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The Village-Phone promotion

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Village Phone promotion

Drop everything and bolt to answer the telephone.




“the Village-Phone promotion”

World-class ad made in Switzerland







Village-Phone promotion
When the ring of the village square telephone drowns out the sound of the cow-bells, it might very well be a promotion stunt by means of an idea that does. A ruling introduced by Gareth Kay, by which it no longer matters what the promoter does but all depends on what the people do with it.

Drop everything and bolt to answer the telephone.Read in fullby David Gianatasio



Village-Phone promotion



What’s that?

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Blood Advertising Fritz Cola campaign

Billboard riddle. Spoiler alert: Geistesblitz



Blood Advertising Fritz Cola campaign

Billboard riddle. Who knows?



Blood Advertising Fritz Cola campaign_3

Billboard riddle, who knows what it means?



For the love of print and the rare European ad agency struck by the idea of accepting the change in consumer behavior.

That said, when did the citizen become a consumer? And isn’t the consumer revolving back into a citizen as we speak?

The agency struck by such idea is Blood Actvertising in Hamburg. Nice website too. The product is Fritz Kola. A successful European Coca Cola competitor.

An idea that does (Gareth Kay) should people be amused and try solve the riddle.

Spoiler alert: The top billboard riddle’s solution spells: Geistesblitz. German word for the incident when struck by an idea.



Coke vs Kola with Stevia

Coke vs Kola with stevia



“Fritz-Kola extends their congratulations to Coca Cola on their groundbreaking innovation.”

Fritz-Kola’s headline for a previous print ad, with which Fritz-Kola® promptly responds to Coca Cola’s announcement of testing Coca Cola Life in Argentina.



Unload your 401K

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States United to prevent gun violence




Unsere Rentenlbeiträge werden in die Waffenidustrie investiert

Our 401K retirement plans are invested in gun companies



Our 401K retirement plans are invested in gun companies.



401k bullet



Every weapon has a history

Grey, my former agency in New York the unthinkable to unleash an idea that does¹ in support of a non-profit measure against gun violence.

A gun store on the lower East Side of Manhattan.

They invited First-time gun buyers to check it out, with hidden cameras rolling. Each weapon carried a tag with a synopsis of its violent history. The sales person explained in gory detail the notorious crime history of each weapon.



Grey Massnahmen



75% of the website visitor did a check on their 401K status to see if their retirement plan invested in public gun companies and opt to unload.

Learn how famously effective Grey’s social experiment turned out from their stellar case study.

Read in full by Tim Nudd.



¹Ideas that do was coined by Gareth Kay.



Back to Burberry Acoustic

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‘Rio’ by The Mispers





‘You Come Down’ by Marika Hackman





‘Ribbon’ by Billie Marten





‘Know Me Well’ by Roo Panes





‘Come Into My Arms’ by Lion Bark





‘The First Thing You See’ by Bruno Major





‘Green’ by Jacob & Goliath



More Burberry Acoustic
Burberry’s Christopher Bailey on his obsession with music by Laura Barton

First person shooter tvc for Netherland’s Knab spelled backwards as bank

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first person shooter perspective

first person shooter perspective



This brilliant first person shooter commercial for Knab was created by Fitzroy.



If you give it your all, you expect the same from others. So why not from your bank?” Knab (‘bank’ spelled backwards) helps you to make the most of your money (with the pay off: “The bank that works for you” – freely translated).




Netherland’s bank is an exclusive online bank with no branches. This way energy is dedicated to online support across customers preferred media channels.
Most people spend all day starring at their screens either at the office, at home, or during their commute. So yes, services dedicated to online are obvious and make perfect sense.



Since the average bank-site is crap (with a capital C), Knab has an advantage here. Now we finally understand why we should switch to Knab.


The thumbnails make the first homepage you see below, appear clutter free. Visit the site for it’s intuitive user experience.
None of the three homepages makes use of responsive, theme based design off-the-shelf. Simple’s site looks and feels as though it was based on open source cms, we all have grown comfortable with from visiting blogs.

The web standard has not yet reached today’s popularity when these sites were built.



Banking websites by Simple,  Knab & Fidor.







Now we finally understand why Germans should switch to Fidor.

The German bank was first to offer peer-to-peer connectivity among its customers.
Numbrs, is no bank but an interesting application, made in Germany, capable of handling your fiscal needs, no matter what bank you are with and across several accounts with different banks.



Unlike Knab or Fidor, Simple was first to market with the convincing idea, that what we need is not a bank when we can have an app

What we need is banking not banks. Unlike numbrs, Simple is a bank and was first to market with an idea of how to build a business on a sensation of how banks and politics have failed us.



