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Early Days

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Ringo Star via zombiesenelghetto.tumblr.com

Happy Birthday Ringo (from last Thursday)



Early Days track from the album NEW.



I strongly suggest you point your browser at paulmccartney.com, push play and listen to the music all day.



The Beatles destroyed rock ‘n’ roll

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The Beatles destroyed rock 'n' roll



Can’t buy me love.



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Get On Up

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cold sweat, James Brown poster & album art.

James Brown poster and album art.



The poster has ruined the film. James Brown requires a movie trailer, that supersedes the dynamism of that of the „Wolf of Wall Street”.

I was delighted when Dirk Neugebauer passed his copies of James Brown music on to me. It’s now coming to a movie theatre near you.



„I say we got more funk in the trunk”

If you’ve got the rythmn (the design grid and its systematically coordinated handling) the melody (content) will follow without further ado.






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Viszerale Entlastung














One page wonder

Within a day Neil Young gained $800.000 on kickstarter for his digital music service PonoMusic.

As it’s the case with most everything, it is what the people want to believe, not what is. (If you can hear much of a difference between the nitrate of 192kbps or 256kbps MP3 and a CD and whether it equals the sound of a vinyl record played on a system equipped with tube amplifier…)


Pono eco system:

  1. PonoPlayer features 128GB of memory, will cost $399
  2. PonoMusic desktop-based “media management” system. iTunes sucks despite its enormous popularity.

Only what’s neccessary: Pono website adheres to what I refer to as global web standard and is a prime example of a one page website. With a desktop application coming from the same school of design it will play a major role for Pono’s success especially if accompanied by a mobile app that doesn’t suck.

Throw you money at the artist.

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Barton Hollow

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The Civil Wars

“A timeless, anachronistic record, Barton Hollow could be from 30 years ago, or it could be from 30 years hence.”
(BBC Music)





On indefinite hiatus amid “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition,” Joy Williams and John Paul White released the follow up to their debut album Barton Hollow last summer. Find out what became of them.

Visit their webssite.



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Back to our programming

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Los Crudos LP, 1996 von Naylamp (Peru, 1975)



1 9 9 6


In fear of a punk decade, the punk/hardcore/emo explosion of the ’90s is revisited, remembered, and reassessed, year by year.

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The great flood

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Guitarist Bill Frisell’s live soundtrack of howling blues chords.



The Mississippi River Flood of 1927 forced the exodus of displaced sharecroppers. Musically, the Great Migration fueled the evolution of acoustic blues to electric blues bands that thrived in cities like Memphis, Detroit and Chicago becoming the wellspring for R&B and rock as well as developing jazz styles.

A trailer for “The Great Flood
American theatrical premiere Winter 2013-14 at IFC Center, NYC
Film by Bill Morrison
Music by Bill Frisell
Produced by Phyllis Oyama

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The end is near

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Baby love me lights out

Baby love me lights out



Beyoncé XO lyric video



Leaving the Blues behind

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Beyoncé/Jay-Z “Drunk in Love” Video.



Wanda Jackson

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Wanda Jackson Queen of Rock.



Thunder On The Mountain



Wanda Jackson, her full name is Wanda Lavonne Jackson, is a rockabilly- and country singer born on Oktober 20, 1937 in Maud, Oklahoma. The queen of rock is age 76.

I often wonder why millenials seem so attracted by all things nostalgic. Vinyl records, thrift shops, vintage clothes and just about anything retrograde.

A Gallop institute has yet to furnish a compelling study on millenials. From Ana Andjelic I learned that asking why is useless and that witnessing what (they do) produces insights. By which Gareth Kay’s question for where the young radicals are, can finally be answered. Most hipsters love their parents but won’t follow in their path. They are way radical by having transformed into vegetarians and show little interest in getting a drivers license or driving cars. Their strategic consumption is changing the world which is far more radical in effect than what previous generations can claim for themselves.

What changed between the years? It is no longer “5 to 12″. It is now “5 passed the hour” and you know it.