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Launch of redesigned German Süddeutsche paper

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Continuously creating new meaning for the brand.

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Continuously creating new meaning for the brand.



Many people I know in person, prefer Germany’s Süddeutsche over other reputed German newspapers. It’s for its charming personality which comes with it’s usability. The agreeable journalistic style is a part of it.

Since Tuesday the paper’s new digital design is online including its entire print content and a paywall (10 free articles per week) in place. header Kopfleiste



While the dramatic news story unfolds of the crashing Germanwing plane, updated both the key visual and the incoming news in near real time. I have never seen this with any other site. Reports including images and news were upgraded in from of the readers eye with the news breaking.

Even though updating has been a standard routine with news sites from the very beginning, I have never experienced anything in this form. collapses into a menu kollapses into a menu



As the reader diggs into relevant content and moves down the story line by line, the header collapses into a menu and remains stationary. Parallactic scrolling, a first with one of the most popular German newspapers. A best in class example, which has Chancellor Angela Merkel’s site as the only predecessor. SZ got it right as the header-to-menu switch supports usability rather than post-flash effects.

Blog DNA and international web standard with German websites—but is it true?

More on this as German websites evolve and are leaving behind bad design characteristic of the German language web.



A little souvenir

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A Little Souvenir

A little souvenir from the German/French Arte tv documentary:
Wünsche werden wahr. Die Entstehung des Kaufhauses
(whishes come true – the rise of the department store)



“The customer is not dependant on us – we are dependant on her.”

“The customer is not bothersome, she doesn’t disrupt our work, it is her what it’s all about.”

“We don’t do her a favour when we serve her. She does us a service when she offers the opportunity to serve her.”

Aristide Boucicaut, Bon Marché



Cannes 2015

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Schindelhauer bike beauty

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Schindelhauer Ludwig VIII:XI

Select image to enlarge. ©Schindelhauer Ludwig VIII:XI



As much as many car manufacturers have fallen behind with their interior design, bikes with no interior are standing out with astounding components: leather handlebar grip, Brook saddles, belt drives and more high tech engineering for everything else. New German engineering made in Berlin.



Flow™ the win-win invention for both, the beekeeper and the bee

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That's Flow™ Hive

Flow™ Hive – “It’s literally honey on tap directly from your beehive!.”



Flow™ in a competitor's jar. My unsolicited design proposition.

Flow™ in a competitor’s jar. My unsolicited design proposition.



You’ve got 14 days left to lend your support to Stu and Cedar Anderson and help bring their astonishing solution for beekeepers and bees alike to market.

You can buy, pledge and support Flow™ on Indiegogo here.

Flow™ is a way-to-go example that big issues don’t require big solutions. Something for educators, politicians and marketers to keep in mind:

People have issues, businesses are solutions to issues.

Ana Andjelic



Why Apple’s crashing the luxury party

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Why Apple’s crashing the luxury party




Ana Andjelic’s Medium post was originally published in Adweek on March 20th, where it was featured among Editor’s Picks.

The introduction reminds me of a first occurrence, when after 15 years in the US, I returned to Europe. At a visit of the local apple wine pub Fichtekränzi in Frankfurt it became immediately obvious that the tables occupied by bankers had more laughters and was more cheerful than the table I shared with comparably less glamorous ad people.

Modern luxury is deeply, inherently and organically intertwined with digital technology, across sectors ranging from fashion and beauty to hospitality and art. It has shifted from timeless to timely, from simple to complex, from product-first to experiential, from opulent to meaningful.

“There is no history. What I like is to do — not the fact that I did,” noted Karl Lagerfeld, who kept the famously timeless Chanel roaringly relevant and fresh for more than 30 years. Lagerfeld’s words sound eerily similar to the future-obsessed, forward-thinking approach of technology.

Read the full story posted by Ana Andjelic.





You got to move

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Mississippi Fred McDowellFriedrich Nietzsche, Roling Stones, Fred McDowell.



It’s said that self-employed and business people are always on the move. Friedrich Nietzsche has coined the happy phrase:



“Don’t trust a thought you have while being seated”

Almost two thirds of the German enterprises feel to be driven to transform rather than transforming on their own (German language source). No surprise, the working populations is sitting in front of their displays all day long for most part of their life time.

Women are in the fast lane, since they are always in motion with their children. They drive SUVs and use mobile devices.

“Borgen” is kinetic and lean, Stephen Benedict Dyson describes the success of the Danish TV-Series, measured against English-language shows about politics,



understand the category conventions – which to embrace and which to cast aside

Principle № 3 of 8 principles to work to.



At your fullest convenience

For a life time you witnessed the Rolling Stones demonstrate, how the cobbler sticks to his lasts, and how the fact was never clouded, that their product’s DNA is unmistakably R&B and Blues. The song by “Mississippi” Fred McDowell got pressed into the vinyl of their Sticky Fingers album.



World Class celebrity in advertising

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Nicole Kidman © Photo: Etihad Airways


Flying reimagined

World Class celebrity in advertising


Etihad Airways
Nicole Kidman
M&C Saatchi, Australia
Anthony Atanasio und Valerie Martinez
Trent Simpson; Thomas & Thomas, London





Wirtschaftswunder 4.0

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Unload your 401K

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States United to prevent gun violence




Unsere Rentenlbeiträge werden in die Waffenidustrie investiert

Our 401K retirement plans are invested in gun companies



Our 401K retirement plans are invested in gun companies.



401k bullet



Every weapon has a history

Grey, my former agency in New York the unthinkable to unleash an idea that does¹ in support of a non-profit measure against gun violence.

A gun store on the lower East Side of Manhattan.

They invited First-time gun buyers to check it out, with hidden cameras rolling. Each weapon carried a tag with a synopsis of its violent history. The sales person explained in gory detail the notorious crime history of each weapon.



Grey Massnahmen



75% of the website visitor did a check on their 401K status to see if their retirement plan invested in public gun companies and opt to unload.

Learn how famously effective Grey’s social experiment turned out from their stellar case study.

Read in full by Tim Nudd.



¹Ideas that do was coined by Gareth Kay.