Apple Pay™

With Apple’s announcement of Apple Pay™, the theme of the game may change once more for both, banks and their counterparts listed here. Family run businesses, small businesses sadly excluded due to the assumed unprofitable expense of the electric receptor device.



One App. Every Bank.

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Numbrs conditions

Numbrs conditions from left: transactions, future timeline, by category



While German banks and their communication agencies have not yet caught on to the the expectation of people in the 21. Century, that for every claim or promise made, instant proof and reason to believe need be offered in real time, a Swiss start-up jumps on the simplification band wagon (see banking Simple).

With a six million funding Numbrs – a multi bank iPhone/iPad app – aims to improve their technology, connect Commerzbank, Santander Bank and Targo Bank yet missing in their roster of 3,500 German banks, and expand to Switzerland and Great Britain. With the opening of their London offices, Singapore and Hong Kong are next.

That’s a mouthful right there, especially now, that taking one step at a time is proving a more reliable procedure than planning ahead and way over ones head.

One pager

One pager

The website is best practice in Germany, since the country’s abhorred service dessert has relocated to digital. It appears hand-coded though, hence fails to leverage the unmatched dynamism of thousands of plug-in developers of proven and tried content management systems.

One day we can actually read and comprehend our bank statements.

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One page wonder @Rob_Hope

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Wordpress Cape Town

WordPress Cape Town



Robe Hope One Page Love

Rob Hope – One Page Love





This is great!

Rob Hope is a surfer, grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and favors the waves locally at False Bay and Padang Padang in Bali worldwide. He feels at home in False Bay were he lived in Lakeside und Muizenberg for 15 years.

As my pal Ernstfried Prade, with whom I earned my first money as a windsurf instructor and eventually sparked the design of the world renown Mistral logo with the thought of ‘playing hard ball (ball game) with nature’ – Hope is enjoying his life, owed to the circumstance to having caught the first wave, and that he can do as he likes and does it with rare self-understanding.



Ernstfried Prade's Mistral Logo

Ernstfried Prade’s world renown Mistral logo. Source.



There are 2 aspects at play when working for yourself – either being too busy to find the time to surf as often as you’d like, or surfing too much and falling behind with work. Which one of these describes you best?

Hope builds websites when he is not riding the waves. He was certainly lucky with catching the wave, that caught a million people hungry for one pagers when CCS was well passed its tipping point with his aggregator, offering a one stop source of consolidated one pagers and corresponding wp themes.

He got started with building websites for clients, and now (Spring of 2013) he is working on his domains (, und versteift sich auf Vorlagen basierende Gestaltung ( Design Dosage must be the latest work in progress.

Read Cape Town’s history of one page wonders by Hugh Lashbrooke, how niche marketing in an over saturated market can be a source for income.

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New York Public Library puts 20,000 hi- res maps online & makes them free to download and use

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Central Park map

New York’s Central Park, 1863



You can have the maps, all 20,000 of them if you want, for free, in high resolution and make use of them.

And there is more, the NYPL map warper let’s you warp and trace maps online and make use of them for your projects.

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Modern spaceship

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TESLA – „Modern Spaceship” Commercial (HD)



Tesla, the ev motor company that watched German made cars vanish in the rear mirror when it comes to stock exchange figures, doesn’t spend a dime on paid advertising, but a group of recent college graduates decided to make a video spot for the electric car brand anyway.

Munich Hofbräu had a couple of outstanding films done by students of Munich University for Film & Television, but didn’t get nearly the attention as does Tesla. Much deserved by both.

Exciting development of ideas that do*.

Auf englisch weiterlesen.

*”Ideas that do” was coined by Gareth Kay.



Second most shared site this month

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Abraham Piper runs the second most shared blog a notch behind Unworthy.

Abraham Piper runs the second most shared blog a notch behind Upworthy. Image source.



The second-most shared website on the internet doesn’t belong to a heavily staffed blog or one of the old media giants.

Twenty Two Words has more articles shared on Facebook than Rolling Stone and Gawker combined.

It’s an aggregational site run by one man who’s fueled by coffee, Coors Light, and a desire to share the most awesome stuff he finds every day on the Web.

In a revealing Q&A with Esquire’s Ned Hepburn, Abraham Piper, the founder and human engine behind 22 Words, talked about how he got the site started and what made it blow up over the past few months.



I try to manage the site so that on the whole it comes across sort of like a likable friend — intelligent but not superior, goofy but not inane, sentimental but not saccharine, and consistently interesting without being full of itself,

Abraham Piper




See the whole interview with Piper here.
Entry via Sarah Weber.