Find the first Apple store designed by Jony Ive in Brussels

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Outside view.



Eine Verkaufskathedrale

A sales cathedral.









The first Apple Store designed by Jony Ive opened in Brussels. It’s a cathedral he couldn’t take to bed with him, even if he lived in Belgium.

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World class claim made by Munich brand

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„Weil es drauf ankommt wie es ankommt”

Can’t be easily translated in all its beauty and directness. What it means? “All depends on how something is being perceived”

A quintessential conclusion of what digital has educated us in or reminded us of. European tv commercials lend their content from the change of mind this early 21. Century, most immediately in the wake of digital directives.

Digital has introduced the advantage of having learned to love and hate usability with more than a decade of lead.

made in munich„Weil es drauf ankommt wie es ankommt” is discourse pop and a universal, dominant truth well told™, by which we are all exposed to the judgement of others while letting numbers do the numbers for accountability.

Storytelling is left to brands and their agencies, to the extent they succeed to have as many people as possible share their story.

It’s not best practice but the only practice. Same difference when arrival is everything?



Quartz has a new look—and for the first time, a homepage

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Zum ersten Mal eine homepage



Newsrooms take note, Quartz the digital native newscast for the global economy now has a homepage. Sort of. A brief replaces the homepage, their morning brief with for the global economy relevant stuff. They don’t start with why but with a brief in real time for all devices in use today.



Quartz's audience grows since launch



Quartz is digital native rather than relying on being a descendant of the Atlantic. It sports no paper edition and won’t manage digital on the side. Perhaps what they don’t do is as important or more important than what they do. A paper issue wastes a lot of energy without profitable proof. Lack of advertising fund make paper based newsrooms shut down. There will be a better time for paper. Promise.

The focus remains on banner free advertising. High quality advertising as the stories that come form their newsroom. Quartz designers have a love for usability. They get rid of stuff that was seldom used. Their award-winning design gets better with more white space on tablets and PCs. Quartz experiments with new stuff. Pullquotes within the content rather than comments at the end of each story…

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Warfare in your own backyard

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Official Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer



Plants vs. Zombies 2 It’s About Time Official Trailer



U N R E A L     T O U R N A M E N T

Calling all 99ers


A few Unreal Teamsters are placing their bets on an UT99 Renaissance. Simply by updating their media to an international web standard.






Ever since 1999, when we started playing UT99 at our Zentropy workplace, the gaming industry failed to recognise that military themes may not be what players need most.

Come 4pm all cubicle glas dividers where fogged up from intense game play of coworkers aiming for a better score. Did they make use of default military clothing for their avatar skin? No. You saw Roger Knöhr running around as bad ass Sith Lord from Star Wars and Martin Biela go after him camouflaged as gun sticking out from under a tent.

Whatever twisted reasoning has led the gaming industry to believe it is dark sinister military scenarios and absurd muscle packed soldier skins what players need most, what player want is quite the opposite. They run around as Mr. Burns, Lego man, Simpsons or anime figures by Japanese skin designers.

I took the first person shooter home with me and am still playing the original 99 version of UT frequently with a gang of top notch players around the world.

We are playing a modded version according to GMC standard established by Hoser in an environment we feel comfortable with since early childhood. The scenarios we congregate in are kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, back yard and so on.

GMC the Giant Map Clan was a smart association of UT99 clans worldwide, an aggregator if you wish organised and founded by Beanie.

As Planers we are tiny like in I shrunk the children and we are experiencing the game from the perspective of a cockroach. With reduced gravitation we stay away from having to drag our feet and can enjoy the fight during flight.

A teleporter helps us escape dangerous situations and teleport anywhere we can toss the porter pod, to overcome heights or width. I fondly remember Skydog who always attacked from high above and was always seen up in the air.

UT99 made me adopt digital consciousness and I came to trust the authenticity of virtual relations as something very real. I can tell digital athletes apart even when they are tricking me by using a different names. I only play with people I feel comfortable with and are much more advanced. I hang almost every night with top athletes. Stingray and I know each other since early childhood.

Just last night I was leading the game playing with POOSTICKS and was capable of keeping score with More Cowbell throughout much of the game even though both won. Later that night I could score against [UT]Sashman, a German top player and fellow member of the Unreal Team dominating the UT99 scene.






