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Dirty web won’t come clean anytime soon

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We can’t change what the web has become, but we can change what the web will be. It starts with your website.

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Facebook wants to turn 25 million small businesses into advertisers

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Facebook ist hinter den 99 Prozent her

Morgan Miller Plumbing, Kansas City, Missouri, USA spends $300 per month for their Facebook account with a return of §2,000 every week



After years of courting the nation’s biggest advertisers, Facebook is going after the 99%.

That figure represents the long tail of advertisers; the plumbers and dentists, restaurants and political candidates, app developers and direct-response advertisers.

These small and mid-sized businesses don’t have Facebook account reps and are left to figure out Facebook advertising for themselves.

25 million small businesses have an account on Facebook. Travelling freelancers such as book authors, may be better served with a Facebook account instead of maintaining their own blog.

For a whole lot of people Facebook (Amazon, EBay) is the internet.

Whatever works. We’ll see…



Facebook’s SMB council

Facebook is borrowing from its big brand and agency strategy in one respect. It’s formed an SMB Council comprised of 12 businesses, a structure that’s reminiscent of its Client Council that includes chief marketers from P&G, Coke, Walmart and Unilever among its members. With both groups, Facebook solicits feedback on how its products can be improved. (For the big spenders, it also gives a peek at what’s on the product roadmap.)

One of the council members, plumber Jeff Morgan from Kansas City is also thinking about potentially setting up a side business of Facebook classes. He invest $300 every month into facebook and makes makes $2,000 a week in service calls that originate from their Facebook page.

Its page is a mix of content, including employee spotlights, dog photos, and a recent shot of the dispatcher dressed as the Kansas City Royals mascot to celebrate baseball’s opening day.

“About one in every 10 posts is about plumbing,” he said. “Other than that, we do stuff about puppy dogs and unicorns.”

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One App. Every Bank.

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Numbrs conditions

Numbrs conditions from left: transactions, future timeline, by category



While German banks and their communication agencies have not yet caught on to the the expectation of people in the 21. Century, that for every claim or promise made, instant proof and reason to believe need be offered in real time, a Swiss start-up jumps on the simplification band wagon (see banking Simple).

With a six million funding Numbrs – a multi bank iPhone/iPad app – aims to improve their technology, connect Commerzbank, Santander Bank and Targo Bank yet missing in their roster of 3,500 German banks, and expand to Switzerland and Great Britain. With the opening of their London offices, Singapore and Hong Kong are next.

That’s a mouthful right there, especially now, that taking one step at a time is proving a more reliable procedure than planning ahead and way over ones head.

One pager

One pager

The website is best practice in Germany, since the country’s abhorred service dessert has relocated to digital. It appears hand-coded though, hence fails to leverage the unmatched dynamism of thousands of plug-in developers of proven and tried content management systems.

One day we can actually read and comprehend our bank statements.

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The more beautiful Wikipedia that almost was

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Wikipedia Neuggestaltung

White Space around the images. Gone is the framing of images.

Cramped as it ever was.



Today, Wikipedia is launching a redesign across more than 32 million pages in hundreds of languages. That’s staggering in scope, but the changes are pretty conservative, equating mostly to a new font for the section headers.

To the left you see the redesign that almost was, the Wikipedia members didn’t like it and nothing much became of. A mob mentality has kept Wikipedia’s design in the 1990′s.

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The world’s most sustainable font

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THESIS: Big problems don’t need big solutions.
IMPLICATION: Government bureaucracy and organisations with high volume demand for printed matter can achieve a ∅33% reduction in ink consumption.






Ryman Eco

The world’s most sustainable font.
Free download for government offices and organisations with high volume print demand.

On average 33% savings on ink cartridges.



print controls



You may have seen the story of the boy who worked out that the US government could hundreds of millions of dollars just by changing the default font they used when printing (and so reducing the amount of ink used)?

Inspired by this, Grey London and Ryman Stationerydeveloped Ryman Eco, a free font that uses an average 33% less ink than standard fonts, and 27% less than the current most sustainable font.

„Sustainable” is a keyword politians like using. Here their opportunity for the US government to put the money where their mouthes are.

Organisations with high printing demand, download the font for free.





