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The gentleman’s wager

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Summer breeze

Jude Law und Giancarlo Giannini
Director: Jake Scott
Agency: Anomaly New York



Rising German politician starts with why

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Utz Claassen with tv host Walter Janson

Utz Claassen bei Walter Janson



Germany’s success strategy is to be middle of the road in general and in particular. Burned twice in both world wars, German’s are quadruple shy to lean out the window, they are both, radical- and risk avert. No wonder then, Germany is falling behind in digital.

With Utz Claasen entering the political stage, a rising star is born. He speaks a language understood by digiratis and business people alike. How many politicians do you know, that introduce themselves with a mood board?



Claassen stellt Moodboard vor

Claassen introduces himself with a moodboard





Claasen explains why being of discomfort, consistently is more successful. He tears up papers with words like fear. Words and pictures that consume him, he pins on a pin wall: “Being of discomfort”, “respect”, “Julius Cesar”, “Margaret Thatcher”, “Ferdinand Piëch”, “flaming Fukushima core melt-down”, “Europe” and “Germany.” Each with a catchy explanation why.

In command of the German language watch the video.



Venus on the beach

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Philip Missler

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Geht von Bord: IM-Boss Philip Missler (c) Interactive Media

Leaving the company: IM-boss Philip Missler © Interactive Media



Jürgen Scharrer, editor-in-chief of the German influential advertising trade magazine, published a most favorable article, sparked by the decision to quit his executive position at Interactive Media. A sentence by author Thomas Palzer comes to mind “There is nothing that wouldn’t prove worthwhile leaving”.



The German market has looked the other way before facing reality for too long, giving in to the illusion to own the premium display section. They took for granted: The world’s Googles are concentrating on performance, and we are not overly interested in small change. Years ago I have pointed out, that that’s not all. Alas, it’s what happened during the past two years. Google wants to get their hands around branding budgets, consequently they are recruiting the right people.

Today the growth of online markets is driven by global players more strongly than by local marketers.



In particular with data, Germany has to pull itself together and form larger alliances to be ready to oppose global players. We need a data platform of our own carried out by a larger alliance. Globaly we can’t compete with Google, that is for sure. I am however convinced that there is room for powerful local players in the German market.



  1. Anything that can be standardised, is being driven by technology, data and good inventory. The big question is: How can we achieve brilliant data quality in a fragmented multi device world?
  2. We are exiting a phase, in which the media agencies had the say. At the center of attention where media optimisation and media efficiency. This can’t be all and many big media people have started to pay attention. What is now consuming us, is to tell relevant brand stories, it’s about story telling. I am convinced, the German market will be driven by marketing orientation not media orientation. This shift in strategy is overdue.



Web trackers paint a fresh picture of you

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Cookie monster



If you check out one thing from this week… Glenn Fleishman, editor and publisher of The Magazine (the excellent subcompact-publishing app) has written a fascinating piece on web tracking and so-called ‘Canvas Fingerprinting’:



…there’s still neither an effective way to block most of these tracking tricks nor effective regulation and enforcement to dissuade companies from pursuing them. We can be tracked from page to page, session to session, and often site to site even when we tell companies not to and take every available measure to halt it. And it’s not getting better. Sorry.





Return to the desktops

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Stickers (Aufkleber)



Apple sticks to a straightforward product message with its latest ad, “Stickers.” The ad broke Monday night, about 24 hours before the company is expected to report its third quarter fiscal year 2014 earnings. This ad may be designed to stimulate demand for back-to-school and to clear out inventory to make way for the new models.





People are keeping their iPad around the house. It is of best use for on the sofa. They make little if any use of it for on the road.

The sales figures are decreasing. Macbook Air is now the bestseller. What consumes people, consumes them at their conventional places. Be it the work place, their workspace at home or the kitchen. Anywhere but outdoors.

Read in full by Todd Wasserman.



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Photos taken in New York by Andrew Kim

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(c) Andrew Kim, NYC-2

NYC 02, ©Andrew Kim photos from such great heights



You gotta see this series of NYC photographs taken by Andrew Kim, one of todays beautiful minds and great creative directors for when marketing wins with style, flair and stellar clarity.

Do swipe down to food porn taken with his iPhone rather.






Just yesterday Marina Galperina published an article claiming New York City to be the least happiest place in America.

You might argue that despite the mission critical statement headlining the US constitution, happiness is of no such relevance in capitalism.

No contradiction, a pursuit of happiness may however be confused with a claim to actually reach happiness and begs to be sorted out.

With today’s ever emerging technologies and serious research in big data simulations, it should be possible to provide for guaranteed minimum income without distortion of the economic system—resulting in contentment, if not happiness available to all.



Buckminster, minimum wage,

    Riding your skateboard in a traffic-poor Los Angeles

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    Verkehrsarmes Los Angeles



    Filmmaker Russell Houghten created the illiusion of a lone skater in a Los Angeles empty of any cars with patience. All sequences with speeding cars where removed in post production. The film is entitled Urban Isolation.Read in full.



      A new New

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      The New



      Launch of redesigned New Yorker magazine



      A new New

      The New Yorker launches revamped website.
      A cleaner more organised look and feel, easier to read and navigate and the reader can work with it too.
      You can collect section with your cursor. And you can now run your cursor through the characteristic New Yorker typeface as well.

      John O’Nolan, founder of ghost has coined WordPress to be the operating system of the web. The New Yorker makes good use of it with a customised, responsive theme. Readers profit from a more agile, more responsive organisation serving up more immediate, frequent updates.



      mobile first illustration by Barry Blitt.



      With its popularity and broad readership, the New Yorker is now the flagship for journalism heralding a global web standard in the early 21. century.

      Way to go for a branch seeking orientation.

      I like to hold on to the illusion that a poke of mine contributed to the introduction of the characteristic New Yorker font as web font.

      Here now, greater orientation and a much improved reading experience across all devices. Excellent use and proof of what can be accomplished with graphic design in acceptance of proven and tried technology.

      Read the editors announcement in full.



      Social Ranking

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      Archie first



      Good Bye Bloglevel

      Since 2009, Bloglevel offered a widget to help with evaluating your digital activities against Bloglevel’s metrics. Good enough and likely a better answer than other offerings as far as ease of use and immediate usability goes.

      Klout, PeerIndex and Twitter Grader all lack the availability of a real-time widget. With bloglevel all you had to do is enter the url and there it was, the percentages of how your site or blog scores in the four categories influence, popularity, engagement and trust. Better yet, you could copy the code and place it anywhere on your blog or site.Bloglevel is no more. Instead they offer the Edelman Berland dashboard. A complex brand evaluation tool way over my head. Same goes for Klout, PeerIndex or Twitter Grader.



      Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, Reggie Mantle

      Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, Reggie Mantle



      All this involvement is making me itch

      Social ranking site creates a new battleground for agency egos.
      Pivotstack tallies audiences, and Ogilvy’s on top. Alas, yesteryear’s ego trip and academia overcomplicating things.



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