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Photos taken in New York by Andrew Kim

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(c) Andrew Kim, NYC-2

NYC 02, ©Andrew Kim photos from such great heights



You gotta see this series of NYC photographs taken by Andrew Kim, one of todays beautiful minds and great creative directors for when marketing wins with style, flair and stellar clarity.

Do swipe down to food porn taken with his iPhone rather.






Just yesterday Marina Galperina published an article claiming New York City to be the least happiest place in America.

You might argue that despite the mission critical statement headlining the US constitution, happiness is of no such relevance in capitalism.

No contradiction, a pursuit of happiness may however be confused with a claim to actually reach happiness and begs to be sorted out.

With today’s ever emerging technologies and serious research in big data simulations, it should be possible to provide for guaranteed minimum income without distortion of the economic system—resulting in contentment, if not happiness available to all.



Buckminster, minimum wage,

    Capture the flag

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    Rick Bruner, Gothamist.



    Tuesday morning the two white flags spotted atop the Brooklyn Bridge were captured, taken down and oddly folded as in a ceremony.

    Their appearance caused speculations from a complete surrender to gentrification. From hipsters giving up, all the way to, Jaspar Jones has now gotten himself into trouble. Whatever. The original US flags are back in place.



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    Wolfclub Chronicle

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    Foto: Henrik Purienne

    Foto: Henrik Purienne



    Germany’s ad trade magazines are demonising native advertising as masked advertising. Wrong. Advertorials offer a less in your face, more relaxing advertising tactic. Done well, native advertising is capable of augmenting content.

    Enter Wolfclub chronicle. It took me a little time to discern it. Is it a campaign I am looking at for a brand I haven’t heard of? When in fact it is a project documentary, the making of and an extension of the portfolio of Brydie Mack. A creative director from Sydney, Australia.

    Or is it?

    A paid for advertorial. Trickery and as the German trade mags say it is, deceptive, masked advertising?

    Zulu + Zephyr Spring ’15

    A popular swim suit brand, having its brand preferably built by third party contributions, predominately blogs.

    View in full.

    cocoron characteristic

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    b-card. Photography: Andrew Kim



    Cocoron's Restaurant Fassade von Andrew Kim fotografiert.



    cocoron web



    Cocoron Manga



    Located in an unmarked, fluorescent orange shed of some sort, Cocoron Soba is well hidden, as they’re confident you’ll spread word of their magnificence.

    I am astound and delighted of how little it takes to make a difference with visual design and claim unique territory.

    Visit NYC 01 and see Andrew Kim’s photos he brought home from his favourite city.



    All it ever does is rain

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    Photo: Curtis Forrester via Smashing Magazine

    Photo: Curtis Forrester via Smashing Magazine



    Peteski’s prediction are sound. All it ever does is rain.



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    Summer’s here

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    Wildfire wedding photos

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    Shut up and eat

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    Shut up and eat



    A frequent comment on food websites is that I should avoid discussion of politics or social conditions and concentrate on the food.

    Read in full . What follows may very well spoil the reading experience.



    The magic of the enormous popularity of story telling around meals, may perhaps be rooted in the offering of table talk, delivering casual exchange of social and political dimensions in its most favourable nonchalant fashion.

    Behavior adapted to the new conditions, learnings coined by the -only recently- passed industrial time, get unlearned and offer material and requirements for a new coinage. What consumes people between meals, determines how lives are being lived. It demands being discussed and advised. Meals are destined to draw groups and groups are destined to talk.

    We favour ‘Places Unknown’ because of how its content is placed into context.

    Next up are insights on the status of the redesign of one of Germany’s leading food blogs celebrating (and living of) ‘the courage of others’.



    A shift

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    Charles Percy Pickering (1825-1908). stages 1 and 2 of inebriation.

    Charles Percy Pickering (1825-1908). Stages 1 and 2 of inebriation.



    Charles Percy Pickering (1825-1908). Stages 3 and 5 of inebriation.

    Charles Percy Pickering (1825-1908). Stages 3 and 5 of inebriation.



    Charles Percy Pickering (1825-1908). Stage 4 of inebriation.

    Charles Percy Pickering (1825-1908). Stage 4 of inebriation.





    Time's up for static.



    It has been a shift away from excellence towards mediocrity, away from hard realities, towards feel-good platitudes.