Made up McDonald’s alternative facts

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Marketing Innovation



McDonald's Alternative Fact Ad

Alternative fact1



McDonald’s debuts the Big Mac

Real news2

Fake news

Fake news3



McDonald’s alternative facts



Everyone stick to their believe system. This way it does not matter what is fact and what is fake. Friend or foe. Who wants to know?

Truth is, I went to McDonald’s three times already to get a taste of it’s advertised signature collection. It’s the restaurant across the Olympia shopping mall here in Munich. The scenery where 9 young Muslims from Kosovo where shot to death by a 19 year old Iranian running amok. An incident declared as non terrorist- or racist attack. What an unbelievable toll it must have put on the three victim families and friends. Don’t even want to think about it.

The new user experience is fine with me. I journeyed from one of the new touch screens to the young lady taking orders at a seperate counter. And from there to the standard pick-up counter where my order was already waiting on me. The meat (5.3 ounces beef burger) tastes spectacular and the less spongy buns are of help with the finger food. “I want to believe” and trust the splendid reputation German McDonald’s established with it’s local resources. The interior decoration is fine with me too. Frank Lloyd Wright for poor folks. It’s all plastic and ads a Safari kind of atmosphere. I’m loving it.

How a Rogue McDonald’s Franchisee Invented the Big Mac and Changed Fast Food Forever: Read onRead in fullby Robert Klara


McDonald’s alternative facts


Eye candy Munich subway stations

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Olympiaeinkaufszentrum below of where the rampage shooting took place

Olympiaeinkaufszentrum: Below of where the rampage shooting took place – Photo: Robert Haas



Public Eye Candy


Süddeutsche Zeitungeye candy subway stations
The first implementation in 1971 went sour with mediocre standardised subway stations. Today most stations carry a local design, often a melt of art and architecture.

All stations are equipped with elevators for mothers with strollers or folks with wheelchairs.



Wettersteinplatz - Photo: Alessandra Schellnegger

Wettersteinplatz – Photo: Alessandra Schellnegger



Marienplatz smack in the center of Munich town was the first station to disrupt the standard design prior to the 90s. - Photo: Florian Peljak

Marienplatz: Smack in the center of Munich town was the first station to disrupt the standard design prior to the 90s. – Photo: Florian Peljak



Münchner Freiheit - Photo: Stephan Rumpf

Münchner Freiheit: Light design by Ingo Maurer – Photo: Stephan Rumpf



Candidplatz - Photo: Florian Peljak

Candidplatz: Flemish rainbow – Photo: Florian Peljak



Königsplatz - Photo: Florian Peljak

Königsplatz – Mini exhibition with 32 artefacts. – Photo: Florian Peljak



Oberwiesenfeld - Photo: Florian Peljak

Oberwiesenfeld: “Ornament” by sculpturer Rudolf Herz – Photo: Florian Peljak



Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz - Photo: Stephan Rumpf

Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz: Daylight and 76 000 Polaroids behind glas walls – Photo: Stephan Rumpf

Eye candy subway stations



Westfriedhof - Photo: Robert Haas

Westfriedhof: Likely the most popular station features a cave like atmosphere, another light design by Ingo Maurer. The giant ∅ 3,80m lamps light up dark areas out of reach of the subtle flow of daylight – Photo: Robert Haas



Georg-Brauchle-Ring Photo: Stephan Rumpf

Georg-Brauchle-Ring: In midst of Franz Ackermann’s installation “The great voyage”. Photo: Stephan Rumpf

Eye candy subway stations



Now what?!

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Just make it verrückt






Twit Pic

tampered with twit pic



Now what?!
Typographers exhale. Two most obvious changes in typographic tendencies are:



All caps for headlines.
Serif type replaces sans serif type.



Google sans serif

Remember this recent blunder?



Googel serif

And what beauty it used to be?





Returning tendencies in design

Authorative replaces beating around the bush. Most modern tendencies you contemporary media designers are wishing for or take for granted are being confirmed though. “Simplicity”, “directness”, “readability” and “ease of use”.

We will see if and how “responsive”, “accessible” or “transparent” will keep up. Responsive OS should have top priority with any business minded person. By all means.

That said the design tendencies closely resemble or even match those of start-ups.



European designers knock it out and finally follow or supersede international standards

The presidency of Donald Trump may have the ring of a wake up call for European designers.
Listen to what the people want from you as a designer and disregard some of what award shows, trade magazines and experts want you to believe.



Panic response by Munich radio station



(c)Die Zeit

The real thing
Panic response by German high brow newspaper “Die Zeit”
presents its images in danger red.


Now what?!



From Munich: The next Vespa movement

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A much welcome movement from Munich



Govecs cargo scooters

Mumbai traffic

Mumbai traffic



prime example

Visit Govecs Group's website Vespawelle
Grillparzer Street 18 in Munich, Germany. The Govecs Group of Companies has developed electric utility scooters. For which the world has an enormous demand if done right. India alone holds an existing 132.55 million market. Expect China and the following, next largest markets to follow. Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Italy. Remember some movements that came with the emergence of social networks.MADE IN MUNICHWatch Burberry’s celebrated successes with in the above video to the right.

Trends that may play out for Govecs::





Broad demand

—21 million e-bikes where purchased in China during 2008
—4x as many bikes a cars

—India – 132.55 million
—Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, Russia, Brazil.



Nostalgia and Euro memorabilia

Not long ago and the general impression of European streets was marked by anything small and agile. Small cars, strange cargo vehicles, motor scooters, engine noise, and plenty of honking. Famous hollywood pictures helped build the image of small, tight, and agile. Desirable values by today’s start-ups.