Recommended Sunday reading of BrandEins editorial in German language “Eine neue Beziehung” by Gabriele Fischer.

Find game servers .

Join Unreal Team on Facebook.

Introduce yourself.

More on the topic.



Second most shared site this month

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Abraham Piper runs the second most shared blog a notch behind Unworthy.

Abraham Piper runs the second most shared blog a notch behind Upworthy. Image source.



The second-most shared website on the internet doesn’t belong to a heavily staffed blog or one of the old media giants.

Twenty Two Words has more articles shared on Facebook than Rolling Stone and Gawker combined.

It’s an aggregational site run by one man who’s fueled by coffee, Coors Light, and a desire to share the most awesome stuff he finds every day on the Web.

In a revealing Q&A with Esquire’s Ned Hepburn, Abraham Piper, the founder and human engine behind 22 Words, talked about how he got the site started and what made it blow up over the past few months.



I try to manage the site so that on the whole it comes across sort of like a likable friend — intelligent but not superior, goofy but not inane, sentimental but not saccharine, and consistently interesting without being full of itself,

Abraham Piper




See the whole interview with Piper here.
Entry via Sarah Weber.






Wonkblog: Obamacare’s biggest problem right now isn’t glitches. it’s traffic.

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We have a lot of visitors on the site right now. Please stay on this page.



Welcome to Health Reform Watch, Sarah Kliff’s regular look at how the Affordable Care Act is changing the American health-care system — and being changed by it. You can reach Sarah with questions, comments and suggestions here. Check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon for the latest edition, and read previous columns here.

If you’ve been trying to buy health insurance coverage on the Obamacare marketplace, you’re probably quite familiar with the screen above.


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A postcard from Paris

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A Postcard from France.jpg

A postcard from Paris broshure

Pocket size brochure including one Duchamp object per page, a synopsis of what we want the press to tell, ending in brief product documentary. t-shirt

Incentive T for invitees to take home



Here’s a wrap-up of what happend thus far in my long distance relationship with a rather promising New York City start-up:
Lifetime friend Bob Crozier asked me to come up with a logo.
Bob GLaubit asked me to help with the user interface for their first product, an app for the app store. So I did here and here.

The later in regards of communicating the app’s ease of use across diverse media. Readymades 4 user modes should help achieve that and be of good use for the initial pocket size brochure after telling a great story of relevance mainly by way of Marcel Duchamp’s objects.

As for Bob Crozier’s wish for a logo – rather than offering alternative cuts for their logo, I decided to confront both men with a logotype, of less likeliness to be getting in the way further down the road.

Three month into the process, after a couple phone calls, no responses to pressing questions – aside from Bob Crozier’s much welcome, adored and honored congratulations – and a pressing deadline breathing up my neck, I proposed a rough outline for their launch campaign on a local budget with ridiculously little expenditure on behalf of third parties, followed by an invoice to compensate for my designs and consultation.
Rest assured New York, I want to be a sucker at this.


There is no solution because there is no problem

Marcel Duchamp


Granted, it’s a hefty DIY effort loaded onto the NYC team’s shoulders requiring the pressure to come from inside and a steep and gratifying learning curve worth your time – once four factors have come to play out:


  • Bob Crozier succeeds in pitching 50 to 200 selected clients in person.
  • Launch party to be remembered by New York’s art society resulting in press write ups.
  • A dedicated spokes person for social media and daily maintenance of
  • Elegant + efficient design to be at the core of the business and that we are in the business of design.



Squarespace with new website

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Squarespace has a fantastic new website. It demonstrates efficiently and elegantly, how anyone with anything on their mind, can now go to market with what’s on their mind just as efficiently and elegantly.

The lines between static website and dynamic blog are blurred as much as those between big screen websites and mobile.

Each incentive in the slider is accompanied by a case study of businesses to have accomplished something with Squarespace. A punch in the face of the many content management systems and online agencies that are still selling static websites as dynamic.


Create your own idea


Create your own idea

As children we know exactly what we want and even more so did we know what we don’t want.

Life is best with an inheritance, liberating from all doing and social obligations.

Everyone else needs an idea, a playground or clean slate to define themselves and experience joy on their way to world domination (Hugh MacLeod). The pressure however comes from within (Justin Townsend).


Create your own canvas


Create your own canvas

Since the pressure comes from within and because you are self-motivated, you will want to define your own canvas, the field or playground you find worthwhile busying yourself with between meals.