One page wonder @Rob_Hope

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Wordpress Cape Town

WordPress Cape Town



Robe Hope One Page Love

Rob Hope – One Page Love





This is great!

Rob Hope is a surfer, grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and favors the waves locally at False Bay and Padang Padang in Bali worldwide. He feels at home in False Bay were he lived in Lakeside und Muizenberg for 15 years.

As my pal Ernstfried Prade, with whom I earned my first money as a windsurf instructor and eventually sparked the design of the world renown Mistral logo with the thought of ‘playing hard ball (ball game) with nature’ – Hope is enjoying his life, owed to the circumstance to having caught the first wave, and that he can do as he likes and does it with rare self-understanding.



Ernstfried Prade's Mistral Logo

Ernstfried Prade’s world renown Mistral logo. Source.



There are 2 aspects at play when working for yourself – either being too busy to find the time to surf as often as you’d like, or surfing too much and falling behind with work. Which one of these describes you best?

Hope builds websites when he is not riding the waves. He was certainly lucky with catching the wave, that caught a million people hungry for one pagers when CCS was well passed its tipping point with his aggregator, offering a one stop source of consolidated one pagers and corresponding wp themes.

He got started with building websites for clients, and now (Spring of 2013) he is working on his domains (, und versteift sich auf Vorlagen basierende Gestaltung ( Design Dosage must be the latest work in progress.

Read Cape Town’s history of one page wonders by Hugh Lashbrooke, how niche marketing in an over saturated market can be a source for income.

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Future factors 2014

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Faris Yakob pointed to Simon Kemp’s SlideShare just yesterday. If you like icons and pep talk, you love these decks. Find John Willshire on deck 34 with a phrase that has turned business and the ad industry upside down.

A good service or product gets noticed. Pay attention to your neighborhood shops, to which people line up to and those which will close down before the end of the month.


  1. From Destination To Function
  2. The Evolution Of Brand Content
  3. An End To Egocentric Interruption
  4. From Listening To Learning
  5. Meaningful Measurement
  6. Connected Wellbeing
  7. Digital Decay
  8. Data As Individual Value
  9. Networked Economies
  10. Currencies For A Connected Age
  11. Bonus: Defining Your Own Future

Predicting the future is never easy, but the surest way to succeed is to take an active role in bringing your vision of the future to life.

Begin by challenging today’s accepted wisdom, and questioning everything you take for granted. Use your ‘ubiquitous connectivity’ to explore alternative perspectives from around the world, and share your own provocations with the world too.

The future will be what we make it.

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A high tide lifts all expectations

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Onlookers look at waves crashing against the seawall around high tide during a winter nor'easter snowstorm in Lynn, Massachusetts January 2, 2014. (Reuters/Brian Snyder)



There’s no longer any real distinction between business strategy and the design of the user experience. The last best experience that anyone has anywhere, becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere.




New low

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mini skirts

Mini skirts



American Apparel product documentation and print ad.

American Apparel product documentation and print ad.



An informative report on American Apparel is hard to find. Much like an interview with Sasha Grey is hard to find, with an interviewer, not totally screwed by her background in porn.

Why should it be any different with Pauline Thierry’s AA report in the German edition of Huffington Post?

I don’t see American Apparel, it’s the reporting on American Apparel I see at a new low.



Maks – the girl from Dakar you see in the ad (above to the right) – is as Made in America as American Apparel. Her unabashed nudity is a tacit reminder—this is what American Apparel looks like. This is what our fantasy of what Made in Bangladesh looks like. Not a poor, underpaid, overworked young woman making you a $5 shirt for 30 cents an hour…”





With its product documentation and ad campaign, American Apparel disrupts glossy pictures and parrot bird make-up in the fashion industry and replaces it with normcore, blunt women in their every day environment. For sure this contributes to efficiency in getting the shooting done in the able CEO’s view, who values vertical integration.

AA’s creative director Iris Alonzo explains the campaign.

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New York Public Library puts 20,000 hi- res maps online & makes them free to download and use

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Central Park map

New York’s Central Park, 1863



You can have the maps, all 20,000 of them if you want, for free, in high resolution and make use of them.

And there is more, the NYPL map warper let’s you warp and trace maps online and make use of them for your projects.

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