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At age 5½ Medium moves on with ⅓ less staff

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Long copy reader/writer community service
with user generated content Illustration: ©Ernie Bushmiller

Reader/writer community service
with user generated content
Illustration: ©Ernie Bushmiller



For 5 ½ years Ev Williams has been the talk of the town with his medium publication. Medium offers authors the most elegant and manageable word processing on the Internet. Inclusive of publicizing and distributing the content.

With 60M readers per month, Medium is a rider in the storm of the recent wave of aggregators. With power and influence owed to those 60M readers and writers.

Thus far 2016 has been the year with the largest momentum for Medium. The Washington Post, even our US government use medium for promotional publications.

EV Williams reported that medium’s advertisement offering is dangerously softening the original basic idea. And that they must renew Medium’s focus. They are set on a suitable basic business model that isn’t detrimental to their basic idea. Offices in New York and Washington D.C. were closed and 50 employees were let go.


Renewing Medium's focus3 min read by Ev Williams





Ivy Park

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Beyoncé mit neuer Sport Marke

Beyoncé introduces her sports brand



Where is your Park?



Centuries ago, Europeans let themselves be carried away by Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. Spellbound by the Italian goddess actress.

What characterises Sophia Loren 1, is a twofold. It’s her enourmous erotic radiant emittance —the temperful, racy and self-assured, woman-woman par excellence— bound with inherent naturalness, nativeness, motherhood and naive morality, Italian Mommies are known for. A ravishing mixture that is reflected throughout her international movie roles.

With a more matured consciousness, the story of Beyoncé and Jay-Z is no different. Their music videos are social explosives and come unexpected even when early rumoured.

Be it for mainstream or the upper crust of highbrow pop culture, both requirements are addressed vertically and horizontally, no matter how much the intellectuels try to resist and insist on niche culture to not mix well with horizontal culture.

Transformers have long learned to accept mainstream and make use of its universal threads to place niche products in the center of society and its inherent prowess.






Don'tforget to tell the truth about your productDon’t forget
to tell the truth
about your product.



Go find your truth as Sophia Loren und Beyoncé have found theirs. The closest truth in its clarity is outlined at the intersection of the three perspectives filled black (see graphic above). The sexy, oily black pubic triangle that could accelerate the development of young males out of puberty and caused many such men to ignore everyone and everything, is your park. Ladies may haver known this all along and may be the better entrepreneurs.



Here’s your park!

What people do in your park determines over success or failure (of your product).

As founder of at age 60, I bet my diminished rent on the democratisation of business at any age and that money no longer goes to money but those with ideas worth working on between meals.

Should you be planning your own business model and are overwhelmed with information and good advice, you can now come clean and experience clarity, before you even touch your website.

Answer 8 questions and you’ll hold your selling stategy and your brand definition in your hands with your responds. Instant. No charge. There is nothing more to it. The proof is in the pudding:



More attention
on less (things)






Ivy Park



Books are doing great advertising online

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doing great advertising for Quarter Life Poetry

Available everywhere April 5th
Pre-order now



In my early twenties
everything made me stressed
but lately I don’t give a shit
’cause I’m fucking the best

Doing great advertising
From Hugh McLeod’s “Ignore Everybody to Austin Kleon’s “Steal like an Artist, authors have begun to extend the big idea onto a long idea rather. They build an eco system of their own with an impressive readership along the way.


One Pager

One Pager

Samantha Jayne, an actress and freelance art director with MullenLowe in Los Angeles, at age 25, is the youngest author, celebrating unmatched momentum for her book “Quarter Life Poetry”. Beginning with an Instagram account a year ago she gathered a following of 72.000. Having achieved such numbers, a publisher’s contract followed and Jayne produced a series of videos with Arturo Perez, a finalist of the 2015 New Directors’ Showcase in Cannes.


Stephanie Pathetik tells the tale of the journey over at Adweek. The one page website was made using Squarespace.

Visit website


doing great advertising



Five years with Europe’s No. 1 e-com company

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Five years with Europe’s No. 1 e-com company




Recommended 9 min lecture




In the far past there has never been much of a difference between the culture and business approaches of a New York agency from one in Germany.

The same seems to hold true for startups to and fro.

As many people living in Germany, I have been witnessing the break though of Zalando by way of tv ads and little involved media articles.



The deal team of the IPO, Boris, Jan, Michael and Birgit

The deal team of the IPO, Boris, Jan, Michael and Birgit



Admitted, I hated Zalando, even though I knew, the only way this country will ever come to terms with the post-digital age, despite its decade long persistent attempt to dismiss any change in consumer behavior as a fad, was by way of e-com. E-com is where the money goes, it forces German developers and designers to adapt to proper UX attire.



We did a 16 hours press trip early 2013, driving up all locations in one day. This is lunch break (15 minutes).

We did a 16 hours press trip early 2013, driving up all locations in one day. This is lunch break (15 minutes).



The lecture of Boris Radke’s post changed much of my prejudice. I still hate Zalando, but can’t deny a warm and fuzzy feeling for the team behind Zalando.

I love these seemingly honest and naiv posts providing backstage insights and how they spread hope.



Zalando in numbers: about 3 billion Euro in revenue, 3%+ EBIT, listed MDax company, valued at about 8 billion Euro, 10.000employees, over 75.000 m² office space, 3 warehouses in operation and 1 being build.



19 truths about launching a startup

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19 truths about launching a startup
Mitchell Harper
Nov 21, 2015 — 2 min read



A sidenote by the interpreter

Aside from having turned a hacker to get my startup off the ground, I have turned an interpreter of native American marketing insights and make curious advances available to German language folks on the sister blog I keep next to this one.

