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Kölner Band AnnenMayKantereit




I’m sorry Pocahontas, I hope you understand




Three boys from Cologne. All in their twenties. Each with a name. Christopher Annen, Henning May and Severin Kantereit. In 2014 Malte Huck joined. As a group they are AnnenMayKantereit. They make music as they like to. The songs are mainly in German. I skip the other lines from about us. Other than that the website is above German standard. Alas, it’s hand-coded, which is okay if one of the members can do the coding, otherwise a one pager comes in handy and could be maintained by either one. But there is a shared shop for merchandise. Which is good. Bands must make money so they can stick together for longer than a day. Their fans will thank them.
After a year of touring and releasing their EP “Wird Schon Irgendwie Gehen” (we can work it out somehow), their first real album appears on March 18 “Alles Nix Konkretes” (all but definite).
Visit their website





Oregon gone

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Now what?

Portland, Oregon. Photo by Uriel via Elo.



The 88th Academy Awards mark a personal moment in time. When Callum, my 2 year old grandson and his mother endet their 4 weeks visit to Europe. They had risen to the occasion of the birth of Callum’s cousin Alistair in Linz, Austria. I got to show’em the city of Munich, Bavaria. And got to know a fraction of insights of what my Oregon relatives are consumed by.



A list of what hipsters haven’t ruined yet

What hipsters have ruined compiles a long list. It covers anything from commercial products and services (coffee, beer, barber shop) to supporting industries such as advertising, and entire cities (Berlin). Supposedly they haven’t ruined Paris yet according to James Tidmarsh in the New York Times.

Organic grocers, tasteful bistros and upscale cocktail bars replace seedy, run down neighborhoods the moment hipsters show up or where people like myself move in.



Inside Out

Inside Out



A good thing that may initiate the much needed redesign of capitalism, should small in large numbers, consequently replace big in the mindset of mainstream middle class. That’s not what is happening though. Next generations are decidedly detached from commerce and by the time they catch up with what they may be mistaken of, the damage is done.

Either way, the middle class is dwindling. The joke is on Meryl Streep. Chris Rock is not saving America, he did save the oscars night though.
For Europe the oscar’s night belonged to Angela Merkel making a stand.
Liv Siddall interview with Christoph NiemannMarc Johns for This isn’t happiness™

Marc Johns for This isn’t happiness™



Oregon gone


German rock music as I have come to expect it

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Supernormal in German music rocks



German music
as I have come to expect it



Sohnemann Heinz






Tut es doch weh



Have a listen. Good solid German rock music. You hardly notice you are listening to it. It’s special by not trying too hard to be special. It’s unique by not trying too hard to be unique. It’s supernormal.

And that is exactly what I find sensational about Turbostaat. Nothing special—nothing here tries to capture an audience’s attention with added layers. No effort is required to love it. The uniqueness is that you cant sense it being unique. It sounds and feels as expected or as we have ideally come to know it from good German rock music. Even the videos are non-disturbing as we have come to know them from garage bands. Not bad. Not really well produced either. Done. No need to wait for perfection to set it.



This unruly mess I’ve made

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Musicians story to pass on without the need to hear a single tone of their music:



Macklemore & Ryan LewisThis unruly mess I've made

Ankündigung eines neuen Albums von Macklemore & Ryan Lewis



I trust it’s when you come across something unexpected, that catches your interest long enough for you to have had an experience. Even though it may be long forgotten right after.

An unexpected time or location may suffice to create such an experience. I stumbled upon Macklemore’s announcement for the new album on Medium, while I would have expected an interview on Pitchfork rather.

I didn’t recall who Macklemore was at first, the black letters caught my attention and the clean cut typography. Perhaps some interesting make up of single malt content… Isn’t it astonishing how Medium content differs in texture and fabric even though Medium forces its contributors into using a genius generic template?

Macklemore, whose Can’t Hold Us and Thrift Shop, I soon remembered. Pep rally videos as Arcade Fire had one and Gwen Stefani with Hollaback Girl.


One Pager

One Pager

Now here’s Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with their very own cluetrain manifesto for musicians and their industry, a one pager for the web and a story worth telling.










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On the death of our musicians






David Bowie Blackstar



I would have liked Aladdin Sane, if not for the peer pressure at the cafeteria of Munich American High. Fellow students would repeat the song text or they had spaghetti and tomato sauce all over them. Harry Stolov and his fellows claimed control over the school.

I would have liked Harry and his gang —a can of coke hit the back of my head the next day to remind me. Earlier, I neglected to join the high-brows in their smoker’s barrack at Gymnasium Starnberg.

David Bowie just had to wait until I had a crush on the girl of who proved to become a most reliable lifetime friend. The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust stayed with us for more than a decade. What also stayed with me, was a growing regret, for letting the art taste of my socialist friends grow on me.



Luke Fraser took this photo of newspaper and tabloids at a grocery store in the UK

Luke Fraser took this photo of newspaper and tabloids at a grocery store in the UK



Other than for Young Americans, Bowie was never the chameleon the media had named him

With crossing the atlantic, he had to try something new. With first-rate sessionmen, Bowie comes up with a set of songs that approximate the sound of Philly soul and disco for Young Americans. Full-blown-blue-eyed soul that came as a shock.

