Europeans need a DuckDuckGo of their own

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DuckDuckgo's Suchfenster



DuckDuckGo is Googles tiniest and fiercest competitor out of Philadelphia, and its exploding numbers make the business launched by Gabriel Weinberg in 2008 appear less of an insanity now that we’re living in the post-Snowden era. Looking at a chart of DuckDuckGo’s daily search queries, the milestones are obvious:



DuckDuckGo Direct queries per day (∅28d)

DuckDuckGo Direct queries per day (∅28d)



Each of these things moved the traffic needle for DuckDuckGo, but none of them came close to sparking anything like the massive spike in queries the company saw last July. That’s when Edward Snowden first revealed the NSA’s extensive digital surveillance program to the world. The little blue line on the chart hasn’t stopped climbing north since.

Read in full.






DuckDuckGo Germany, DuckDuckGo Europe


An unyielding European DuckDuckGo offers Europe’s response to the NSA espionage affair.






In this post-Snowdon decade DuckDuckGo demonstrates explosive growth and an all in one European solution in response to the NSA affair: Neutral and secure privacy for the European and German networks. Better yet the first most powerful step in taking responsibility toward solving copyright and privacy issues and help moving Europe into the 21. Century.






Eurosearch (or whatever the name may be for an European DuckDuckGo) offers a very real and practical solution for Alexander Dobrindt, head of the Ministry for Traffic, the EU-commission, aiming at opening up education through new technologies, and it is a great opportunity for Bavaria’s Minister-President Horst Seehofer’s vision to put Bavaria into the digital pole position.

It may be far more effective, efficient and more promising to have light fires lead the way to a more elegant and efficient German web and demonstrate neutral, secure privacy concerns by making the more powerful digital tools available with no downside for the user experience but by offering the safeguard considered critical by Europeans for the security of their private data.

Big issues such as the NSA espionage affair don’t require big solutions.



No digital athletes in Sochi

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Sochi, Black Sea

Sochi, Black Sea




[UT]maehsi from Garmany’s Unreal Team led by Zeisel, challenging champions the likes of Storm, Bugger, Carnegie, One, Ultrox, Cowbell and my good friend Stingray.



No Maehsi in Sochi?

It may seem like an entry not meant to be taken seriously but it is quite the contrary, a serious proposition to regroup the Olympic idea to integrate the potential of digital athletes

As long as the olympics claim to be all about bringing people of all nationalities together and claim of citius, altius, forties persists, digital athleticism provides a solution with greater potential and to a greater effect.

A digital sport such as Unreal Tournament aside from more popular yet less skill affording counter games have way more potential than does the olympic event to bring nationalities closer in every day life.

A glimpse at life in Sochi before the olympics swept in by Margaret Rhodes
Behind sochi’s futuristic logo posted by Jonathan Kolatch


Redesigning the olympics is a bit of a far fetch for now. We can do something of immediacy and good practicality from the ground up to get increase the popularity of UT99 and bring new visitors to our servers. Something for Beanie and Zeisel to get in touch with me about.



Playing Unreal

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UT 2015 Sports Edition



At the turn of the century, the creative department at Zentropy Partners (now MRM WORLDWIDE) was playing Doom II and nothing would keep them from steaming up their glass cubicles come 4pm.

Martin Biela, the world’s fastest Art Director, as he was coined by the good people at a board meeting in Los Angeles, discovered a more precise and faster game engine, so creatives, info architects and even some administrators soon switched to Unreal Tournament.


Gamers seem to prefer charming heroine skins over heavy macho soldier characters the industry suggests.

Gamers seem to prefer charming heroine skins
over heavy macho soldier characters the industry suggests.



One day I took the game home and discovered, I can play UT99 with gamers all around the world and a server called Candyland was reliably filled with 20 active players at any time of day or night.

Clans such as the Sinnerz, IFD, OCB, SCA, had taken on the task of building custom maps with a difference.

Unlike the industry putting their bets on heavy arms and spectacular war environments turning players into soldiers or army recruits, they moved the gaming environment into what they were familiar with from growing up: The master bedroom, the kitchen, the backyard or nursery. Player characters were given the size of cockroaches and the maps grew proportionally into giant maps.

I quit for six years as I had lost control like so many and reentered two years ago unburdened by addiction so I can drop into a game and leave it as I wish.

The GMC was founded by a smart guy by name of Beanie, the giant map clan association. After all, including the GMC, seized operations except for the die hard Sin clan, the FPSNetwork was formed and Zeisel took over with multiple servers and a Germany based clan which does not want to be a clan: Unreal Team.



Zeisel's Unreal Team

Zeisel’s dominating Unreal Team.

Unreal Team




Unreal Tournament is a lightening fast, ferocious, first person shooter game, that is all about skill, coordination and sportsmanship.

It has little in common with the industry version of Unreal Tournament, where you are forced to drag your feet in a frustrating war zone environment with ever larger weaponry and gory graphics.

Unreal digital athletes don’t want to be at war, they want to be at home.



The little lest birds last the longest.

The little lest birds last the longest.



