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Small is the new big

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Will the elected government make the lives of their electors great again?




Big business




Small business

Small business has always been big. Just not especially visible.



Small is the new big
Doc Searls, the celebrated co-author of Cluetrain Manifesto published a detailed narrative of how business is done within his intimate surrounding.

You probably can easily recall very similar stories from the business conduct in your own immediate surrounding. Of how you help each other out in your community and family. We are following a path previous generations have been following until BIG came along. The path of family businesses, that of craftmanship.

None of them want to grow their businesses any larger than they need to be.

Searls also has impressive statistics to show. “Firms with fewer than 100 employees have the largest share of small business employment.”

Luck favors the bold. That’s what it comes down to.

“No one got rich working”, remember the sarcasm? Read in fullby Doc Searls


Small is the new big


German tabloid asks if Trump teaches local politicians to be more concise

November 12th, 2016 Comments off



Does the Trump shock help politicians talk less blah?<br />(<em>German tabloid paper "Bild"</em>).

Does the Trump shock help politicians talk less blah?
(German tabloid paper “Bild).



Trump teaches German politicians


Trump teaches German politicians


Real world Lit Motors

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Lit Motors, look into  real world markets with high demand

Lit Motors, look into real world markets with existing high demand



What Lit Motors is working on and what they should be working on

Affordable utility vehicles for emerging markets or old world markets with existing demand. The market is huge. Think of traffic in Mumbai India, Cambodia, North Vietnam, China.



Lit cargo scooter. Way to go.

Lit cargo scooter. Way to go.

Real world Lit Motors


Real world Lit Motors



In the end

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“We know,
every one of us,
that in the end all will be well.”

Queen Elizabeth II takes pictures of her husbandduring a horse show in Windsor England on May 16 1982.







In the end
“One hallmark of leadership in such a fast-moving world is allowing sufficient room for quiet thinking and contemplation, which can enable deeper, cooler consideration of how challenges and opportunities can best be addressed.”

Elizabeth Signature


Read in fullby Robin Wright


In the end



Any plans for the Fourth of July?

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“<a onclick=

Hey, if you don’t have any plans for the Fourth of July, you could drop by and hide in the closet with me.”” width=”590″ height=”229″ class=”size-full wp-image-33613″ /> “Hey, if you don’t have any plans for the Fourth of July, you could drop by and hide in the closet with me.”









A pointer to Fascism’s an Epidemic. What’s the cure?

June 18th, 2016 Comments off


This is NOT a Drill!

Your everyday behavior contributes to the cure

Fascism’s an Epidemic
Now is the time to make your social media activities pay of:

  • Ignore anti democratic press reports. Refrain from sharing articles on uproar about anti democratic suspects.
  • Social media is here to exploit your last sanctuary: Your cognitive surplus.

  • Share instead write ups on politicians and family businesses triumphing among big businesses.
  • Reward media reports on big business serving social goodness.
  • Enjoy and share your discoveries of businesses and activities serving social goodness.
  • Don’t be mad at Bernie Sanders.
  • Determine how your business supports democratic values and brag about it.
  • Make good use of your cognitive surplus with smart, fun sharing.
  • Know your name and keep your head up.
  • Make use of strategic consume. Support your trusted local neighbourhood shops.
  • Show your support for open source technology and other large scale movements that make tools available to mid- and small size businesses. There plenty out there!


Fascism’s an Epidemic



This’ll look nice when its framed

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Unlike Banksy’s work, which can be discovered elsewhere on urban walls and objects, web content always gets displayed within the frame of a physical device. Be it your cell phone, your tablet or your desktop monitor.

Web designers have come to accept that adding frames to their website design is a notorious redundant and silly act. Digital content by default lives on displays framed by physical devices.



Source Apple and Forrester

Looks and feels

Source Apple


Looks and feels

Source Forrester Research


Even with frames removed from site design, navigation bars, header background images and boxed elements now contribute to cluttered web design.



Should you, as a designer want to do some good, try focus on both content and its context. Never one without the other. Add white space, and match the brand’s character and behavior with a distinctive, fitting webfont. Concentrate more on what helps reflect the brand’s opinion. Opinionate with fitting fonts.






Tamme Hanken

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The giant with the magic hand
does what the veterinary can’t
Straighten, adjust and bend

How can we thank’em
This 2.5 feet man by name of
Tamme Hanken?

2.5 feet tall Tamme Hanken




Tamme Hanken




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“Big problems don’t require big solutions”

Didgeridoo » Psicodália



Spring fashion 2016



With their spring tv ad series for Germany’s largest mail order business Otto, Berlin agency Heimat demonstrates, how big problems don’t require big solutions.

The unobtrusive sound of the Australian bamboo instrument, with the fun name didgeridoo, transforms prejudice of a dusty mail catalogue firm into the conviction, of a fashion brand, that has adapted to the requirements of the early 21. century and is presumed trendy, fun and a bit mischievous.





The Art of a Political Revolution

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HVW8 Gallery and Bernie Sanders 2016 have united, kicking off the traveling exhibit in Los Angeles (views photos), then Austin earlier this year, “The Art of a Political Revolution” is a touring exhibition featuring both artists and musicians seeking to inspire change throughout the nation. Future exhibitions and locations include Boston. MA; and New York City, NY.



On exhibition Feb 20, 21ST, 11AM-7PM

Artists for Bernie Sanders

On a side note, I witnessed user created content work beautifully to the benefit of The Decemberists and their followers at an early stage of their web presence. A great commercial use was demonstrated by Burberry’s “The Art of the Trench”.


political revolution