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Why De La Soul embraced kickstarter

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The story of three hip-hop legends who raised over $600,000 via crowdfunding by Pos

Pos commands the crowd at Coachella | Photo by Jeff Kravitz, Getty Images



Why De La Soul Embraced Kickstarter

11,169 backers pledged $600,874 to help bring this project to life.








Why De La Soul Embraced Kickstarter

At first, I honestly wasn’t sure if this would be the correct path to take. We were not sure if people would feel like we were begging for money, or just be turned off that a well-established group was taking part in crowdfunding. But after taking some time, looking into Kickstarter, speaking to artists who have launched campaigns themselves, as well as fans that have backed them, we saw that a large percentage of our fan base were very aware of the crowdfunding platform. We also saw that there were other established entertainers, musicians, and authors who had connected with their fans via Kickstarter and launched successful campaigns.


Be sure to read the full article by Pos.



De La Soul merchandise next to Decemberist stuff

De La Soul merchandise next to Decemberist stuff



How musicians cope with the paradigm shift

As adored readers may have notice, I keep looking into how musicians cope with the paradigm shift. Other times, I simply get sucked into a good story by something astonishing I haven’t yet heard about.

So yes, I noticed the shift on the so reliable, illustration art based Decemberist site, when it radically changed from being centered around what Peteski would call “I’ve got an art blog”. They even had a very involved huge following supplying them with Decemberist art doodles, album cover art, all amazing and well done!

Suddently the site shifted from user side content to a commercial merchandise shop type story. I trust, most everyone understood that the Decemberists had come to understand, that they can’t serve their audience if they fail to support the band members with some security.



Graphics standards in kindergarten clarity

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70's NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual was a ring binderStandard ring binder for the graphics standards manual of 1970


NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual



The keyword for design
is composed of the words
and clarity

What graphics designers strive for, reaches far beyond the extend of the New York subway system, into our time dominated by mobile devices and usability design. The rediscovery of not too simple simplicity is eating the world.

The 1970 NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual, by Unimark’s Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda, reissued as a full-size book.. Kickstarter helps Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth get their project off the ground.








Serial failure turns out a public gain

September 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Judith Williams photo HSE shopping channel.

„The Lions Den“ produces – as do all casting shows – failure in serie. It’s Vox channel’s German version of ABC’s Shark Tank reality competition series. As audience, you learn from the failure of others and can distinguish what to dismiss and what to follow for your own business model while keeping a safe distance. There’s your gain.

Judith Williams photo HSE shopping channel.

Fellow-american lioness Judith Williams. Photo HSE shopping channel.



You are being evaluated or ignored. And it is on you to decide if you want to be self-sufficient or independent. The mission may be to completely rely on oneself rather. I wish for no partner and no investor—strategic partners yes, a mentor is welcome! I want to collaborate and do what it takes to be a powerful individual.

As audience of Vox tv you won’t leave this tv show any dumber, then when you switched on “Die Höhle der Löwen“. You gain insight and you may eventually reconsider you own walk of life. Judith Williams, Rural Öger, Jochen Schweizer, Frank Theken, Lenke Wischhusen, are the more agreeable jurors than your bank advisor.

TV Preview: Tom Shales on Mark Burnett’s ‘Shark Tank,’ Premiering Aug. 9 on ABC By Tom Shales



Van Gils’ seam for a new advertising format

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Kevin Richardson demonstrates handling lions and other advertising formats.

Kevin Richardson demonstrates handling lions and other advertising formats.



You should have never allowed adverts to get in the way of what you are interested in. With cyber eventually growing up it’s becoming obvious, that new media formats are replacing old often annoying standards, such as Carbon network or the Deck, making life easier on us all. Less cluttering media is also being offered in Europe by a German start-up.

Van Gils men’s tailor company demonstrates brilliant best practice for established media providers such as Carat or Universal McCann, to follow suit and brands to re-fabricate their own media format in various sizes. Thereby killing several birds with one stone. Efficiently and elegantly.



No stitch no story

“No stitch no story”



Good thing.

  1. Improve how you are being seen.
  2. Be nice to lions.
  3. Reengineer the idea to fit your brand and do an idea that does¹ for your business.
  4. Richardson gets paid for this commercial in quite an original way; of every suit sold (from the KNVB collection) €50 goes to his Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Throw you money at the lions or make room for a banner.



