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One page wonder @Rob_Hope

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Wordpress Cape Town

WordPress Cape Town



Robe Hope One Page Love

Rob Hope – One Page Love





This is great!

Rob Hope is a surfer, grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and favors the waves locally at False Bay and Padang Padang in Bali worldwide. He feels at home in False Bay were he lived in Lakeside und Muizenberg for 15 years.

As my pal Ernstfried Prade, with whom I earned my first money as a windsurf instructor and eventually sparked the design of the world renown Mistral logo with the thought of ‘playing hard ball (ball game) with nature’ – Hope is enjoying his life, owed to the circumstance to having caught the first wave, and that he can do as he likes and does it with rare self-understanding.



Ernstfried Prade's Mistral Logo

Ernstfried Prade’s world renown Mistral logo. Source.



There are 2 aspects at play when working for yourself – either being too busy to find the time to surf as often as you’d like, or surfing too much and falling behind with work. Which one of these describes you best?

Hope builds websites when he is not riding the waves. He was certainly lucky with catching the wave, that caught a million people hungry for one pagers when CCS was well passed its tipping point with his aggregator, offering a one stop source of consolidated one pagers and corresponding wp themes.

He got started with building websites for clients, and now (Spring of 2013) he is working on his domains (, und versteift sich auf Vorlagen basierende Gestaltung ( Design Dosage must be the latest work in progress.

Read Cape Town’s history of one page wonders by Hugh Lashbrooke, how niche marketing in an over saturated market can be a source for income.

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Help Caddell think differently about Hollywood

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Bud Caddell Responsive Hollywood

Responsive Hollywood



What if Elon Musk ran a major Hollywood studio?

What could Hollywood learn from design thinking, agile software development, lean manufacturing, and sociocracy? What do edge cases like Veronica Mars über Kickstarter mean for Hollywood’s future? How worried should the movie business be about House of Cards, True Detective, and Breaking Bad? What about Oculus Rift? What about gaming?



Experts in design thinking, agile development, lean manufacturing, sociacracy, gaming biz, data analysis, movie biz, TV biz, generalists and fandom sign up.

The call for help was issued March 24.



Bud Caddell only recently left his LA agency power house Deutsch to set up a West Coast office for Undercurrent, has many questions and asks your help with finding answers.

Undercurrent was first to extend Gareth Kay’s transformer speech from 2010 which coined the universal marketing solution of ideas that do (it’s not what you do but what people do with it) to an organisational level with upgrading outdated operating systems in politics, society, and economy with a responsive os to keep pace with the speed of the 21. century.

After an open letter to Yahoo’s Marissa May, Bud Caddell asks your help with a study on how Hollywood will produce and distribute movies.

What would Scofield do?



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Via Bud Caddell’s “What consumes me”





Love later life

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Age UK Werbung von Karmarama.



No love in later life. Trust those who are there. Aging is nothing but an incomprehensible insolence. Especially now that the German government is denying the old their pension and you won’t get work with age 45 and no loft lease with 60. It has absolutely nothing to do with human dignity.

The tv spot is not exactly best practice, however having a poem of popular British poet Roger McGough at its core is fantastic. The poem then names a solution that is worth your time between meals.

Design a website, invent an app
Take up Zumba, forget to nap

Exactly, invest in a website based on theme design, dynamic plug ins and a solid CM system at very low cost and your money is perhaps better invested than throwing it at Age UK funds.

Think yourself younger and paint the business project, that in retropect, you should have been busy with the previous fifty years. With all contours filled with paint, create your website. Devolopment is a friend.



There is no cure for ageing
Because ageing isn’t an illness, but a way of life.
And some are better at it than others
The secret?
Think yourself younger than you really are:
On a crowded bus or tube, offer your seat to a young man
Design a website, invent an app
Take up Zumba, forget to nap
For no-one can predict what’s lying in store
With a future more challenging than ever before.
So enjoy the adventure

Time flies, they say, but it’s us that fly
Time sits on its hands, as we rush by.
And life has a way of gathering speed
So seize the day, we’re a special breed
In the blink of an eye
The wave of a hand
The beat of a heart
The brush of a tear
You are old.
But valued still.
Welcome to the fold.

Roger McGough



Fishing for compliments

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Leagas Delaney is one rare creative agency in Hamburg, Germany helping brands with their reputation and sales that are not necessarily Fortune 500. The agency is also an exception in communicating their thinking so I know what to get as a client or person looking for work. The website doesn’t suck in a country in denial of an international web standard and disastrous digital services.

Followfish takes pride in sustainable fishing adhering to the strict regulations set by the World Wide Fund For Nature proofing their point with a tracking code on each can shipped, so the consumer can follow up on where the fish came from.






Which is when the consumer wants to know even more. Let’s all look forward to more interesting stuff from the likes fishing for compliments and place our bets on strategic consumption.



Frozen pizza, as good as from your favourite neighbourhood Italian?

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Echo Park, Los Angeles by Jonpaul Douglass



Jonpaul Douglass





Responsive OS is eating the world

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The operating model that is eating the world from undercurrent

We used to believe that each of our clients had a unique problem. After hundreds of projects, we realized we were wrong. There is a single root cause slowing down the most capable companies on the planet: they are using an antiquated operating system to confront the speed of the 21st century. Today’s winners and losers are decided based on how responsive they are to culture, to consumers, to competition, and to the other forces of disruption.

With that in mind, every project we do helps to upgrade our client’s operating system to what we call Responsive OS. The end goal is to help legacy organizations compete with the digital upstarts that threaten them.

Responsive OS is made up of five nested domains creating a rich interplay between the why, how, who, and what of the organization:



How digital companies operate



See original post.
Visit Undercurrent’s site.



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Via Bud Caddell’s „What consumes me”



All new

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Wookie by Elizabeth Currier

New Year

Happy New Year adored reader and thank you.


Wookie by Elizabeth Currier

New Advertising

Digital is the new classic.It is sharing insights not displaying ideas. It’s what I can do better than anyone.



Wookie by Elizabeth Currier

New Realism


Wookie by Elizabeth Currier

New Disappointment

Your playing small does not serve the world. Chronicle your small business, grow your own following starting today and you will outperform the big budget brand campaign launched in five years. Taking risk is what makes your brand sexy and you know it. Now you can distribute risk onto 364 days easy to bear.

What I can do better than anyone

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Gary Vaynerchuk



video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player



Should you be a small business owner or start-up and you watch only one video this year, watch this one.

Watch the entire interview.



This season’s hottest item

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This season's hottest item

This season’s hottest item. Source.

German parties coalition agreement

German parties coalition agreement. Image source.

Pointless shit

This year’s grab bag. Source.



Sorry I spent it on myself

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Harvey Nichols £1.89 Christmas Lunch

Harvey Nichols
£1.89 Christmas Lunch

Harvey Nichols £1.13 Water resistant sink plug

Harvey Nichols
£1.13 Water resistant sink plug

Harvey Nichols £6.50 Ghost  Gingerbread Biscuits

Harvey Nichols
£6.50 Ghost Gingerbread Biscuits



Adam&eve/DDB has launched a range of budget products for Harvey Nichols aimed at Christmas shoppers who’d rather treat themselves than their loved ones.

The ‘Sorry I Spent It On Myself’ range, available in stores and online from Wednesday, includes a series of low value gifts in minimal red and white packaging.

Shoppers can purchase a packet of ‘authentic Lincolnshire gravel’ for £1.61:


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