Made up McDonald’s alternative facts

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Marketing Innovation



McDonald's Alternative Fact Ad

Alternative fact1



McDonald’s debuts the Big Mac

Real news2

Fake news

Fake news3



McDonald’s alternative facts



Everyone stick to their believe system. This way it does not matter what is fact and what is fake. Friend or foe. Who wants to know?

Truth is, I went to McDonald’s three times already to get a taste of it’s advertised signature collection. It’s the restaurant across the Olympia shopping mall here in Munich. The scenery where 9 young Muslims from Kosovo where shot to death by a 19 year old Iranian running amok. An incident declared as non terrorist- or racist attack. What an unbelievable toll it must have put on the three victim families and friends. Don’t even want to think about it.

The new user experience is fine with me. I journeyed from one of the new touch screens to the young lady taking orders at a seperate counter. And from there to the standard pick-up counter where my order was already waiting on me. The meat (5.3 ounces beef burger) tastes spectacular and the less spongy buns are of help with the finger food. “I want to believe” and trust the splendid reputation German McDonald’s established with it’s local resources. The interior decoration is fine with me too. Frank Lloyd Wright for poor folks. It’s all plastic and ads a Safari kind of atmosphere. I’m loving it.

How a Rogue McDonald’s Franchisee Invented the Big Mac and Changed Fast Food Forever: Read onRead in fullby Robert Klara


McDonald’s alternative facts


A pointer to why McCann dropped a statue of a ‘Fearless Girl’ next to Wall Street’s charging bull overnight

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McCANN's fearless girl

Sculpture: Kristen Visbal – Photo: Federica Valabrega



‘Fearless Girl’
Pedestrians in lower Manhattan had a new piece of branded art to ponder on Tuesday morning, as McCann New York and client State Street Global Advisors conspired in the middle of the night to drop a statue in Bowling Green Park of a girl facing off against the famous Wall Street Charging Bull.Read in fullby Tim Nudd


‘Fearless Girl’


“Then go to Netto‟

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All eyes on purpose driven advertising











“Then go to Netto‟.





then go to Netto
In this so sensitive nerve jarring ad comes to validity, that life writes the best stories.

What adds more eyeballs to the readershiop of German trade mags?

Sales boosting or purpose driven advertising


Sensational viral announcements? See Netto-cats created by ad agency Jung von Matt. Anyway, I can’t tell you who to thank for this nerve-wracking little pest.



Cry Baby

“Then go to Netto‟



Brands are grateful for trade media, that moves purpose-driven efforts back into the focus of reporting. Their money funds the hunting for trends and audience favorites. Young bloods and the entire European advertsing trade thank the media. No more calling names. Like the German word Lügenpresse.


then go to Netto


Spoonerism in new classic advertising

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Kiss caramel, with nobility a taste perceived exeptionally well.

Kiss caramel, with nobility a taste perceived exeptionally well.





Das Duell (the shoot out)


For the introduction of their caramel kisses, Ferrero won’t place their bets on 15 or 30 second tv ads. A 5 second tvc should do.

Ferrero Kisses have long made a name for themselves. Here’s what some genius figured. More attention for less (content) works wonders with consumers struggling with information overload. 30 seconds of product explanation or a memorable fun line presented in 5 second slots, you do the math.

The launch of their 5 second tv campaign got my attention and had me laugh out loud. Hit the button for many more one liners rhyming on caramel. Some German language knowledge required.More spoonerismin German language






Tears Of Llorona

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Llorona Tequila

Glad to see a digital campaign in the format of classic print.



Tears of Llorona
Jeff Goodby, famous for milk, is hitting the harder stuff with his own tequila brand.
The making of Tears of Llorona,and the value of creative outlets by Tim Nudd



Tears Of Llorona



Meet Sperlein Studio

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Everything gets a redesign













Bodo Sperlein's neue Logotype

New logotype


(We understand the importance of bespoke products in a world that can often feel preoccupied with impersonal designs.)









Schlüsselbild Herangehensweise

This image is fresh and responsive to meet the tendency
of alleged authenticity.




























