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You got to move

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Mississippi Fred McDowellFriedrich Nietzsche, Roling Stones, Fred McDowell.



It’s said that self-employed and business people are always on the move. Friedrich Nietzsche has coined the happy phrase:



“Don’t trust a thought you have while being seated”

Almost two thirds of the German enterprises feel to be driven to transform rather than transforming on their own (German language source). No surprise, the working populations is sitting in front of their displays all day long for most part of their life time.

Women are in the fast lane, since they are always in motion with their children. They drive SUVs and use mobile devices.

“Borgen” is kinetic and lean, Stephen Benedict Dyson describes the success of the Danish TV-Series, measured against English-language shows about politics,



understand the category conventions – which to embrace and which to cast aside

Principle № 3 of 8 principles to work to.



At your fullest convenience

For a life time you witnessed the Rolling Stones demonstrate, how the cobbler sticks to his lasts, and how the fact was never clouded, that their product’s DNA is unmistakably R&B and Blues. The song by “Mississippi” Fred McDowell got pressed into the vinyl of their Sticky Fingers album.




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Paul McCartney, Rihanna, Kanye West




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In the absence of a new aesthetic (NA), it’s good to see Spandau Ballet with no identity crisis. Fantastic really. Helen Mirren is beautiful to look at and Tony Hadley moves like an actor playing a mafioso. No?











Well maintained, well mannered, beautiful to look at are Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Brühl, aside from Tony Hadley, at age 54 no clown on stage.






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Pink Floyd 2014

45 Jahre after Ummagumma, Endless River is the name of Pink Floyd’s new album.





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Back to Burberry Acoustic

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‘Rio’ by The Mispers





‘You Come Down’ by Marika Hackman





‘Ribbon’ by Billie Marten





‘Know Me Well’ by Roo Panes





‘Come Into My Arms’ by Lion Bark





‘The First Thing You See’ by Bruno Major





‘Green’ by Jacob & Goliath



More Burberry Acoustic
Burberry’s Christopher Bailey on his obsession with music by Laura Barton

Press play not pause

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Same Love feat. Mary Lambert



World class tv ad encore made in Germany

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Johanna Münch and Christian Göran


“trivago.com” by director Frank Lambertz

The original film cast for the trivago travel aggregator (comparing offers from hotels around the world) is back with a new hipster tune.

What director Frank Lambertz has masterfully picked up on with the games we play, now celebrates a comeback with Stockholm model Christian Göran alongside the charming Johanna Münch.



Beat goes on in Germany

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beatsteaks outdoor ad

beatsteaks outdoor ad



Gentleman of the year

This is great.

Beatsteaks documentation of a new aesthetic.



There is plenty of brilliant hipster music out there. But when you can no longer have the whining, the beat must go on. And now the beat goes on in Germany. Please welcome the Beatsteaks, Yeah.



The beat must go on in Germany

Best outdoors ad. Best use of typography. Best practice of new aesthetics (video). Best male dance. Best song. Beat be better sung in English.

I am dearly reminded of my close friend Ernst Auerbacher. Thank you Beatsteaks.



Early Days

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Ringo Star via zombiesenelghetto.tumblr.com

Happy Birthday Ringo (from last Thursday)



Early Days track from the album NEW.



I strongly suggest you point your browser at paulmccartney.com, push play and listen to the music all day.



The Beatles destroyed rock ‘n’ roll

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The Beatles destroyed rock 'n' roll



Can’t buy me love.



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