Isn’t this how word of mouth works?
It all has been said — but not by everyone1



German newspaper changes for good

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Süddeutsche Zeitung

Süddeutshe Zeitung



I never was much of a newspaper reader, not even with my affinity for printed matter. Nothing much unusual for a graphic designer. Among other great German newspapers, close friends favour Süddeutsche for its tonality and appearance.

Congratulations for its clean, straight forward online design. It comes close to being blog DNA. Alas, it was hand coded. The economic and efficiency advantages of theme based design have not been recognised.

Blog DNA, and open standards are defining the international web standard. The web standard meets the habits and expectations of an international web municipality.

Detlef Haaks, CEO of Sü now wants to change the paper for good. If for the better or worse,depends on how accepting the Bavarians are in catching up with the global web standard. Germany has been ignoring for as long as the evolution has been going on.

As said the Munich paper has a formidable format online already and why fix it if its not broken? Of little surprise, the motivation is to grow readership and transform them into subscribers.

Read the full story in German by Jürgen Scharrer.



You've read half.  Resurrecting the wall.

A popup informs you when you have read half of the complimentary articles for free. Come article №7, the cartoon shows an open door with the door frame piled up with bricks. The caption reads: ‟You have hit the wall.”
Haaks sees a payment method or business model in resurrection the wall. He calls it the reconciliation of print and digital. The payment method in use during the print era implemented in digital times…



Imitation is recommended

Adored papers of anglo-saxon descent are experimenting with such paywalls. A great many make use of software right off-the-shelf. Blog DNA and open standards, pulling up alongside the successes of mommy bloggers. Design dissolves into behaviour. Especially true with returning visitors as is the case with newspaper subscribers.




of customers search the web before making a purchase decision.


of people go to the brand or product website to find relevant information about it


of users admit they decide on a company’s credibility based on its website’s design.



#infographic @irfanahmad1989



Where do I look?

A clean appearance, readable typography and immediately evident usability dominate the first impressions. Usability is key to lasting impressions.

A large bleeding image received as relevant or aesthetically significant gets all the attention or is a complete failure in the eye of the beholder.

The mental state of the viewer, her motivation, decides over success or failure.

If you want to focus on details rather, the above infographic provides average viewing time of the basic elements of your website:


  1. 6.44 sec for menu items
  2. 5.48 sec for the brand logo
  3. 5.94 sec for the key visual


Please note, if one of the smaller images would contain a nude image, it would change the average viewing time of the elements. Some statistics and infographics may sway your decision making even if they are unreliable.


Make use of universal trends. Their origins are operating systems such as OS X oder iOS. They have been tested with a large user base over an extended period of time:


  1. Unobtrusive interface design: Avoid colours, content comes first
  2. White space: Generous design. Make room for air not errors.
  3. Flipchart: tiny applications / mini apps, the front teases, the flipside resolves
  4. Blurred background images: hot items this season
  5. Blurred see through interface elements: pretend to be transparent, pretend openess.







Average is beautiful

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realistic Lammily competition for Barbie



On March 5, 2014 a crowdfunding campaign was launched to make dolls with typical human body proportions a reality. More than 13,621 backers, preordered over 19,000 dolls.

Democratisation won’t stop at anything. Yet with no aim to be anything the likes of a nonconformist, the ongoing transformation in human behaviour occasionally give me the creeps. Not right this minute. Not in this context though.

Nicolay Lamm’s vision is of beautiful clarity, straight on and well communicated.



To find your calling, you cannot just pretend, you have to actively engage in reality.

Nickolay Lamm



Become a member of the club of done. In marketing terms, pursue ideas that do.

And by doing so, you want other people to do what you want them to do, while you collect small fiscal contributions while you are sleeping. Aggregators are built this way.

Those fall behind who aren’t fed the business first bacteria with the mother milk. Businesses in Anglo Saxon countries are good at expressing themselves and sharing insights. Not so in Europe. Here it is considered inconsiderate to share business knowledge. One keeps strategies a secret or else…

If at all there is a question to be consumed by, it’s this one. When did citizens decide to become consumers?



Joe Leisner, owner of Comic Book Heaven, is the ideal curmudgeon

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Joe Leisner, owner of Comic Book Heaven


Additional Camera:
Post Producer:
Sound Engineer:
Comic Book Expert:
E.J. McLeavey-Fisher
Ethan Simmons
Tom Maiorino, E.J. McLeavey-Fisher, Ethan Simmons
E.J. McLeavey-Fisher
Nathan Lynch
Tom Maiorino
Dave Huston
Colin Travers
Danielle Lewis



The farmers had the right idea… they put the comics in the outhouses, to wipe their asses. And that’s all comics were really worth. But in this country, because there’s so many wealthy people, they make junk worth money.

Joe Leisner



For film inquiries (including access to Joe, who is now interested in becoming an actor!) email E.J. at Sunnyside shop Comic Book Heaven to close after 26 years.



Venture Capital means exits, says Aral Balkan

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About Ello



While still in beta, Aral Balkan says goodbye to Ello in a recent blog post. Ello the simple, beautiful & ad-free social network that promises you, that you are not the product – as it turns out- has made itself the product and sold out.

Something is missing for the about page, Balkan found out. It’s not just Paul’s face, there’s also no mention of FreshTracks Capital and the $435,000 in venture capital that Ello took from them.




Read in full.



Do great work

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Do great work.

6 min read on medium.



Wolf & Wilhelmine

Stay tuned #wolfhowl