Subculture & fashions

Pictures from Brixton with countless mods on scooters along the waterfront. The movement carried or were carried by their own music. That of The Who, and in a second wave by The Jam,





Johnny’s Garden

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Johnny Depp's dining area with a mural by brazilian artists OSGEMEOS.


the dining area
with a mural by brazilian artists OSGEMEOS.





the foyer features an eclectic assortment of art and media all images courtesy of partners trust


the foyer
all images courtesy of partners trust





Johnny Depp's kitchen


the kitchen





Johnny Depp's bedroom


the bedroom





Johnny Depp's living room


the living room





Steal like an artist then live like one

Johnny’s Garden
Agreed, when you live in a spread out flat pancake like Los Angeles, you want to take cover in Downtown LA, where it feels more like a city should.

Have a glimpse of Johnny Depp’s penthouse atop the Eastern Columbia Building in downtown Los Angeles, which now is up for sale.


Source: designboom.





OSGEMEOS (b. 1974, São Paulo, Brazil), translated as “THETWINS”, Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo, have worked together since birth.

Visit OSGEMEUS website



Johnny’s Garden



Meet Sperlein Studio

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Everything gets a redesign













Bodo Sperlein's neue Logotype

New logotype


(We understand the importance of bespoke products in a world that can often feel preoccupied with impersonal designs.)









Schlüsselbild Herangehensweise

This image is fresh and responsive to meet the tendency
of alleged authenticity.




























In January 2016, the iconic German home entertainment brand appointed Bodo Sperlein as Creative Director.



Young Sperlein must have internalized it early on. To get notable, historic manufacturers interested in his material knowledge and creative talent.

With his London South Bank Sperlein studio, he keeps creating new meaning for his brand. All while helping the historic manufacturer rejuvenate and gain refreshment. Not necessarily in that order.

As a result both companies enjoy significant international press coverage.

The initial website was leaning toward that of an upscale art- or household goods catalogue (see The new website is more straight forward, immediate, fresh and more personal.

Design: Gunter Piekarski

Being consultants in their own right, designers sometimes are reluctant toward advice. Ross Gunter and Mateusz Piekarski got through to Bodo Sperlein though.

The new design does not dissolve into behavior on all accounts. It reads very well and positions Sperlein Studio. Brilliant copywriting.


  1. Increase traffic with social media strategies in place to integrate with the new journal section or dispose of it. It’s terrible.
  2. Bring the registration routine up to standard.
  3. Re-adjust the responsive design for window width 800px – 1920px.
  4. Take sales serious or dump the shop. Make it work and fun to operate.


    English speaking nations are said to find serif-type more readable. The use of typography to help express a brand’s character and personality is obvious and strangely overlooked. Hint: The new logotype may offer itself as webfont for the sites’ copy text.



    One Pager

    One Pager

    A one pager prevents the screen refresh when switching from one page to the other. The transition becomes seamless and allows a smooth user experience. I’m sure Squarespace can do this for you.Visit website






Onepager from Vienna

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Prägnanter Einseiter von Peach

Perfect onepager by Peach




branded onepager

















An Austrian ad agency packs all its client’s features on the front page

  • all page elements serve the branding
  • webfonts provide and support a vintage feel
  • event marketing and special offers happen in fashionable classified ad modules
  • all while upselling and story telling takes place
  • Onepager
    The history of the founders Leonie Mayer Rieckh and Matthias Hofer, how they arrived at the Hildegard Wurst brand and what role the Italian Piaggio Ape plays in the Autstrian capitol. Literally a responsive onepager, not only by technically adjusting to any screen output device but by respecting and anticipating user needs. Tempting for Millenials with a penchant for nostalgia.




    If needed, the site could easily be powered by a standard theme and allow the founders to enter their sales pitches without help from a third party.Visit website






    I was good

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    Yes you were.I was good



    I was good



    Every olympic logo rated by design legend Milton Glaser

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    Olympic logo design through the ages via Creative Market



    Munich – Summer 1972

    Munich – Summer 1972


    This graphic icon eliminates all the historical references of the Olympics, most notably the rings [when the icon is used alone, which it often was]. It is a powerful abstraction, but could be used for almost any event. Because it seems unfocused on expressing the Olympics it’s hard to relate its effectiveness.

    Sapporo – Winter 1972

    Sapporo – Winter 1972


    All the visual elements are put together in a clear and convincing layout. The stylized snowflake design adds distinction because it deviates from the other familiar elements of Olympic communications.

    Berlin – Summer Olympics 1936

    Berlin – Summer Olympics 1936


    Strange and lacking focus. The Olympic rings become subordinated to the eagle and bell forms. The spirit of the Olympics is totally absent.

    Rio – Summer 2016

    Rio – Summer 2016


    A presentation that looks fresh and contemporary. The athletes joining hands at the top are executed in a way that works well with the other elements. It feels like something new.

    Make sure you visitthe full articleOlympic Logo




    Olympic Logo



    Campaign pins

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    Campaign pins

    Forty-Five Pin Project



    Campaign pins
    As history has proven, when done right, the small political pin can pack a big punch. So why settle on a single designer or slogan when you have the best designers in the world willing to help out? That’s the idea behind the Hillary Clinton campaign’s The Forty-Five Pin Project: Everyone from Stephen Doyle to Michael Bierut to Louise Fili has designed their own button in support of the campaign to make Clinton the 45th president of the United States.
    Read in full by Meg Miller



    Campaign pins