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World class claim made by Munich brand

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„Weil es drauf ankommt wie es ankommt”

Can’t be easily translated in all its beauty and directness. What it means? “All depends on how something is being perceived”

A quintessential conclusion of what digital has educated us in or reminded us of. European tv commercials lend their content from the change of mind this early 21. Century, most immediately in the wake of digital directives.

Digital has introduced the advantage of having learned to love and hate usability with more than a decade of lead.

made in munich„Weil es drauf ankommt wie es ankommt” is discourse pop and a universal, dominant truth well told™, by which we are all exposed to the judgement of others while letting numbers do the numbers for accountability.

Storytelling is left to brands and their agencies, to the extent they succeed to have as many people as possible share their story.

It’s not best practice but the only practice. Same difference when arrival is everything?



Is New York Times about to crack the code of network effect marketing?

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Disney Panzerknacker

Code cracker



New York Times started publishing today selected articles directly into Facebook’s newsfeed.

Learn from Andjelic, the on her toes, New York strategist, why piggybacking strategy may pay off for NYT.

Read in full by Ana Andjelic.



Mothers Day

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Weekend plans

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Snickers stickers

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A pointer to creative failure

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AMOUR 65 1 ©MalavidaTry being focused – concentration is key

AMOUR 65 1 ©Malavida



And then she says something I needed to hear:


Your authority comes from your audience, from how you help that audience get something they want.



AMOUR 65 3 © Malavida



A pointer to the difference of living in New York and San Francisco

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Getting together by



My long passed away father, was wondering on visits, why I live in New York and not in San Francisco, where both his phyiscal sons live. My adored friends Thomas and Michaela, when passing through, confirmed that the closer they got to our home the uglier it got.

Years later, Thomas was first to welcome me back in Frankfurt. He was right all along, the work city Frankfurt was a perfect fit for me returning from NYC. I visited splendid bars on my casual way home with a watchful eye on work material while sipping dry Martini. All to regain power for preparing the next day after getting home.



The difference of living here and there

I much recommend you have a glance at the illustrated difference of living in New York and San Francisco. A Medium article by Sara Cooper. It may likely be representative of many incessant city comparisons. All with one thing in common: The grass is always greener.



SUP It’s fun!

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Crying at the discoteque

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Pointer toward how to build a brand in 5 days by Mark Wilson

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After Hillary Clinton’s logo broke the Internet, Moving Brands®considered a new, logo-less approach in a five-day design sprint.



Hillary billboard by Moving Brand.



Moving Brands®, an international ad agency with an office in East London, took on FastCompany’s challenge to remake the Clinton campaign branding.





Step 1︎⃣ Get to know your client



Webseite von Moving Brands®.



Step 2︎⃣ Research and Form A Point Of View

Mobil von Moving Brands®.



Step 3︎⃣ Define The Brand Story, “Make It Real”



red thread of story line by Moving Brand



Hillary Plakate von Moving Brand.



new bags vs old bags von Moving Brand



Step 4︎⃣ Decide On A Name



Banner von Moving Brand®



Steps 5︎⃣ and Beyond: The Visual Brand



Buttons von Moving Brand®

Visual stuff that most laypeople would call “the brand.”



Bedeutender Fortschritt auf gemeinsamer Grundlage von Moving Brand®.



Moving brand® wörtlich genommen.



Please read Mark Wilson’s full article, it’s right on and obligatory for practitioners in the communications business.

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