Know your category. It helps to color in and have a complete picture of what you are about to bring to market and publish with Squarespace.


Create your own story


Create your own story

Today everyone, all over the world can start their own business and document its chronicle themselves, rather than delegating responsibility to the trusteeship of an ad agency.

Apart from the daily business the entrepreneurs can win over the confidence of their customers and continually create new meaning for the developing brand.

Your product is responsible for earned respect but a becoming product documentation will help.

The new Squarespace site documents much of this and serves as a best practice showcase for your endeavor.


Create your own brand


Create your own brand

Rarely does a start up know exactly what their unique selling proportion (USP) may be, let alone how to put it in words.

Instead of having to consult your developer or agency for every small adjustment or change you will use your own words and get used to using your words, which is exactly what got you as far as setting up your business in the first place.


Create your own space


Create your own space

Successful new business models have created their own space, each following a hunch and placing a bet and where built by accident.

In my observation banks were first to undestand the virtual nature of business and ideas and how to scale and sytemize – much to everyone else’s chagrin and disadvantage. They are the true winners in all this.

Now create your very own eco system.


Create your own store


Create your own store

The conventional shopping, buying, owning cycle and the needed communication to make it resonate:


  • How do I get my product talked about?
  • How to I get people to trust me and my product?
  • How to make an immediate solution to people’s issues always accessable?



Create your own voice


Create your own voice

You used your own words to get your business this far and have convinced stakeholders to believe in you and your idea, why would you now want to delegate your voice to a third party? Use your own words to grow your business and stay tuned to what people are saying. Keep fine tuning your voice accordingly.




Want to get it right? Gotta do it yourself.

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„Take on dialogue with clients yourself and seriously question the trusteeship of ad agencies”

This is also Gabor Steinhart advice, chief editor of Germany economy magazine Handelsblatt. No one has better insights of their clientel and their own company than does the manufacturer.

Continuous DIY dialog with buyers provides continuous insights of mental states and requirement of consumers.

Most common in gastronomy, where waiters and waitresses can’t help but witness guest reactions most immediate.

But how does the car manufacturer go about staying connected, who can’t be in close contact with drivers all of the time and whose reach goes far beyond the four walls of gastronomy and onto multinational terrain?

How does the country singer, the pop star go about staying in touch with the audience, who won’t get to see their faces unless on stage at a concert?


All energy is of better use in product development than in advertising

A good product speaks for itself. It’s being discovered and recommendet no longer with analog, constraints of one to another and local reach but with global digital distribution from one to many.

How mindless you will jump on a bandwagon demonstrates this popular video by Derek Sivers on how to start a movement.

Its always been this way, the means of the purpose however are no longer constraint by analog measures but digitally enabled.

The gastronomer, the car manufacturer and the pop star now follow the mommy bloggers lead. They learn that development is a friend and to make good use of readily available software tools at low cost.


The product is the media

It is being said, that the consumer does not buy the product but buys into the conviction a manufacturer has in their product.

Today every manufacturer can make good use of the plentitude of opportunities and application offerings with a lower investment of money traded of for a higher investment in time and write their company chronicle themselves while it evolves. A diary of work in the making to help with strengthening a clear consciousness and create confidence amongst stakeholders and the consumer alike.

continue reading (German language)



DIY website in the age of social media

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Social Integration

automatic mobile device support

Analysis of statistics


DIY website in the age of social media

It’s all about your online presence.

A true reflection of your personality, visible to everyone and all the time.

Watch how Thomas Mahon wraps it up brilliantly for all you marketers and entrepreneurs.

It is critically important all businesses and individuals not only have an online presence they are proud of, but one that they are in control of (Anthony Casalena).

Made simple, intuitive maintenance is a deciding factor if you wish to continuously create new meaning for your brand.

“Communications need[s] to be delivered with ruthless efficiency and regularity”

Nick Brien, CEO of McCann Worldgroup              

Susan Newman offers an easy to grasp comparison of popular CRM systems here.

Mark Wilson from Fast Company’s CoDesign claims Squarespace 6 to be “the all-in-1 website builder we’ve been waiting for”. For Mark, Squarespace mashes up WordPress, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Monthly fees are 8 or 14 dollars (incl. your own domain).

Get started here. Try Squarespace free for 14 days. No credit card required.