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Big problems don’t require big solutions: 3 best practices

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Franziskus AP

Pope Franziskus AP


Pope Franziskus, the quiet Jesuit of Buenos Aires, approaches the problem his way – with small, but meaningful decisions.


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Cesar Millan

Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer. Source.


Dog whisperer Milan Cesar, rehabilitates dogs, and trains people.. For each sequel the viewer gets to witness several amazing and successful rehabilitations. People go to rehab and dogs get off the leash.


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Chrisian Rach mit Wunderbar Team in Cottbus

Restauranttester Christian Rach mit Wunderbar Team in Cottbus. Quelle.


Much like Gordon Ramsey, Christian Rach visits troubled restaurants, helps them come clean, and – here goes – months later he revisits the restaurants, to have his audience see for themselves, if the strategies have worked out and have longevity. Call it ROI if you must insist.


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Big solutions don’t require big solutions” was coined by Gareth Kay.



“Liking Isn’t Helping” nor will this ad campaign do much other than make you feel concerned

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Earthquake: “Liking Isn’t Helping” war

War: “Liking Isn’t Helping” flood

Überschwemmung: „Gefällt mir hilft nicht”


“Liking Isn’t Helping” ad campaign for Crisis Relief Singapore by Publicis Singapore.


Creating awareness is advertising from way back then, today’s communication creates action

An integrated campaign is capable to create awareness and make awareness measurable by the number of participants to act upon the obtained awareness and supporting it.

Efficiancy increases with the immediacy the participant can act upon her reached awareness.

This also blurres the lines between direct response and classic marketing. Now proven measurable results can only be obtained by an idea that does.

If it doesn’t it won’t do.


“We live in the age of ideas that do”

Garth Kay

Back in April 2010, Gareth Kay from Goodby Silverstein, enlightened the ad industry with his „Transformer” speech for the American Association of Ad Agencies AAAA with “ideas that do”, and what the ad industry can learn from the mating habits of birds.

Kay is offering a pragmatic, practical, dare I say, universal solution in a time of increasing global disorientation amongst ad professionals since consumer behaviour has changed dramatically world wide.

In Germany McDonald’s is celebrating the most visible success of an “idea that does” with „My Burger” with substantial increase in sales from new burger creations by its customers.

Consumer created product.

Since 2010 an idea is good only as long as awareness was raised and has simultaneously resulted in immediate action supporting the cause of the awareness it raised: a transaction, sign up or application of sorts as is the case with the featured crisis relief campaign.



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Made In New York Map

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Übersicht der New Yorker Unternehmensgründungen via Swiss Miss

Map of new business development in New York City. Source.



Mapped in New York, demonstrates new business development on a map of the five burrows.

And certifies the success of Made in NY, an initiative of mayor Bloomberg, that helped establish NYC as a magnet for new talent and digital businesses.

Made in NY

Digital Capitol

We are made in NY

We are made in NY


Go add your venture should you haven’t done so already.

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My beautful, twisted fantasy

“[My Beautiful] Dark [Twisted] Fantasy”



Sui generis

Like most Americans, I am terribly interested in how famous people get to be famous.

How exactly does one argue for ones place in history?

From over here in Europe, I have come to know Kanye West’s music by tapping into the occasional online video. One of his works was aired on the German music broadcaster.

West is relevant in the context of our world becoming transformative. Old stuff and new suff fusing into one big mess that needs be resolved by each on his or her own, in his or her own interest. In his additive mode West has put his impulses of narcissism and social good to work to make majestic music, that is thought provoking and grand-scaled.

A great thinker and adored scatterbrain, rather talented in abstract thinking, fully competent in technological mash-ups, and capable of intellectual thoughts believed to be a white man’s domain, had him see through the scheme of things and take us boldly to where no black man has gone before.


He has widened the genre’s gates, whether for middle-class values or high-fashion and high-art dreams.


Kanye West album art

College Drop Out 2004, Graduation 2007,
808′s & Heartbreaks (Christmas edition), Watch the Throne 2011



Blurring the line between black and white

“I don’t know if this is statistically right, but I’m assuming I have the most Grammys of anyone my age, but I haven’t won one against a white person.”


Black history week

Black history week: From soul food to gangster rap to inhibiting intellectualism believed to be a white person’s domain.


I don’t know if this is statistically right, but I’m assuming that West has already moved public perception beyond soul food, gospel singer, gangster rap and the blues brothers to inhibit the intellectual property believed to be a white anglo saxxon domain.

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Personalisiertes Kinderbuch

Personalisiertes Kinderbuch


The personal, beautiful, magical book

A first personalized gift for your valued friend’s adored kid.



You tell us the child's first name

You tell us the child’s first name


Using that name’s letters, we create a wonderful story

Using that name’s letters, we create a wonderful story

The book is printed, just for you

The book is printed, just for you

There's one happy (and clever) child!

There’s one happy (and clever) child!

And finally… A lovely idea and execution here from two friends of ODF, Asi Sharabi and Tal Oron, who have taken the idea of a personalised children’s book and taken it to a whole new level. Lost My Name involves no less than 14,000 potential name variations. You can read the story behind this unique project here.





Digital Doesn’t Matter

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Over 100 of the world’s top Mad Men break down how the ad industry lost its way—and what the future will look like if we don’t fix it…

You lost me.

In 2010, Gareth Kay gave his sharp 5 min. speech to the AAAA, comparing mating habits of the bower bird to that of the peacock, thereby painting the picture of what happened to David Ogilvy’s trumpeter swan and hinting with “ideas that do” at a viable, pragmatic, hands-on solution of how to make ad agencies appear sexy again.