With the original Unreal Tournament (UT99) software installed on your laptop, go to

Find more servers here.

Join Unreal Team on Facebook.

Introduce yourself.



Great American Comeback

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Broccoli is one of those things that seems to have faded into memory just a tad short of being restored to create new meaning.

The first association that came to mind was how amazed and astonished I was, when I got a first glimpse of Mickey Rourke in the wrestler movie. An actor or memory thereof that was vividly existing in subconsciousness and just needed a poke to jump back into existence in vivid color and images.

Wasn’t last century’s awareness advertising all about recalling memories in the first place?



Broccoli - Mickey Rourke comeback

Organic development from in-story ads
to one page ads co-sponsored by movie industry greats.



This however is not about creating awareness for Broccoli as it would have been in the old world.

This is about bringing Broccoli into the new world.

There are many ideas out there and fewer insights. An insight requires an experience had, something must have been accomplished before you can arrive at an insight.

Much like the conviction Mrs. Michelle Obama had to arrive at, before she could claim broccoli to be her favorite vegetable.

And it doesn’t take an idea so much as it takes an insight for Broccoli to continously create new meaning for its brand.

“Broccoli is President Obama’s favorite food” is a charming headline and singular idea, but without insight it can’t evolve and become a long idea.


Food is the new rock ‘n’ roll but it wouldn’t be without the cultural insights and conversations it creates.


The broccoli story we aim to tell is not one of ideas and awareness – it is one of fostering insights and help with the cultural environment mandatory for even thinking of having a come back.


Broccoli editioral

Broccoli becoming a champion for insights not ideas.



Place your bets on promising cities, counties, communities, people and products likely to have a comeback (or start-ups serving a city’s comeback) and get involved early on.

Be radical. Go out there. Set up your comeback field troops to help people and products actually turn things around for the better and have the press and blogs share the insights. Then move on to the next.



Broccoli Obama Spread

Need a great spokesperson?


Broccoli One World NYC Spread

Need a great number of insights asking to leave a dent in the universe?


Broccoli Tesla Motors Spread

Need better design than what German cars can deliver?



Being found vs. being sought

There are proven strategies that generic products can use so that they’re more likely to be stumbled upon by someone searching. Name your new book with all sorts of keywords in the title, for example, so it organically ranks higher for those very keywords…

The alternative is to create a product that earns a reputation sufficient that people choose to talk about it, choose to argue about it, choose to look for it. Not something like it, but it.

Nice to be found. Essential to be sought.

This was always a good idea, but in a post-search era of mobile and social, it’s now the best idea.


Made in NYC

Use your imagination and invision the Broccoli Symbol added to the supporters.
Symbolism can play a huge role.



promising symbols

21. Century symbols stand for insights.



Only now can we move on to chains of small ideas to create the needed long idea. Thus far it looks like a big idea, which is not what the sharp V&S briefing asks for.

Food revolution

Like this but not this:

Rather than doing what Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain do so well in combining adventure with food experiences, Broccoli may want to come up with a concept of their own for their tv documentary series, combining entrepreneurial insight with the vegetarian experience spearheaded by broccoli.

[My spouse has achieved a great reputation with her food blog and is readying pilots for getting her tv documentary aired, perhaps we can talk about that, since the discovery of new talent may be even better than tabbing into Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and the likes.]

Witness how broccoli made it on the cover of the New York Times Magazine

ET3 Hyperloop

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Tesla-Chef Elon Musk, der auch Paypal gegründet hat.

Tesla and Paypal founder Elon Musk unveals plans for bullet-fast travelling in a tube.


Hyperloops transportation system



In just 35 minutes from San Francisco to Los Angeles – for only 20 dollars: The founder of Paypal and Tesla Unveils Plans for Hyperloop High-Speed Train. On the basis of air cushions.


Read on in German language.


Alternatively in English.



A postcard from Paris

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A Postcard from France.jpg

A postcard from Paris broshure

Pocket size brochure including one Duchamp object per page, a synopsis of what we want the press to tell, ending in brief product documentary. t-shirt

Incentive T for invitees to take home



Here’s a wrap-up of what happend thus far in my long distance relationship with a rather promising New York City start-up:
Lifetime friend Bob Crozier asked me to come up with a logo.
Bob GLaubit asked me to help with the user interface for their first product, an app for the app store. So I did here and here.

The later in regards of communicating the app’s ease of use across diverse media. Readymades 4 user modes should help achieve that and be of good use for the initial pocket size brochure after telling a great story of relevance mainly by way of Marcel Duchamp’s objects.

As for Bob Crozier’s wish for a logo – rather than offering alternative cuts for their logo, I decided to confront both men with a logotype, of less likeliness to be getting in the way further down the road.

Three month into the process, after a couple phone calls, no responses to pressing questions – aside from Bob Crozier’s much welcome, adored and honored congratulations – and a pressing deadline breathing up my neck, I proposed a rough outline for their launch campaign on a local budget with ridiculously little expenditure on behalf of third parties, followed by an invoice to compensate for my designs and consultation.
Rest assured New York, I want to be a sucker at this.