In January 2016, the iconic German home entertainment brand appointed Bodo Sperlein as Creative Director.



Young Sperlein must have internalized it early on. To get notable, historic manufacturers interested in his material knowledge and creative talent.

With his London South Bank Sperlein studio, he keeps creating new meaning for his brand. All while helping the historic manufacturer rejuvenate and gain refreshment. Not necessarily in that order.

As a result both companies enjoy significant international press coverage.

The initial website was leaning toward that of an upscale art- or household goods catalogue (see The new website is more straight forward, immediate, fresh and more personal.

Design: Gunter Piekarski

Being consultants in their own right, designers sometimes are reluctant toward advice. Ross Gunter and Mateusz Piekarski got through to Bodo Sperlein though.

The new design does not dissolve into behavior on all accounts. It reads very well and positions Sperlein Studio. Brilliant copywriting.


  1. Increase traffic with social media strategies in place to integrate with the new journal section or dispose of it. It’s terrible.
  2. Bring the registration routine up to standard.
  3. Re-adjust the responsive design for window width 800px – 1920px.
  4. Take sales serious or dump the shop. Make it work and fun to operate.


    English speaking nations are said to find serif-type more readable. The use of typography to help express a brand’s character and personality is obvious and strangely overlooked. Hint: The new logotype may offer itself as webfont for the sites’ copy text.



    One Pager

    One Pager

    A one pager prevents the screen refresh when switching from one page to the other. The transition becomes seamless and allows a smooth user experience. I’m sure Squarespace can do this for you.Visit website






Munich insurance co’s classic tomato ad

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Allianz classic  tomato ad

Allianz’s classic “tomato” ad.




“A fixed alliance with getting lucky”

World-class ads made in Germany










With their insurance payment the people are not investing in liability and accountability in the event of an accident happening, they pay so the accident will never happen.

To run the classic sequence from way back (original beetle) alongside today’s classic (beetle) emphasises the trust we have in the reliability of an insurance company that has been around for as long as we have. But it won’t help sell an insurance the way Carglass ads help sell their service.






New money is here

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Full blow, more direct German version of Paypal tv ad puts focus on "The new money is here!"

Full blow, more direct German version of Paypal’s tv ad,
keeps its focus on the majestic “The new money is here!” claim.



The New Money is Here!

“Key visual” of the German PayPal website





new money is here

“The New Money is Here!”

World class claim




Exec. Creative Director

Sen. Copywriter





Kevin Jones

Chelsea O’Brien




New money is here
When I first saw the the bold yellow type claiming “The new money is here!”, it instantly struck me that this must be the most impactful, far reaching, disruptive and relevant headline in recent times.

Aside from the claim made, that here it is the new money for the new age, I didn’t feel the execution concentrated as it should on its bold, disruptive message, but the ad went on explaining. It began explaining things I didn’t need to hear since I was already sold on the idea that here it is, the new money for the new age. Based on having been pre-sold by Josh Reich, founder and CEO of Simple, that what we need is banking not banks.

And as we seem to know, explanations are an indicator for failure.

For more than twenty years none of the great disruptors ever explained what they were doing. Google didn’t tell you what their homepage was about other than presenting the Google logo and an input field, now did they? And others followed until one day it also became fashionable, especially for start-ups, to provide insight on why they do what they do.


New money is here


A face from many

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This collage of Angela Merkel made entirely out of stock images took AlmapBBDO 4 months.

This collage of Angela Merkel made entirely out of stock
images took AlmapBBDO four months.



Endless possibilities



A face from many


Good work, AlmapBBDO.

For those of you familiar with James Bridle’s efforts, a reminder of a failed definition for a new aesthetic (NA) sparked by the increasingly pixelated perception of what we get to see.


Read in fullby Tim Nudd


A face from many


Never complain. Never explain.

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Queen Elizabeth II at 90 Source The Guardian

Queen Elizabeth II at 90 Source: The Guardian



Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 today.
At her age her Majesty is offering an amazingly steep learning curve to brands, marketers and the rest of us.

I know of no single formula for success. But over the years I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together.

Elizabeth II



The Queen at 90: Across the decadesBy Caroline Davies