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Campbell’s goes back to the future

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Cambell's Beefsteak Tomato Soup ©Edelman

Campbell’s return to original packaging and content
despite the world famous iconic Andy Warhol art
that made Campbell’s soup world famous.



Making of narrative of beatsteak tomato soup.



Campbell's Clam Chowder - Campbell's Cream of mushroom

    Campbell’s Clam Chowder           –       Campbell’s Cream of mushroom



Campbell’s goes back to the future
Whenever Hugh Hicks was under the weather he made himself New England Clam Chowder. Hugh Hicks is my deceased father. I recall that he was never too fond of New England, but he sure placed his bets on its clam chowder. (The crossed out product shown is a can of condensed Manhattan clam chowder. It never made it into our house.)

For my entire life, I was certain that clam chowder holds some magic to make you well again. My favorite then was the condensed cream of mushroom. At restaurants, I ordered fancy turtle soup for its incomparable taste.

With my personal memories, I am in line with nostalgia tendencies. One of the big motivational drivers at the turn of transformation. And I am keen to learn how Campbell’s bold approach stands the test of time. Or do I hope they would never change their iconic look?

How Campbell’s dusted off a century-old recipe to cook up its latest marketing idea. Following a recipe from 1915 isn’t as easy as it sounds…

Read in fullby Robert Klara



Campbell’s goes back to the future



Four pillars of happiness

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©Yuval Robichek Community - Health

Community                       –                         Health      
©Yuval Robichek



©Yuval Robichek Money - Generic Predisposition

              Money                           –             Generic Predisposition1   









La la land

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La La Land
Should you feel that Rogue One is too close for comfort, you may very well feel that La La Land by director Damien Chazelle with music by Justin Hurwitz is out of reach. Even so, you will likely want to hold La la land dear and keep a save distance to Rogue One.



La La Land



Eye candy Munich subway stations

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Olympiaeinkaufszentrum below of where the rampage shooting took place

Olympiaeinkaufszentrum: Below of where the rampage shooting took place – Photo: Robert Haas



Public Eye Candy


Süddeutsche Zeitungeye candy subway stations
The first implementation in 1971 went sour with mediocre standardised subway stations. Today most stations carry a local design, often a melt of art and architecture.

All stations are equipped with elevators for mothers with strollers or folks with wheelchairs.



Wettersteinplatz - Photo: Alessandra Schellnegger

Wettersteinplatz – Photo: Alessandra Schellnegger



Marienplatz smack in the center of Munich town was the first station to disrupt the standard design prior to the 90s. - Photo: Florian Peljak

Marienplatz: Smack in the center of Munich town was the first station to disrupt the standard design prior to the 90s. – Photo: Florian Peljak



Münchner Freiheit - Photo: Stephan Rumpf

Münchner Freiheit: Light design by Ingo Maurer – Photo: Stephan Rumpf



Candidplatz - Photo: Florian Peljak

Candidplatz: Flemish rainbow – Photo: Florian Peljak



Königsplatz - Photo: Florian Peljak

Königsplatz – Mini exhibition with 32 artefacts. – Photo: Florian Peljak



Oberwiesenfeld - Photo: Florian Peljak

Oberwiesenfeld: “Ornament” by sculpturer Rudolf Herz – Photo: Florian Peljak



Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz - Photo: Stephan Rumpf

Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz: Daylight and 76 000 Polaroids behind glas walls – Photo: Stephan Rumpf

Eye candy subway stations



Westfriedhof - Photo: Robert Haas

Westfriedhof: Likely the most popular station features a cave like atmosphere, another light design by Ingo Maurer. The giant ∅ 3,80m lamps light up dark areas out of reach of the subtle flow of daylight – Photo: Robert Haas



Georg-Brauchle-Ring Photo: Stephan Rumpf

Georg-Brauchle-Ring: In midst of Franz Ackermann’s installation “The great voyage”. Photo: Stephan Rumpf

Eye candy subway stations



The business of truth

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“The business of truth in a past when insincerity and trickery were expected.”

truth well told - 1912







Zach McDonald & Koen Malfait

McCann New York

Daniel Eskils

Truth is a tool
a precise and wreckless apparatus
that creates something meaningful and relevant
where there was nothing of consequence before

This is the truth
we opened our business in 1912
a small office in New York City
Back then there were no true standards in the advertising business
No ethics, no poetry, no heart
Insincerety and trickery where expected

We founded the McCANN company as an antidote
an experiment to see what would happen
when we place truth and storytelling above all else






Expert summit

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Jochen Schweizer unter Experten

Jochen Schweizer among experts





“Experts are in agreement over the greater value experiences offer”

Experten Wissen

Expert knowledge





expert summit



expert summit



Agency Holiday Cards 2016

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Come sit with usHappy Medium



Holiday Cards 2016



Holiday Cards 2016



‘How Do You Xmas’

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Doing Christmas with your childhood friend Stingray

Doing Christmas with your childhood friend
(UT player Stingray in my case)





“It’s Christmas Mommy. Wake up!”

Wake up mommy. It's Christmas.




Music supervision

How do you xmas



How do you xmas



Frankie’s Holiday

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Frankie's Feiertag

Source: Adweek





“Open your heart to everyone”

Der vielleicht faszinierendste Weihnachtsgruß des Jahres.

One of the most fascinating holiday spots of the year.





Frankie’s Holiday



Frankie’s Holiday



Mrzyk & Moriceau

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Mrzyk & Moriceau






Mrzyk & Moriceau