Reinventing the ad industry won’t produce ideas that do. Ideas that do will, is my objection to Josh Sklar and John Lamle’s approach.

What a pity, the topic is being discussed on facebook.



Ideas that do

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McDonald's Build Your Own Burger: An Idea that does

McDonald’s Build Your Own Burger: An Idea that did in Germany.


Ideas that do or brand messages in your face?

A few years ago, ideas that do were far less common than they are today. For one thing, brands weren’t yet sure what to do with consumers who were starting to make noise in social media. Agencies were still stuck in the mindset that the answer to everything was a TV commercial.

True, on the digital side the Razorfish’s and R/GA’s set examples with platforms. And in the more traditional world Crispin Porter Bogusky led the way with ideas like Whopper Sacrifice and in Europe DDB Amsterdam made plenty of noise with fresh thinking and VW’s The Fun Theory.

But they were in the minority when it came to creative ideas getting produced.

Now, however, everyone has caught on. And so we have smartphone apps, Facebook experiences, crowdfunding, staged events in search of virality, customized digital experiences, transmedia product launches, participatory television, you name it.


Four ideas that do via Edward Boches




You want to follow yesterday’s proven track record with paid media and are made to listen to ideas that do?

“Ideas that do” was coined by Gareth Kay.

No universal solution, likely your best bet though:

Not what we are thinking changes our doing, what we do changes our thinking.

Current best practice of an idea that did?

Find the case study of McDonald’s „My Burger‟ here.

The entry you are looking at a shared entry and closely mirrors Edward Boches’ entry posted on January 29, 2013 with the difference of a changed context.

Edward Boches is Chief Innovation Officer and Creative Director at Mullen. Kay is Chief Strategy Officer at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners



Playing cards

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M I S C.  G O O D S  C O.





Winning the kickstarter game
with a deck of cards

Again, graphic designers around the world must slap themselves on the forehead and wonder, why haven’t I had the idea?

“Dear Graphic and Web Designers, please understand that there are greater opportunities available to you.”.

Back in November last year, Tyler Deeb was thanking his supporters for funding, what was aimed at covering the production costs of $6,250 with the aid of Kickstarter and left him humbled with a feeling of it being undeserved when 4,022 supporters had raised $146,596.



Misc. Goods Co. $15.00 First Edition Deck




An awesome, great gift

Limited first edition deck of sequentially numbered playing cards for $15:

Order your’s here.

Mark Wilson said it, “we haven’t seen a more beautiful deck of cards”.



The new priceless

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Joyce King Thomas

Joyce King Thomas, the former CCO of McCann Worldgroup in New York returns from retirement to lead EBC, a newly founded, dedicated agency to service McCann’s Mastercard account.



HailO, an app for cashless black cab riding in London.


business master card

That’s right, big problems don’t require big solutions

The HailO app by Caspar Woolley and Russell Hall demonstrates a practical, feasable solution for London’s legendary black cabs and their passengers.

A chronicle of consolidated and certified solutions -much like the one above- for every perceivable business field, submitted by businesses around the world, makes for the new priceless and outshines the initial brilliant ad campaign even while its being accomplished.

A chronicle of life time achievements for participants worldwide to look back upon and have something to tell to grand children.

A dedicated agency for only one client has been executed earlier by McCann alumnies, though with modest results. Spark44, the dedicated Jaguar agency, for who’s release of their website no one is seriously waiting for.


What however seems to be the problem?

Plastic cards, which have been pioneered by Mastercard in the 20th century and cashless payments have become a commodity like power and running water, all without resolving a dire need.

McCann dominated the world market with universal big ideas, such as the PRICELESS campaign for Mastercard, for which Joyce King Thomas has been a co-creator.

But Paypal discovered an idea that does for the 21st century.

An idea that does, which Thomas now must surpass, or claim ownership of and convince the public with brute media force to rightfully doing so. McCann ExtraBoldCondensed will have to play out all its worldwide muscle with single minded old world conviction.



Humans have problems

Businesses are solutions to problems

To strengthen the resistance of the middle class and for Mastercard to become an enabler for innovative new business ideas by the vast majority is a challenge I envy Thomas, McCann EBC and Mastercard for and is worth the occupation between meals.



Why Mastercard must focus on the vast majority of the middle class, is explained in a German language comment by Kurt Kister in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The comment argues that the 1% theory and the occupy movement make for a wrong perception of what is a minority (99%) and a growing majority (1%), while in fact, the vast majority remains a reliable backbone of the economy in most countries and certainly that of the US and Germany.


Ideas that do was coined by Gareth Kay from Goodby.




Everything has an end…

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Uli Hoeness McDonald's Nürnberger

…only the sausage has two

Germany’s celebrated cook Alfons Schuhbeck and his buddy, the president of the winning soccer team FC Bayern, Uli Hoeneß, know that and expand both their brand’s reach with the continuation of collaborating with McDonald’s this winter.

The proximity of Nürnberger (flame broiled small sausages) and Hamburger (ground meat patty) offers ‘Hüttengaudi’ (cottage fun/cabin fever) way beyond der state’s geographic boundaries of Bavaria and Franc.

Franc and Bavaria together make up Bavaria, Germany’s largest and perhaps most popular of the 16 federal states, with an ongoing tendency to being independent from Germany.

Learn more from razorfish’s case study.