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A Swede redesigns Finnland’s identity

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© Foto-Bob the Robot/Screenshot



Finnland’s nazis have hijacked their national symbols like elsewhere in the world too. They decided to recreate a national identity and introduce it at Eurobest in Dezember.

Watch where the beautification of Finnland is going.

100% a Swede, Henrik Nygren, has been assigned with the redesign. His web presence is horribly pretentious though and boring.

Von Frauke Schibbelt mehr erfahren.



Aaron Dignan: Digital isn’t software, it’s a mindset

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Aaron Dignan: Digital Isn’t Software, It’s a Mindset



The most dominant companies, no matter the industry, are digital-first. Think Netflix over Blockbuster or iTunes over Tower Records. So how can we take advantage of this trend in our work and with our own projects?
Aaron Dignan walks us through how we can have the right mindset to thrive in the future: We need a purpose, a process to support it, the right people, and (most importantly) these need to combine to make products that serve a community larger than any employee or organization. Dignan shows off plenty of examples and tells us what to adopt for our own work. “When we look at the companies that are really dominating, this is what they are doing.”

Aaron Dignan ist CEO and founding partner of New York agency Undercurrent. Undercurrent continues from were McKinsey left of. They help ambitious teams and their organisations discover the courage and capabilities to do the impossible.




A commercial growth agenda

A linear process for reducing risk

Manager of competitive advantage

Built to last

Closed system for us to build on



A visionary growth agenda

An agile process for reducing risk

Makers of competitive advantage

Built to evolve

Open system for the world to build upon


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How to eat Sushi properly, from a Sushi Chef

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  1. Use fingers for sushi rolls
  2. Never combine ginger & sushi
  3. Never shake soy sauce off sushi


Don’t shake it. Shaking is just for the men,
finishing up at the men’s room.


Auf englisch weiterlesen.



Beat goes on in Germany

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beatsteaks outdoor ad

beatsteaks outdoor ad



Gentleman of the year

This is great.

Beatsteaks documentation of a new aesthetic.



There is plenty of brilliant hipster music out there. But when you can no longer have the whining, the beat must go on. And now the beat goes on in Germany. Please welcome the Beatsteaks, Yeah.



The beat must go on in Germany

Best outdoors ad. Best use of typography. Best practice of new aesthetics (video). Best male dance. Best song. Beat be better sung in English.

I am dearly reminded of my close friend Ernst Auerbacher. Thank you Beatsteaks.



Responsive launch of Bavarian food blog

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Thank you Rob for RT.


Responsive Onepager

Responsive Onepager


Technical conversion:



Undecided in maintaining a digital presence

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undecided as to maintain a reputation



By traditional measures, few people keep a diary. I have one dear friend of whom I know, he kept a diary and maybe he is still at it. It is he, who is in receipt of much acknowledgment for his cheerful and eventful personal record. More than most of my well reputed dear friends can claim for themselves. Nor can I.

Fair enough, he established it the conventional way. Most welcome episodes he shared by way of products, events and local performances. For the time, way to go with no alternative in sight. Products and events both lead to write-ups by high brow newspaper feuilletons. And shared in conventional ways.

Much like bloggers have maintained their diaries over the past decade. With a difference. Their entries get published in real time and in public.



Undecided in writing your own chronicle

People are undecided when it comes to digital. Especially in Germany. They no longer understand what happened to the world. It was on the news yesterday. The local HypoVereins bank will shut down 240 of its branches. This will leave 3,000 Germans unemployed. You get your petty cash from teller machines. You do your transactions online. Who needs a branch?

Dying of bank branches follows disappearing book stores and the drought in the music industry. For more than a decade people saw economic decline brought on by digital. Cultures disappear and habits the consumer was comfortable with.

Employment offers no safety. Confidence in government gets punished. Find safety at own risk, be self-sufficient, don’t miss out and document your own history. My dear friend must have been aware all along… Teachers taught you in history class. History gets written by the victors. Write your own history as did the victors throughout history.



Making The Jump

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Making The Jump



Everything around you was made by people no smarter than you…

Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.

Look around, businesses seem to have forgotten what they are there for. They are there to solve problems people are having.

Above all work on things that matter. Real artists ship. The founders who do best, are those who are self-sufficient. Trust Nick Crocker on these ones.

Now read in full.




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How conquered the world

The campaign transforms the word “booking” from a simple transaction and company name into an adjective for the sheer, unbridled joy and satisfaction when you open the door to your accommodation and know you’ve got it right. It is an adjective for those moments of delight that uniquely delivers to its customers.



The accommodation sets the tone for the trip. When it’s wrong, the trip can never be what you’ve imagined. But when it’s right, you have won. You will sleep amazingly. You will be funnier and more charming. And those who have entrusted you with the booking will consider you to have superhuman decision-making powers. You are a booking genius.

W+K Executive Creative Director Mark Bernath


Aside from its emotional hook, the discovery of the sweet, short moment of experiencing success on arrival, has countered forged social ratings with utility that seems to work well.

Travel agents fear negative ratings, so they won’t make social media a competitive advantage. remains an opportunist and won’t turn their back on social ratings. They thought of something that makes the forging of ratings less probable. Site visitors can only comment on accommodations they have been booking and are registered guests for.

Read in full by Dennis Schaal.



Attack on suits

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Apple (R)  | Bloomberg (R) | Getty Images

Apple (R) | Bloomberg (R) | Getty Images



Tech behemoths Apple and IBM announced a partnership Tuesday that could make Apple—traditionally a consumer brand—a major player in the business market.

IBM said it would create a class of more than 100 business applications exclusively for iPhones and iPads to run on Apple’s iOS platform. In return, IBM will sell Apple’s products with 100 industry-specific apps to its clients worldwide.



Every brand manager can pay lip service to mobile first these days

The partnership is about “transforming enterprise,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC in an exclusive interview. The partnership aims to “deliver on the promise of mobile in a big way,” he said.

Insanely great when every suit can soon do what mommy bloggers have been doing for more than a decade.

Read in full by Matt Hunter.



Sell an unemployed

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Verklopft die Arbeitslosen

Sell an unemployed



Killing two birds with one stone. That’s what this new platform – “Sell an unemployed” – does (in Dutch). It is an initiative by the ACC, the Belgium Association of Communication Companies, to persuade text writers to become a copywriter in advertising – there always seems to be a shortage. That’s the first bird. Since the text writers need to help Belgians find a job through an eloquently written application letter, the platform can also be seen as a charity – the second bird. And if the application letter does well – both effectively and according to a jury – the ambitious text writer can win a master class copywriting. The winner of the master class wins a job at Happiness Brussels – also responsible for the concept. So, maybe even 3 birds with one stone.

See original entry

Wrong. Empathy with the unemployed may help with generating traffic for the campaign, it won’t help the unemployed though. How does the jury measure effectiveness if not by the count of those under contract by the end of the campaign? Should I not have misinterpreted the copy on the site, one person will win a job at the agency in charge of the campaign.


Claim and proof thereof in real time next to each other


Why would you get your hopes up on anything that didn’t bother demonstrate what its claim was alongside proof thereof?



The great social media swindle
comes in many colors



Today, nearly any claim can be demonstrated along with its proof in real time.

Narrow minded folks may only want to trust such promises that appear to be worth their trust as long as they are supported by real-time figures verifying the promise.

The other option is to adopt a generous attitude at the cost of precision.