There is no solution because there is no problem

Marcel Duchamp


Granted, it’s a hefty DIY effort loaded onto the NYC team’s shoulders requiring the pressure to come from inside and a steep and gratifying learning curve worth your time – once four factors have come to play out:


  • Bob Crozier succeeds in pitching 50 to 200 selected clients in person.
  • Launch party to be remembered by New York’s art society resulting in press write ups.
  • A dedicated spokes person for social media and daily maintenance of
  • Elegant + efficient design to be at the core of the business and that we are in the business of design.



Google glass reimagined

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Google glass rendered by


Google glass rendered by


Google glass would make its wearer appear alienated. There are rumors , a collaboration with Warby Parker is being considered, to bring the glass to market in a design that is alluring even desirable for the mass market. Now Sourcebits jump in with an unsolicited proposition, to provide the needed balance of something we feel accustomed with and innovative technology.


Read on.



Boom vs doom

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Obama Bangs

Boom vs DoomUnsolicited proposition for simplfied Obama logo

Unsolicited proposition for simplfied Obama logo

Was it Conan O’Brien, who noticed, that not one but two popes already had gotten work during president Obama’s time?



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Bringing dead storage to life

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© Murakami Brooklyn Museum of Art

© Murakami Brooklyn Museum of Art


Proposition brought forward to the New York art industry and Crozier Fine Arts in particular.

There are stories to tell at the intersection of art, handling the art, young artists working for Crozier Fines Arts, New York technology, registrars and curators exchanging views and experiences… It’s mind boggling.


The biggest story of all is to lean back one day soon and remember how it helped the art industry get acquainted with and feel comfortable in the new world.

Just like it took some time for Robert Crozier to make friends with carrying an iPhone and eventually responding to messages he found worth his time.

People love to post pictures. Why should that be any different with registrars? Registrars consume themselves with art imagery. It’s at the core of their profession and it also is their prerogative.

Give them an idea of where particular people congregate and they will come. Pinterest offers an elegant and easy way to share imagery and why should it be any different with art imagery? Pinterest is already known as the preferred virtual gathering spot for female journalists and oppinionators and has enjoyed even greater momentum than any of the older social networks. Besides it’s inherently nicely interconnected with facebook & Co.


CFA Pinterest invite

Hand over in person. Drop into the envelopes when sending mail.


What does CFA got to do?

You got to be there first and make it known to customers where to find you.


Now can we get to the solution according to Glaubit’s briefing?

We are already there, in midst of a viable, practical solution on a local budget. Check your mail for the password and go here.



German ad trade magazine re-imagined

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With the event of Pinterest, leading platforms now claim their contributions for a more elegant web.

Amazon, E-Bay, iTunes, Digg all have gotten a face lift and come across cleaner.

Young social media folks take their design and decor inspiration almost exclusively in one direction:


Why should the German nation, renown as design nation, not profit from these trends and let go of a cluttered, skeumorphic tabloid look-and-feel in favour of a modern day interface with sophisticated, investigative journalism and finally accept the obvious role the rest of the world holds for Germany and Europe?

Unsolicited propositions seem to be common these days. Now here is mine.


German ad trade magazine re-imagined

Station to Station Albumrückseite

David Bowie
Station to Station
1976 Albumrückseite

Ein eleganters Web

A more elegant web.
Less cluttered, cleaner.
More focused, more inquisitive.



For two years I have compared the offerings of the two leading German trade magazines, and online. By daily skipping over its offers after which Adweek, Advertising Age, newer puplications such as Fast Company’s Co-Design and a handful of adored marketing practitioners blogs consume me a whole lot more.

Once I become concerned with content, I see how it compares to content from the German or English language Feuilleton.

The night before Christmas allowed for the concentration needed to do a facelift for, after I had decided to steal the new digg design.


Here’s the result from before Christmas in before-after fashion:




The two Formats of the leading trade magazines for adland Germany are less different from one another, as they look alike. Advertising and navigation dominate, to the disadvantage of its content.





nachher_596 re imagined

  1. Getting an overview of the content is easier.
  2. Contet becomes feasable and relevant, when in the context of development outside the country’s borders and industry’s bounderies.
  3. Horizont takes on responsibility as the leading magazine of the German marketing practitioners
  4. With its content Horizont demonstrates political aim at making the German design nation look good and identify and introduce local beacons of genius to the global and European competition.
  5. The new self understanding is more demanding toward ad agencies and brands.
  6. A more relaxed and laid back tone of brand voice is also more essentially stringend and authorative. Chumming up and cynicism are not part of the repertoire.
  7. Horizont collaborates with brands, agencies and art schools.
  8. Technical measures are compatible with, or supersede proven, successful developments around the globe.
  9. Technological measures play an important role in marketing.
  10. Involved readers are welcome and enabled through sharing of content. Eventually voting is enabled for fitting articles and editorial projects.
  11. Income through advertising are incentivised by integrated, content-sensitive mini formate (see The Deck) for examples.
  12. Banner und interstitials are no longer available. A new business model is being tested.

    Get the insights about Horizont’s social competence and mobile adaption here tomorrow.