlson, points out his favorite spots. Along with actor Liev Schreiber, he is the cofounder und chief creative of the New Yorker boutique agency Van’s General Store. More on that with my next entry.Read in fullby Tim Nudd


you leave New York you ain’t going anywhere


Germans now are consumed with failure and how to be more relaxed about it

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You are pressured to do ever more



Bereue nichts.

No regrets.





“On greatness in failure”








Dallas Wild Detectives booksellers hook Facebook users with populist plots of classic novels to get them to read books

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Für die dt. Sprache adaptiertes Litbait Muster

Finally, a noble use of an iffy strategy
Does the end ever justify a means like clickbait?





populist plots
Back in September, the wild detectives, booksellers from Dallas, Texas put out their bait on the Facebook community.



This Italian politician makes Trump look like a saint

~ The Prince by Machiavelli




When it’s OKAY to slut shame single mothers

~ The Scarlet Letter




Provokative populistic lines, published as clickbait. When users clicked on the links, they were directed to a blog post that included the text of the entire book.

“You fell for the bait, now fall for the book” the video concludes.

In notorious observation of my very own behavior, I’d lean toward reading a couple pages on a random basis but won’t likely pick up the book.

I have yet to discover a social media campaign that sells. Imagine Apple iiTunes movie trailers would be a campaign instead of a service. I check in on movies regularly once a week but haven’t seen a movie lately.

Test driving cars will sell cars but reading books online won’t sell books. But watching trailers on Apple iTunes will make you go see a movie. Perhaps you figure the difference in tomorrow’s blogpost.Read in fullby Angela Natividad


populist plots


How did McCANN’s Mastercard claim get into this Swisscom ad by Heimat?

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Swisscom Snow Tweets

Snow Tweets in support of competitors at this year’s
FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.





Swisscom ad
In a way, it’s a smaller-scale version of Hyundai’s “A Message to Space”. Robotic snow-blowers carved out a specially designed font and single-line artwork in the powder. The messages were drawn from fan submissions via Twitter. A slope equivalent to 16 football fields in the Engadin Alps near St. Moritz, is visible from up to two miles away. The last word in this commercial have gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medal winner Wendy Holdener. And Mastercard with: “priceless”.



Knowing that all those people
stand behind you is priceless.

. Read in fullby Gabriel Beltrone


Swisscom ad


The story of ‘the Fearless Girl’, from the women at McCann who made her

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Illustration: Jeremy Nguyen for ‘The Nib’

Illustration: Jeremy Nguyen for ‘The Nib’



the Fearless Girl
Has it been ten days since McCANN’s midnight activity of installing a Bronze statue of “the fearless girl”? Find out the details that led to this overnight success. Here’s the interview Tim Nudd had with Lizzie Wilson und Tali Gumbiner:Read in fullby Tim Nudd



Live cam of the fearless girl.


the Fearless Girl


Dr. Bronner’s peculiar peppermint soap

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Family business on the rise



Emanuel Bronner (r.) was a self-styled philosopher-mystic who urged all to put aside their racial and national differences. Today, the firm is run by his grandsons David (l.) and Michael Bronner, who have preserved their grandfather’s soap formula and his vision for a united world, encapsulated in aphorisms like the one above.

Emanuel Bronner (r.) was a self-styled philosopher-mystic who urged all to put aside their racial and national differences. Today, the firm is run by his grandsons David (l.) and Michael Bronner, who have preserved their grandfather’s soap formula and his vision for a united world, encapsulated in aphorisms like the one above.



Dr. Bronner’s is taking over soap dishes across America.

Dr. Bronner’s is taking over soap dishes across America.


Dr. Bronner's wachsende Produktpalette.

Dr. Bronner’s growing line of products that happen to be marketing.


Dr. Bronner’s peculiar peppermint soap
You would find Reader’s Digest in the guest bathrooms, in my adolescence on the west shore of lake Starnberg. During my grown up New York days, you got a bottle of Bronner’s to read at the bathroom.

Bronner’s peppermint soap’s sparkling effect on the genitals didn’t stay unnoticed. The news spread by word-of-mouth. To all I know the peppermint liquid soap is also the most useful shampoo on the market.



Only if constructive-selfish work, perfecting first me, like every arctic owl-penguin-pilot-cat-swallow-beaver-bee, can I teach the Moral ABC.



Dispensed advice

Blind toward the end of his life, Bronner didn’t realize how many words of his “Moral ABCs” he’d crammed onto the label. Now it’s the brand’s signature. More so, the opinionated product is its marketing. Hundreds of tiny, preachy phrases cover every inch of a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s.

No wonder, Dr. Bronner’s is taking over soap dishes across America. Difference is built on opinion — and you’ll find a lot of it on each dispenser. With Bronner’s the product is the marketing. Opinionated brands are needed for our markets to get healthy. Our markets are increasingly homogeneous. People can’t tell one product offering from the other. They find orientation in opinionated brands and family owned businesses. People no longer want to be patronized as David from Goliath.Read in fullby Robert Klara


Dr. Bronner’s peculiar peppermint soap


Made up McDonald’s alternative facts

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Marketing Innovation



McDonald's Alternative Fact Ad

Alternative fact1



McDonald’s debuts the Big Mac

Real news2

Fake news

Fake news3



McDonald’s alternative facts



Everyone stick to their believe system. This way it does not matter what is fact and what is fake. Friend or foe. Who wants to know?

Truth is, I went to McDonald’s three times already to get a taste of it’s advertised signature collection. It’s the restaurant across the Olympia shopping mall here in Munich. The scenery where 9 young Muslims from Kosovo where shot to death by a 19 year old Iranian running amok. An incident declared as non terrorist- or racist attack. What an unbelievable toll it must have put on the three victim families and friends. Don’t even want to think about it.

The new user experience is fine with me. I journeyed from one of the new touch screens to the young lady taking orders at a seperate counter. And from there to the standard pick-up counter where my order was already waiting on me. The meat (5.3 ounces beef burger) tastes spectacular and the less spongy buns are of help with the finger food. “I want to believe” and trust the splendid reputation German McDonald’s established with it’s local resources. The interior decoration is fine with me too. Frank Lloyd Wright for poor folks. It’s all plastic and ads a Safari kind of atmosphere. I’m loving it.

How a Rogue McDonald’s Franchisee Invented the Big Mac and Changed Fast Food Forever: Read onRead in fullby Robert Klara


McDonald’s alternative facts


A pointer to why McCann dropped a statue of a ‘Fearless Girl’ next to Wall Street’s charging bull overnight

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McCANN's fearless girl

Sculpture: Kristen Visbal – Photo: Federica Valabrega



‘Fearless Girl’
Pedestrians in lower Manhattan had a new piece of branded art to ponder on Tuesday morning, as McCann New York and client State Street Global Advisors conspired in the middle of the night to drop a statue in Bowling Green Park of a girl facing off against the famous Wall Street Charging Bull.Read in fullby Tim Nudd


‘Fearless Girl’


“I can’t believe he said that”

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SchlüsselwortDavid Letterman returns



It’s a family. The Wassersteins.
Say the head of the family, let’s say his name was Larry Wasserstein. If Larry behaved the way Donald behaves, for even a six week period, the family would get together and say, “Jesus, somebody better call the doctor.” Then they’d ask him to step down. But Trump’s the president and he can lie about anything from the time he wakes up to what he has for lunch and he’s still the president. I don’t get that. I’m tired of people being bewildered about anything he say: “I can’t believe he said that”. We gotta stop that and instead figure out ways to protect ourselves from him. We know he’s crazy. We gotta take care of ourselves here now.

Dave by way of this isn’t happiness™