Unfolding beauty of strictly functional

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Erstaunliche Schönheit strikter Funktion in Yosemite

Ligne claire in OS X Yosemite



The beauty of strictly functional is now unfolding world wide thoughout much of Yosemite, the current version of the Apple’s Mac OS, released only four days ago.

Chrstina Warren’s revue from July sums it up.



Unforeseen Comeback of popular German logo

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Great comeback of popular German logo

Unforseen Comeback of popular German logo with launch of yellow shuttle buses to connect German cities in a time when citizens keep a close watch on their cash flow.


History of German post office logo

History of German post office logo



Since April, the German market for connecting bus services is open for business competing with what used to be a monopolistic position of regional and ICE trains.

Small business founders who jumped the oppotunity are running scared since the announcement of a collaboration of two giants, the German postal office and the ADAC auto club with 500 yellow busses for 50 cities by end of the year.

Bringing back what was the german symbol with the highest visibility for locals aside from the international recognised swastika created by Adolf Hitler.


Read on in German language.



Don’t say a word

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„Warum gibt es keine Doritos Loco Tachos in Ontario? Es ist ein Verbrechen!”



The outrage of disappointed Canadian Taco Bell consumers on Twitter burned into taco shells, are brought to good use with Taco Bell’s North American introductory campaign.

Don’t say a word, albeit in doubt of the campaigns authenticity, or they make you eat your words in your country.


Read on, watch the tv ad.



Responsive design

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responsive design

Responsive design of Brand Eins, the German business magazine.



Responsive websites are websites that respond to their environment.

Come September CNN will be online with its remodeled responsive news platform.

Examples of responsive websites are The Boston Globe, Grey Goose, Target, und Barack Obama among many others.

German blogger Achim Schaffrinna discovered these three go up in August:

Tintin’s adventures coming to the new world

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Hergé: Les adventures de Tintin

Hergé: Tintin’s adventures coming to the iPad


Courated by Moulinsart, all 24 of Tintin’s adventures are coming to the iPad. For now first quality editions are available in French and Dutch languages. The app is free.


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All of Tintin in the new world



BWW i3

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BMW i3 Quelle FastCoDesign

Skeuomorph radiator. Source.


Even as a kid raised in the hometown of BMW, I didn’t have much appreciation or admiration for BMW. That said, it didn’t change with the current introduction of the e-vehicle i3. Too many curves, curvatures and partitionings to the body, make for an impression of something complicated, resulting in a loss of confidence. A superficial impression that won’t stop with the interior, the dashboard won’t provide easy overview of controls. I find no peace with BMW. Even now that the Audi is superceeding the BMW with negative associations. The launch campaign by agency Dorten then didn’t make an impression what so ever.


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WP for iOS 3.6

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WP for iOS version 3.6

Added a shortcut on the sidebar for faster postings.

WP for iOS version 3.6

Swipe a comment to reveal a quick moderation menu.



Download WordPress for iOS 3.6 for on the road

John O’Nolan, a prior head developer at WordPress, sees the future of WordPress as operating system for the web.

Petra Hammerstein’s daily entry for her food blog „der Mut Anderer” (the courage of others), maintains her blog with this app and hardly any exception on her iPad. Her food blog ranks 105.509 in Germany with 7.924 visitors and 28.256 page impressions per month. Source: URL metrics.

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Get the big picture

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“The new German Capital mag actually delivers on what should be mainstream since the financial crisis hit. 

Economy is society. 

This is no marginal phenomenon, it’s of concern to all of us and penetrantes all of our lives, which is why we aim to penetrate the economies for our readership.”

Horst von Buttlar, Capital’s Editor in Chief


It’s more effective to show best practices of astonishing new business ideas and accomplishments, that have proven efficient in people’s everyday life und serve as incentives, than wanting to penetrate something.

Bad practice

No marginal phenomenon


Bad practice

Parents work hard in their lifetime to help their kids have a better future. Bad practice when the kids then follow their parent’s lead.

Work has never made anyone rich, set anyone free or made anyone a healthier person.


No marginal phenomenon has a superficial orderly appearance much like the print edition, yet it ignores technological and design developments since the Nineties and is no shining beacon for others to follow.


