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How did McCANN’s Mastercard claim get into this Swisscom ad by Heimat?

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Swisscom Snow Tweets

Snow Tweets in support of competitors at this year’s
FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.





Swisscom ad
In a way, it’s a smaller-scale version of Hyundai’s “A Message to Space”. Robotic snow-blowers carved out a specially designed font and single-line artwork in the powder. The messages were drawn from fan submissions via Twitter. A slope equivalent to 16 football fields in the Engadin Alps near St. Moritz, is visible from up to two miles away. The last word in this commercial have gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medal winner Wendy Holdener. And Mastercard with: “priceless”.



Knowing that all those people
stand behind you is priceless.

. Read in fullby Gabriel Beltrone


Swisscom ad


Happy Holidays

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Dear Santa… Please leave my share at Sluggo's house. He needs it more than I do  -Nany

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This is to thank you, Kelly and Jamie, for your very kindness and amazing continuous support. Thank you, daring daughters, your gentle husbands, and loving families.


Thank you all, enjoy your holidays.


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More attention on less (things)

Happy Holidays



Happy Holidays



Agency Holiday Cards 2016

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Come sit with usHappy Medium



Holiday Cards 2016



Holiday Cards 2016



Frankie’s Holiday

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Frankie's Feiertag

Source: Adweek





“Open your heart to everyone”

Der vielleicht faszinierendste Weihnachtsgruß des Jahres.

One of the most fascinating holiday spots of the year.





Frankie’s Holiday



Frankie’s Holiday



Come Together

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Screenshot H&M Bahnlinie

The story takes place on Christmas Eve, with Brody as the conductor on a train full of passengers travelling to join their loved ones for the holiday.

Alas! The arrival time is being delayed for 11 hours…





„Come Together”

Celebrated Wes Anderson




Source (German language)




Come Together



Come Together



Halloween 2016, Oregon

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Excitement building for the night before Halloween with grandchild Callum Currier

Excitement building for the night before Halloween
with grandchild Callum Currier.



Oregon 2016 Alis Volat Propiis

Oregon 2016
Alis Volat Propiis




Pacific Wonderland



Halloween 2016 OregonOregon



Halloween 2016 Oregon



Go clear

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“Go clear
or crash on the couch.”

Go clear


Go clear


Any plans for the Fourth of July?

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“<a onclick=

Hey, if you don’t have any plans for the Fourth of July, you could drop by and hide in the closet with me.”” width=”590″ height=”229″ class=”size-full wp-image-33613″ /> “Hey, if you don’t have any plans for the Fourth of July, you could drop by and hide in the closet with me.”









My dear Padlock…er…Harrock

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Captain Haddock Hergé

Make yourself feel right at home, Oregon man. Don’t mind the drizzle.



My dear Padlock…er…Harrock

You’ve done good and are a well respected, much appreciated, man. Now rest your laurels. We wish you a happy birthday



Delighted - Hergé



My dear Padlock…er…Harrock



Lake Garda

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Lake Garda



Lake Garda