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Alarming general health issue

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The New Yorker Health Issue





health issue



health issue



Lake Garda

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Lake Garda



Lake Garda




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Working out how the internet works


John V Willshire
Smithery, London




“John Willshire’s presentations are always thought provoking and fun, and his talk from IAM 2016 is no exception. ‘Metamechanics, and working out how the internet works. Or, indeed, not, because that isn’t the point’.”







Never complain. Never explain.

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Queen Elizabeth II at 90 Source The Guardian

Queen Elizabeth II at 90 Source: The Guardian



Queen Elizabeth II turns 90 today.
At her age her Majesty is offering an amazingly steep learning curve to brands, marketers and the rest of us.

I know of no single formula for success. But over the years I have observed that some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, their talents, their insights, their enthusiasm and their inspiration to work together.

Elizabeth II



The Queen at 90: Across the decadesBy Caroline Davies





Triumph’s boost

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Triumph Find the one again

Hannah gets dragged along by her girlfriends



A bit of history behind the storytelling



Triumph’s boost


A group of mostly bearded men1 present the making of their well done work for Triumph lingerie. As for its execution best practice and truth well told as recommended by ad agency McCANN. (this is not McCANN’s work and Triumph is not on their client roster)

Beautifully executed as animation it provides the needed distance. The public of both sexes might feel badly harassed nevertheless. A possibly deserved treatment for consumers of the old world who failed to return to being mature citizens (when did citizens turn into consumers anyway?). This part of the story invites doubt.

The audience is pretty sure that Hannah wants to be taken along, but hates to get dragged along and outvoted by her girlfriends.


Triumph’s boost



Tamme Hanken

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The giant with the magic hand
does what the veterinary can’t
Straighten, adjust and bend

How can we thank’em
This 2.5 feet man by name of
Tamme Hanken?

2.5 feet tall Tamme Hanken




Tamme Hanken



British Pizza

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Everything is being redesigned



UK Domino's new UK pizza delivery boxes by Jones Knowles Ritchie

Domino’s new UK pizza delivery boxes by Jones Knowles Ritchie


Pizza Express Logo
British Pizza


Great Britain has classy delivery box design to show for its UK Domino’s pizza chain. View the original report here.

And it has the world’s best pizza a restaurant chain can offer with Pizza Express. Beautiful site too.


British Pizza

Visit website




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isn't it girl

isn’t T-Shirt $30



Purchase Peteski's isn't T ShirtGet yours here




McCANN’s iconic ‘Hilltop’ ad for Coke got remastered

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Coca Cola - McCANN-ERICKSON, INC. - Hilltop




Coca Cola’s ‘Hilltop’ ad by McCANN ERICKSON, INC.

Sarah Traverso, director of multimedia production for Coca-Cola North America, wrote about the remastering process in a blog post:

On March 25, I got a chance to work on perhaps Coke’s most iconic commercial—the 1971 classic, “Hilltop.” Filmed in Italy, the spot celebrates the diversity of cultures from all around the globe by showing people coming together to sing a song of unity. It was so popular that its soundtrack, “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing,” became a hit single. The original 35mm footage on which the commercial was filmed sits in a vault in the Library of Congress, where
American culture is preserved.
So what was I doing with the original footage almost 45 years later? Technically speaking, I was remastering the 35mm film for 4K Television, and color-correcting it. In layman terms, that means I was preserving an iconic gem for a new generation.

Read in fullby Tim Nudd



Excuse me while I digress

The decade as chief creative at McCANN 1 marked the hilltop of my career in society’s perspective. My good life in advertising begann at age 17 in Munich was set on automatic. Too easy.

Munich had no network agencies but a few excellent owner driven ones. I had to return to Germany via New York, and from Emerging technologies (NeXT) to communications to be accepted and have a say.

I love McCANN since razorbacks like myself get hired and get to meet brilliant people. I could have my piece with admins—the bogeymen of my generation of creatives, intervene with other disciplines, set up an army as to be expected from a Sargent and contribute to Frankfurt’s defence from internal competition (LA, London and New York) as victors.

Time and time again, I wasn’t loved though.





Ivy Park

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Beyoncé mit neuer Sport Marke

Beyoncé introduces her sports brand



Where is your Park?



Centuries ago, Europeans let themselves be carried away by Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. Spellbound by the Italian goddess actress.

What characterises Sophia Loren 1, is a twofold. It’s her enourmous erotic radiant emittance —the temperful, racy and self-assured, woman-woman par excellence— bound with inherent naturalness, nativeness, motherhood and naive morality, Italian Mommies are known for. A ravishing mixture that is reflected throughout her international movie roles.

With a more matured consciousness, the story of Beyoncé and Jay-Z is no different. Their music videos are social explosives and come unexpected even when early rumoured.

Be it for mainstream or the upper crust of highbrow pop culture, both requirements are addressed vertically and horizontally, no matter how much the intellectuels try to resist and insist on niche culture to not mix well with horizontal culture.

Transformers have long learned to accept mainstream and make use of its universal threads to place niche products in the center of society and its inherent prowess.






Don'tforget to tell the truth about your productDon’t forget
to tell the truth
about your product.



Go find your truth as Sophia Loren und Beyoncé have found theirs. The closest truth in its clarity is outlined at the intersection of the three perspectives filled black (see graphic above). The sexy, oily black pubic triangle that could accelerate the development of young males out of puberty and caused many such men to ignore everyone and everything, is your park. Ladies may haver known this all along and may be the better entrepreneurs.



Here’s your park!

What people do in your park determines over success or failure (of your product).

As founder of at age 60, I bet my diminished rent on the democratisation of business at any age and that money no longer goes to money but those with ideas worth working on between meals.

Should you be planning your own business model and are overwhelmed with information and good advice, you can now come clean and experience clarity, before you even touch your website.

Answer 8 questions and you’ll hold your selling stategy and your brand definition in your hands with your responds. Instant. No charge. There is nothing more to it. The proof is in the pudding:



More attention
on less (things)






Ivy Park