New York Public Library puts 20,000 hi- res maps online & makes them free to download and use

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Central Park map

New York’s Central Park, 1863



You can have the maps, all 20,000 of them if you want, for free, in high resolution and make use of them.

And there is more, the NYPL map warper let’s you warp and trace maps online and make use of them for your projects.

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DIY Drone Shadows

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Drone Shadow, #006, in Brixton, London by James Bridle

Drone Shadow, #006, in Brixton, London by James Bridle



Back in December, James Bridle accompanied the premiere of Jeremy Scahill’s investigative documentary Dirty Wars, hence extending his own investigative approach of discovery and distribution of displays of drone attacks as @dronestagram on twitter and via tumblr, and taking it to the streets as street art.





To help with distribution, Bridle offered a handbook at screenings of the aforementioned film so people can capture drone shadows and mount their outlines wherever they see fit.

Get the free PDF here.



Drone Shadow handbook by James Bridle

A handbook to help you with getting your drone outline shadow on the ground.

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Authentic because we didn’t have any money to hire an ad agency

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Ben & Jerry's



Cohen and Greenfield founded Ben & Jerry’s in 1978 in a Vermont gas station. They sold it to Unilever in 2000 for $326 million.

An Esquire interview by Cal Fussman reveals arguments over mush vs crunch, resulting in the insight that Americans have a fear of mushy, and that Jerry says:

We were very authentic because we wanted to be—

while Ben ads:

and also because we didn’t have any money to hire an ad agency.

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Illustrator Hugh MacLeod denounces authenticity as the new bullshit in a 107-page long PDF. Download MacLeod’s “Authenticity” for free.




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iPad Air

iPad Air in retail stores November 1. From $499.

Paul McCartney Album „New”

Paul McCartney “New”

Paul McCartney album „New” Deluxe edition

Paul McCartney “New” deluxe edition



Apple’s October event:

OS X Maverick is free of charge and immediately available from the app store app. So is a new version for OS X iWorks (Pages, Keynote, Numbers).

Tim Cook was more contained and less breathing his famous words (amazing, best, better) up your neck in a Jack Palance (Ripley’s Believe It or Not™) kind of way. He was almost bearable. 250 million sold iPads.

iOS and now also OS X UID is less brilliant then expected. The candy colours back then when the candy coloured iMac launched made John C Dvorcak announce: „You won’t get me to cross the street with the candy coloured laptop”

Jonathan Ive’s bling bling reminds me of that of Berlin fashion designer Harald Glöckner. I’m not a princess and won’t be turned into one.

On Apple’s website the type of the copy is no match for the new hair line thin headline type. Andrew Kim criticizes the execution here.


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‘Yeezus’ leak

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kanYeWest via mashable


“I have this new strategy. It’s called no strategy,” West said.


“This album is all about giving. This whole process is all about giving no f*cks at all.”


Kanye West ‘Yeezus’


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WP for iOS 3.6

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WP for iOS version 3.6

Added a shortcut on the sidebar for faster postings.

WP for iOS version 3.6

Swipe a comment to reveal a quick moderation menu.



Download WordPress for iOS 3.6 for on the road

John O’Nolan, a prior head developer at WordPress, sees the future of WordPress as operating system for the web.

Petra Hammerstein’s daily entry for her food blog „der Mut Anderer” (the courage of others), maintains her blog with this app and hardly any exception on her iPad. Her food blog ranks 105.509 in Germany with 7.924 visitors and 28.256 page impressions per month. Source: URL metrics.

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13 trends in 2013

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Trust is the new black


With it’s internal consumer trends report, Ford Motor Company goes beyond borders of making cars into being an enabler in mobility opportunities (Connely)

A must see for anyone in automotive marketing.


Trust is the new black

If trust were bottled as wine, the vintages of recent years would be bitter—and scarce. The global financial crisis. Scandals in business, politics and religion. Environmental disasters, widening economic disparities and unrest. The social contract as we know it has been broken; mistrust of corporations, governments and media is rampant. Weary of misinformation, people are reappraising their relationships with companies and brands, making integrity a new form of competitive advantage.

In a marketing sense, trust seems very basic and not very innovative. But the fundamentals of a customer’s experience—across product performance, innovation, customer service and perceived quality—all ladder up to trust. More important than ever to building brand equity and differentiation, trust has become a precious commodity, and its limited supply in the marketplace has stimulated consumer demand.


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Ghost stories

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The new hgg single


Select an album below to listen to any of the songs:




I’m Giving Away My Kunst


Cycloptic Myopia

Sleeping English

Shingle Peelings

Mr. Ed mushed up Daniel Clowes’ “Ghost World” with Hanna Barbera’s „Scooby-Doo‟. That’s exactly what I envision the new hhg-single release to be like

“Jävla Kärlekssång”. What is the artist trying to tell us? Mysterious world of pop holds no mysteries. All the thoughtful songs offer no fresh thinking. U2 sucks with the worst of all songs, the pep songs.

Hungry hungry ghost don’t suck. No tricks, no retro here. Friendship photographs. Laughing musicians. See hungry hungry ghost wave to the machines.

See James Bridle smile.

Watch them laugh all the way to the bank.

Exceptional talents.



The evolution of the web

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Empress Dowager von Zhong-Yang Huang

Empress Dowager, on a swing over D.C. by Chinese/Canadian artist Zhong-Yang Huang

The evolution of the web 

The evolution of the web on a Sunday

The Age of Enlightenment continued.

The colour bands in this visualisation represent the interaction between web technologies and browsers, which brings to life the many powerful web apps that we use daily.

This way.


The Future of Advertising

For you marketing practitioners, here’s the book on the future of advertising fresh from attendees of the Cannes Festival.

Get the book free for a tweet now.

For more information go here.





What’s with Hugh?

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