Capital masthead

Capital Kopfleiste

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Reuters’ Redesign

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Reuters Vorschau

Newswire Reuters with orderly conducted launch culture:
1) Sneak Preview 2) Preview 3) Launch

Reuters mobile Anwendung

Reuters mobile apps

Neugestaltung von digg

radical redesign at


The internet being refurbished

Brand sites, sozial networks, news sites, what have you…
Spring cleaning for a more orderly appearance and user experience:

  • Away with navbars and navigation as a whole
  • Away with colour overload
  • Away with cramping content into small containers
  • Welcome to recollection of conventional typographic standards with aid of webfonts
  • Refurbishing the internet aims at efficiency and elegance


Pinterest und Tumblr served as tipping points for this movement we all are profiting from. Pinterest with a simplified user interface and tumblr with a simplified user handling at the benefit of tumblr administrators.

With enormous success since everyone is following suit as if it were a self-fullfilling prophecy.

Meanwhile the redesign of outshines that of stumbleupon visually speaking, and wordpress got left behind by Tumblr as for the handling of administrative chores.


Newswire Reuters with steady flow of unfolding news in real time demonstrates how the user profits from radical simplification

Visitor searching for financial and business news arrive in mysterious ways. They discover content in social media or by search queries and upon arrival on Reuters it feels as if they had landed on a homepage for relevant content, in midst a flowing stream of news items (experience it here).


Reuters showcases a launch culture

  1. Sneak preview
  2. Preview
  3. Launch (not yet available)


Cultivating an itterary launch culture allows for preferably seamless transformation from old to new, both for the prospective user and the inhouse team.

Reuters wouldn’t like their reader base to shy away from the new design and make the transformation from a learned experience to the new design appear seamless and painless.

Get deeper insights from Justin Ellis.




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source: Fast Company CoDesign

source: Fast Company CoDesign


Re: Redesign you are looking at

Last year I witnessed how Bud Caddell came up with the decision and eventually introduced a new design for his marketing blog and I decided to steel all his ideas, with a difference.

Brooklyn friend Randi Joseph, had long exposed me as rigid even for a German, and Caddell’s design breathes an air of nonchalance. An ease of being that would help German brands with not taking themselves too serious.

The issue with me is that I see nothing wrong with taking my work serious, I mean, I have been taking my work to bed with me, so I can have a look before falling asleep.

Now, I don’t touch work before I banged my head at outlining and having filled in the paint by numbers of what the design aims at accomplishing for the intended audience. With pockets empty, I couldn’t help but keep the costs at an absolute minimum by anticipating the needed handles on the developers part.


  1. Quick access to best practices (a mouthful of orientation for my industry)
  2. Cleaner, leaner interface at the benefit of content
  3. Identification of own and shared entries (wip)


    Briefing not specifications

    Product specifications inherit a tendency to exponentially grow in volume, comparable to a telephone directory and pass responsibility on to the contractor. With a brief, I am responsible for my project, it’s not negotiable. A briefing risks interpretation on behalf of the developer, who in turn may come up with better solutions.

    Lucida Grande

    Lucida Grande by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes


    Margot by Dave Rowland




    With Petra Hammerstein’s culinary diary, came familiarity and comfort, which Lucida Grande provides the reader with. Der Mut anderer (the courage of others) is a racehorse amongst the blogs Esther and I designed, with a loyal following of a popular food blog. I find Lucida more soothing, an inexplicable hybrid of sans serif and serif fonts and less stingy on the eye than Helvetica or Times. It appears unpretentious without putting too much of a toll on elegance.

    Same goes for my choice of headline font Margot. Another hybrid, and in the words of the typographer, the result of a Mariage of Cooper Black and a common typewriter font. The aim is not to come across as highbrow intellectual and be mistaken as interior designer or an academically educated designer, which would be the case with overly aethetically pleasing designs we have come to know from art school design. Design just looks more like it, when you can feel it’s being used and abused.

    In keeping with age 56, I help with the design for business projects.



    招き猫 Beckoning wookies (waving at machines).




    Wookie illustration by daughter and comic artist Elizabeth Blue.