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“Maybe that’s the beauty of technology…”

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“…that it makes the world so much more democratic, that people can have an opinion and decide if they like something or not, rather than relying on the judgement of a small group. It’s an interesting phenomenon in design, because you have to create in a way that works on the screen, and is attractive to the masses. So, these days, do you have to be a little less extreme, because you have to be liked by more people?”

The man who said that is the digitally-averse Alber Elbaz, creative director of Lanvin in an terribly insightful interview for AnOther, texted by Susanna Lau.

He once famously said that he doesn’t own a computer.

Rather than damning the digital age, Elbaz is probing into the way that technology impacts the way that we interact with fashion.



Alber Elbaz with intriguing insights on fashion & despair¹ in the digital age.

Courtesy of Lanvin via



“In this digital age, we live through our screens, documenting the moment. We no longer look; we film. We no longer listen; we tape. And we no longer talk; we post.”



Fashion & Despair1

“Technology brings the dream to everyone: you can be deep inside middle America, but you can see what is happening in Paris. But there’s nothing wrong with not knowing everything when you’re 16; you don’t need to be all over the world, you need to keep some dreams for yourself because that’s what keeps you moving. When I interview people who have graduated from the best schools in the world, and who live in the most urban cities… they’ve seen it all, they know it all. Then I might interview someone who hasn’t come from the most affluent place, but they have a dream. That is the drive. The dream, the drive and the desire are a part of fashion, too.”



Read in full by Susann Lau.







Your forever private sanctuary

Just like Elbaz trusts that what we keep to ourselves keeps us moving, I place my bets on search engines, algorithms and finally privately owned and run blogs to keep the knowledge transfer going and social mischief—both economical or political down.

It may be of comfort for you to know that search engines and algorithms can’t get the best of you. The data collected is the data you leave behind and sure enough what you leave behind is the perception you want people to have from you.

Besides you can comfortably rely on irrational man. He will always keep to himself and often err. What irrational man keeps to himself was never meant for the public nor is it particularely well known to himself. Irrational man does not know all to well what he is moved by.

Neither search engines nor algorithms can read your subconsciousness—can you? Supposedly your subconsciousness knows long before you know, which decision you will make and which path you will take. A much overlooked fact of some relief.




Next up: The most overlooked fact on how digital dissolves in mass behaviour




The local down-home brand that takes off globally

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Everything gets redesigned



Our/Vodka London Distillery

Our/London distilled in London



The peculiar case of the global, local brand

Our/Vodka wird jeweils in Detroit, London, Berlin, Amsterdam und Seattle mit lokalen Mitteln destilliert und gehandhabt und mit den betreffenden Städtenamen gekennzeichnet.



Unser: die nomadische Marke bleibt bodenständig und hebt denoch ab

Our: the nomadic brand is a collaboration of locally handled, home-down city brands distilling vodka with the same recipe but locally sourced ingredients.





The brand film



The brand story



This is great. A case study that lends new meaning to scalability and franchising. A global vodka, owned by Pernod Ricard Company can be found in ten cities worldwide. The recipe stays the same, but locally sourced ingredients ensure that each city’s drink is a collaborative product; interwoven with local characteristics and partnerships.

Read the case study by Kate Levin on Creative Pool. It’s built around an interview with the London partners Neil Chivers and Clive Watson. It makes the initial idea of “think globally act locally” feasible for businesses in our neighborhood. Why even the littlest corner store may find a twist to scale and collaborate. It demonstrates nicely, how the value chain is created and what measures need be taken to prevent drain in midst of liquid.








What I need now is a friend in Munich with experience in gastronomy and events who’d be interested in owning a distillery and wishes to be a member of Our/Vodka family. Peter WachaStefan Gabányi… Scheidegger folks… Charles Schuhmann.





FastCompany reviews Brussel’s ligne claire

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©Hergé-Moulinsart 2015:Somerset House





©Hergé-Moulinsart 2015:Somerset House

©Hergé-Moulinsart 2015:Somerset House






©Hergé-Moulinsart 2015:Somerset House



Tintin: Hergé’s Masterpiece is now on view at the Somerset House in London.

Read in full by Meg Miller





Pop Danthology 2014

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Pretty little predators

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Ray Caesar:
Pretty Little Predators

In the 1990’s, Walter van Berendonck made his models appear on the catwalk like avatars.

Now enjoy this preview of works by Ray Caesar, exhibited 25 years later

Gallery House, Toronto, Canada

Exhibition Dates: November 21 – December 19, 2015

Source: Eclectix





 Ray Caesar "Old Wounds"



Old Wounds



Pretty Little Predators, Ray Caesar published by HiFructose





Pretty Little Predators, Ray Caesar published by HiFructose





 Ray Caesar "The Nature Of Gravity"

The Nature Of Gravity



Eclectix, Volume 1

Other Publications:

Eclectix, Volume 1



You’ll visit parallax scrolling pages only once

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You’ll visit parallax scrolling pages only once

Parallax scrolling Mac Pro product demonstration par excellence ©Apple



If you are like me and do most of your work on the web, you might have noticed, that simple pages are more suitable for work.

Aside from the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel’s website, Apple’s product page for its Mac Pro is one of the best practices for parallax scrolling. Even so, the brilliant execution of the Mac Pro product demonstration offers a pleasing experience only when viewed with a power machine like the Mac Pro. Otherwise it jerks and twitches, so you won’t likely want to visit the page again.

HTML 5, Java script and the capability to create a smooth web exprience with parallax scrolling tempts developers and designer to exuberance to the effect, why we must thank Steve Jobs for disrupting Adobe Flash and no longer support the technology.

This is not to reject parallax scrolling altogether, but it takes supreme concentration and economical usage to make parallax count, especially today with mobile first.



Billboard of Edinburgh

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Billboards of the world



Ingleby Gallery: Where is Duchamp?

Bethan Huws: Billboard for Edinburgh



—Where is Duchamp?
—In the library.






Eugene getting a gory taste of the Jersey Devil

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Born again & Jersey Devil Poster

Born again & Jersey Devil posters





Daughters don’t draw a pleasing picture. They investigate the mysterious Micanopy murders or cases of cannibalism suspected to be caused by the Jersey Devil. Daily horror in your trusted neighborhood is begging to be documented. Ignore Terror Time.

Spoiler alert: An adorable alien stops by one daughter’s booth.

Read on.



Alien Besucher auf Eugene ComicCon.




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I like long walks away from Stingray

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long walks away from stingray via

Source: This isn’t happiness™



Hey Stingray,
I trust I have just the right get-away for you…

Don’t let your wife see this.



A killer app in Miami via

Reccomended for a three day get-away. Enjoy.