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Small is the new big

February 28th, 2017 No comments



Will the elected government make the lives of their electors great again?




Big business




Small business

Small business has always been big. Just not especially visible.



Small is the new big
Doc Searls, the celebrated co-author of Cluetrain Manifesto published a detailed narrative of how business is done within his intimate surrounding.

You probably can easily recall very similar stories from the business conduct in your own immediate surrounding. Of how you help each other out in your community and family. We are following a path previous generations have been following until BIG came along. The path of family businesses, that of craftmanship.

None of them want to grow their businesses any larger than they need to be.

Searls also has impressive statistics to show. “Firms with fewer than 100 employees have the largest share of small business employment.”

Luck favors the bold. That’s what it comes down to.

“No one got rich working”, remember the sarcasm? Read in fullby Doc Searls


Small is the new big


Resilience in an ad space dominated by digital

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Stronghold resilience on German tv: Carglass and Fielmann glasses

Long standing resilience on German tv: Carglass and Fielmann glasses



German commercial television air time is dominated by digital brands, products and services. For at least two years in a row and long enough to leave an impression. Conventional household brand names have come close to become extinct.

But wait a minute, there are two contenders that seem resilient toward the epidemic spread of new technology driven businesses.

Fielmann glasses, with stores throughout the counties runs a high and dry testimonial campaign ending in the briefest possible message in white letters on a black background: Glasses: Fielmann.
You can’t be more to the point than that.

The other is Carglass, a repair franchise for damaged car glass with a campagin that reminds me of advertisements you see on local tv in the US heartland.

Both campaigns have been running long enough at a frequency to insure excellent sales quotes.



Glasses: Fielmann ad in original language



A take on an international Carglass ad
(does not represent a typical hard selling ad, carglass is known for)







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Not long ago, I had wondrous charm delight me several times on each day. Most often charms of nature. More recently they get diminished by their counterparts of culture beyond recognition.

Disruption is at its core, that of nature through culture.

Quite wrong though. For one, I feel to be part of nature, and, I am nevertheless impressed by the charms of culture, its allure of new.



©Yuval Robichek Mobil - Lokal (global ablehnend)

                mobile                           –               local (in denial of global)








Four pillars of happiness

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©Yuval Robichek Community - Health

Community                       –                         Health      
©Yuval Robichek



©Yuval Robichek Money - Generic Predisposition

              Money                           –             Generic Predisposition1   









At age 5½ Medium moves on with ⅓ less staff

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Long copy reader/writer community service
with user generated content Illustration: ©Ernie Bushmiller

Reader/writer community service
with user generated content
Illustration: ©Ernie Bushmiller



For 5 ½ years Ev Williams has been the talk of the town with his medium publication. Medium offers authors the most elegant and manageable word processing on the Internet. Inclusive of publicizing and distributing the content.

With 60M readers per month, Medium is a rider in the storm of the recent wave of aggregators. With power and influence owed to those 60M readers and writers.

Thus far 2016 has been the year with the largest momentum for Medium. The Washington Post, even our US government use medium for promotional publications.

EV Williams reported that medium’s advertisement offering is dangerously softening the original basic idea. And that they must renew Medium’s focus. They are set on a suitable basic business model that isn’t detrimental to their basic idea. Offices in New York and Washington D.C. were closed and 50 employees were let go.


Renewing Medium's focus3 min read by Ev Williams





Happy Holidays

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Dear Santa… Please leave my share at Sluggo's house. He needs it more than I do  -Nany

© 2016 United Feature Syndicate. Distributed by Universal Click.







This is to thank you, Kelly and Jamie, for your very kindness and amazing continuous support. Thank you, daring daughters, your gentle husbands, and loving families.


Thank you all, enjoy your holidays.


Sluggo ©Ernie Bushmiller


With lesss.co, I help with the design of your business project. I help with the positioning and set up your bespoke brand site within a few weeks. Thereafter we see to its fine-tuning, make sure its accessible and utterly responsive.






More attention on less (things)

Happy Holidays



Happy Holidays



Life while you wait for bed time

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What to do while you wait for bed time

Life while you wait for bed time

Moosach Dec 18


Moosach, Dec 18, 2016.







For three days all eyes w where on even the subtelest movement of the second grandchild Alistair. A brutal little guy and grabber. For his motto he dropped the ‘B’ from ‘beat it’ and sticks to ‘eat it’. He means business. I’ve never seen him cry. You see him all smiles as long as he is not angrily scraping an apple with his three teeth or trying to stuff a piece of rough European bread into his mouth. Alistair is the son of daughter Dido and son in law Toni. They were visiting from their hometown Linz in Austria. Alistair loves his parents and he won’t easily be all too familiar with anyone else.

You need to know that Callum, the firstborn grandchild is hard to surpass in kindness, a classic gentleman in the making and that I do not see myself as a proud grandparent of stupid hipster kids.



Life while you wait for bed time



European take on homesick candles

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Now what?!

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Just make it verrückt






Twit Pic

tampered with twit pic



Now what?!
Typographers exhale. Two most obvious changes in typographic tendencies are:



All caps for headlines.
Serif type replaces sans serif type.



Google sans serif

Remember this recent blunder?



Googel serif

And what beauty it used to be?





Returning tendencies in design

Authorative replaces beating around the bush. Most modern tendencies you contemporary media designers are wishing for or take for granted are being confirmed though. “Simplicity”, “directness”, “readability” and “ease of use”.

We will see if and how “responsive”, “accessible” or “transparent” will keep up. Responsive OS should have top priority with any business minded person. By all means.

That said the design tendencies closely resemble or even match those of start-ups.



European designers knock it out and finally follow or supersede international standards

The presidency of Donald Trump may have the ring of a wake up call for European designers.
Listen to what the people want from you as a designer and disregard some of what award shows, trade magazines and experts want you to believe.



Panic response by Munich radio station



(c)Die Zeit

The real thing
Panic response by German high brow newspaper “Die Zeit”
presents its images in danger red.


Now what?!



Badass Women of Game of Thrones

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Badass Women of Games of Thrones Cerser Lannister ©Elizabeth Currier

Cerser Lannister
©Elizabeth Currier



Badass Women
Eucon is starting on Friday. The yearly Eugene Comicon in the Pacific North West:
Elizabeth will be at her booth from Friday through Sunday.



Badass Women