    Playing against Lions.
    ¹Ideas that do was coined by Gareth Kay.



Soylent Nutrition

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Soylent package design

The package design had me instantly sold.



Airtight Soylent Pitcher and myself at Edinburgh's Monster Masch.

Airtight Soylent Pitcher and Edinburgh’s Monster Masch.





Why Soylent?




Prepare multiple meals in minutes – no need to shop for individual ingredients




Spend less than $10 per day on food, and less than $4 per meal – get more than a day’s worth of meals for less than the cost of takeout




Eat balanced and wholesome – get all of the essential nutrients required to fuel the human body

Visit Rosa Labs.
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NYC monster hunt

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NYC Monster Hunt Photo: Zander Taketomo

NYC Monster Hunt Photo: Zander Taketomo



NYC Monster Hunt Photo: Zander Taketomo

NYC Monster Hunt Photo: Zander Taketomo



New Yorker Ostereier

New York City’s Rockefeller Center today was adorned with a slew of gigantic eggs designed by some of the world’s most renowned artists and designers, including Jeff Koons, Diane von Furstenberg, Curtis Kulig, Nathan Sawaya and Zaha Hadid, among others.



The city wide monster hunt was organised by Saatchi & Saatchi as a reflection of their DNA and includes an app to help track the eggs among the five boroughs.

It was downloaded 27,000 times and it generated 22,000 registered users, who “collected” 370,000 eggs. The eggs will be auctioned of by Sotheby’s on April 22 and online via Paddle8 to benefit Elephant Family and School in Studio.

Currently, Jeff Koons’ Egg leads the pack with a whopping bid of $350,000.

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From such great heights in Hamburg and Munich

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© Foto-Zeit Verlag

© Foto-Zeit Verlag



More ad proceeds, more sales conversion, flourishing new business: Hamburg’s newspaper publisher “Die Zeit” demonstrates how to make money with print and delivers new record figures.

Read on in German language.



An unexpected Kickstarter funding record high is happening right now with a Munich start-up and their first to market product, an astonishing, accepting of an international standard product documentary and website.

The team of 15 incl. Nikolaj, Toby, and Arne must have been listening closely and been out there quite a lot to arrive at their convincing orientation and such clean and clear self-understanding.

made in munichYou have until March 31 to throw your money at this great start-up from Munich.



The new thing Nicolas Roope did

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Roope’s new thing, the Plumen 002



Help Poke agency’s founder Nicholas Roope transform objects for greater every-day efficiency and elegance.

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Economics and social obligation

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Marianne Obermüller

Marianne Obermüller, CEO of earthrise Management GmbH

Hilft immer

Chocolate always helps.


“Ideas that do” was coined by Gareth Kay.



To reach business goals with aid of organised social goodness is regarded as normal and best practice by trusted brands (see previous entry where German Telekom collaborates with the Tutu Project and creates a win win situation). Next up are lesser known brands inverting the process by placing the product behind the message of social goodness.

If the process can be reversed, is what Munich entrepreneur Marianne Obermüller is experimenting with by launching what I believe to be a pilot project „Chocolate always helps”.

What comes first social or business? Same difference? Blurred lines? Don’t be fooled, business first – no exception.

With this chocolate experiment, demand must come from individual need of wanting to help and its sibling social pressure, the chocolate if anything is of secondary relevance.

A poorly executed approach to integrated communication on a local budget, by which brand (Chocolate always helps), product (chocolate) and claim (always helps) melts into one.


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And don’t skip the intro

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Point your browser at and don’t skip the ad.

The German design nation’s WWF website is far less empathic with raising funds for world wildlife.

Instead of making an impression with strong imagery as the French have chosen to and parallax scrolling, included support of world wide standard HTML5.0 und CSS, German decision makers have come to believe that raising funds for the safety of animals can only be achieved by selling cheap Panda maskots.

Instead of strong imagery they make us of what they believe are strong arguments which to my ears sound embarrisingly banal.

The German design nations clings on to coding platforms that can only be maintained by professional coders instead of adopting the international standard. Why? German coders have been trained to use Drupal, Typo3 while not one commercial success of the past 15 years made use of any of those CMS systems. They are good for coders but no good for end users.