Audience and media had something worth sharing and for lack of unique definition, the myth of change, metamorphosis, and that of the chameleon spread.

The Beatles had long demonstrated change of significance: transformation with their release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and every other release —most noticeably Let It Be and the White Album. They continuously created new meaning to their Beatles brand. Fab Four democratised Popmusik and showed the world that everyone can make music, as someone reminded us at Lemmy Kilmister’s funeral.

Lemmy’s funeral was live-streamed on YouTube and indicated significant change.

That of bringing death1 back to were it belongs. In our midst. Supernormal. Socio-political best practice of general social relevance.

David Bowie was one, who like no other hurried to keep up with trends, tendencies he chummed up to. Something you can’t say of Lemmy Eilmister, the frontman of Motörhead. He never had to dress up for a performance.

Bowie didn’t transform, he changed clothes before performing. No change from Outside on to Blackstar. He chummed up to Mick Jagger in a Video and Steve Strange from Visage in another, he even chummed up to his nearing death in video dramas for Blackstar.

Bowie teached virtuosity, stage setting, drama, complexity. There was great beauty in early, beats driven by hand-clap-rythmns, his beautiful voice on Outside and Blackstar. Most enduring and perhaps most useful are the remakes on PinUps such as Friday on my mind by the Easybeats. All the young dudes.

Wham bam thank you Mam.



At the center of it all

Trials and tribulations to suit feuilleton and audience, themselves chumming up to tendencies and falling for the stimulation of novelty. To match this, conspiracy theories are circulated about planet X and the moons of Nibiru.

Find an elegant condolence by Sara Benincasa on Medium. It portraits Bowie more fitting as the parton saint of the freaks, the fags, the dykes, the queers, the weirdos of all stripes, and that most dangerous creature of all: the artist. Not to forget the CNN anchor women.

When reporting of Bowie’s death, two of them let their audience know, that they were accompanied by Bowie through the phases of their lives —even though none of them had orange hair or was a strawberry blonde.



No-one ever wished for intimates but here you go

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Read in full.



Hello again

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Hello again Fanta Classic

Underrated Fanta Classic bottle.

Hello again


“Hello again”

World class reliabie ads


Fanta Klassik


1Fanta is one of the few world wide successful product brands by the Coca Cola empire created in Germany. Coca Cola’S branch invented Fanta in Germany, during World War II. A reaction to the feedstocks embargo imposed by the enemy.

The adverts script sucks as much as its execution, but the soundtrack has many listeners and is to the liking of the majority of the German public.

The song’s original is by South African singer songwriter Howard Carpendale. Its category is ‘Schlager’ which is the German version of a pop song dumbed down.



Pop Danthology 2014

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Almost no chance the two will ever meet

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Almost no chance the two will meet Source: The Martin Agency

Citroën DS3 limited edition 1955, 2015. Publicis La Maison, France. Source.





Creative Chairman
Executive Creative Directors
TV Prod. Prodigious


Citroën DS3: Soulmate
Almost no chance the two will ever meet
Publicis La Maison, France
Anne de Maupeou
Fabien Teichner, Dimitri Guerassimov
Souen Le Van

Cleo Ferencz
Rob Chiu
Jérôme Echenoz (Tactell)





A print ad for Paco Rabanne comes to mind by Ogilvy & Mather.
Here goes:


“You snore.”
“And you steal all the covers. What time did you leave?”
“Six-thirty. You looked like a toppled Greek statue lying there. Only some tourist had swiped your fig leaf. I was tempted to wake you up.”
“I miss you already.”
“You’re going to miss something else. Have you looked in the bathroom yet?”
“I took your bottle of Paco Rabanne cologne.”
“What on earth are you going to do with it…give it to a secret lover you’ve got stashed away in San Francisco?”
“I’m going to take some and rub it on my body when I go to bed tonight. And then I’m going to remember every little thing about you…and last night.”
“Do you know what your voice is doing to me?
“You aren’t the only one with imagination. I’ve got to go; they’re calling my flight. I’ll be back Tuesday. Can I bring you anything?”
“My Paco Rabanne. And a fig leaf.”

1Pollux, 2008



A broader audience may have witnessed any of the Star Wars tone poems, recollected elsewhere on this blog. And more recently WordPress’ claim: Coding is poetry.



Paco Rabanne ad by Ogilvy & Mather

Paco Rabanne ad by Ogilvy & Mather ca. 197’s



Today’s poetry not only takes place in coding but every so often on twitter and most certainly on a tumblr called “this isn’t happiness™”.

You’ll find more serious poetry in commercial arts than in fine arts, and you stand a good chance that the two paths will propably never cross.

Read on for a brief history of Citroën DS print ads.



Vocoder fables in the OREO Wonderfilled anthem

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Oreo  Wonderfilled - The Martin Agency

Oreo Wonderfilled – The Martin Agency Source



Wonderfilled comic fables

Wonderfilled comic fables






OREO (Mondelez International)
The Martin Agency
Magnus Hierta
Brig White
Chris Peel
Angie Elko, Sarah Berkheimer