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Ringo for Sketchers

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Campus Chorus

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The choral reworking of Supertramp's

The choral reworking of Supertramp’s “The Logical Song”



Credits. Read in full by David Gianatasio





Authentic is not a look

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Elon Musk gives tour for President Barack Obama by Bill Ingalls

Musk and President Barack Obama at the Falcon 9 launch site in 2010. Photography by Bill Ingalls.



An authentic look and feel of your personal or business website can help fool the audience into trusting you as a person or business to be authentic. Same goes for images or key visuals you claim as yours. Make your imagery feel like a snapshot of a documentary and you will come across as authentic.

Authenticity is more reliably reflected by what you do than by how something looks.

Authenticity can be produced and reproduced by making it feel like a documentary or news report. Something that advertising professionals have been making use of in the old world and more recently during the content fury- the content apocalypse we are witnessing in 2015.

This remains a constant from the old to the new world, we have entered. It can be hard to tell friend from foe. Fake from real. Fiction from fact.

Be it by 9/11, the wake of the post-digital age or simply by moving from 20th century into the 21st century, many such tricks work as they did in the old days.Think Big by Marc Johns

Think Big by Marc Johns



An image is worth a thousand words

As each of us lives comfortably in their own personal bubble and belief system, bubbles tend to burst when colliding with each other or when being exposed to reality, the bubble of a seemingly larger than life institution, organisation, society, club or brotherhood.

Authentic is what we agree on to be conforming to reality and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief.

What we do can be accepted as being authentic. It will however have to stand the test of time. With his early explanation on the difference between a website and a blog, Thomas Mahon wraps it up brilliantly for all you marketers and entrepreneurs:


The main difference I think—between a blog and a website—it took me a little time to discern it. Apart from the obvious we know how they look and how they work. But basically a website is an image and that’s open to the same problems that we all want a good image. So often we tell a half truth and like to dress it up a little bit. But a blog to be successful has to be a—reflection, a true reflection. And if you look at the dictionary, there are big differences between image and reflection. And of course you gotta speak the truth in reflections. There is nothing being hidden and people see that about you and it shows.

Tom Mahon on the difference between a website and a blog



German painter Michael Sowa brought to life by Alexey Zakharov

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Digital in the city

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bb logo






Rachel Haot, Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Secretary of Tech for NY State

Rachel Haot Foto: Undercurrent



Undercurrent Interview with Rachel Haot, Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Secretary of Tech for NY State

For three years Rachel S. Haot, served as Chief Digital Officer for the City of New York.

She was appointed by Mayor Bloomberg from January 2011 to December 2013. Major milestones are the city’s first digital roadmap completed in 2013, an overhaul and responsive design relaunch of, and bringing in developers to compete in hackathons for best solution. serves over 35 million unique visitors annually. The city’s social media audience expanded to nearly four million (triple what it was previously).

I also admire small steps she has taken such as shortening all URL in a collaboration with

Before her role with the City, Rachel served as founder and CEO of GroundReport, one of the earliest global citizen journalism platforms, from 2006 to 2010.

Now she is the Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Secretary of Technology for New York State, part of Governor Cuomo’s administration.

Read the interview with Rachel Haot. over at Undercurrent’s website.



Rachel Haot, Chief Digital Officer and Deputy Secretary of Tech for NY State - Count me in for Europe's transformation

Photo montage: Rachel Haot with yours truly copied in. Photo: Harald Hufgard



Something the German government and the European Union may want to look into

Germany has good use for a digital officer appointed by Angela Merkel. Unlike popular belief the transformation of all government agencies is no big issue.

Big issues don’t require big solutions. Required technologies are available off-the-shelf and accessible by even huge corporations and institutions. No investment in hardware needed. No time consuming reeducation required. Workshop free. Why?

Not what we think changes what we do – what we do changes what we think.

Back in 2005, I had the creative lead for, and the idea for the Merkel podcasts popped up, for the early parliamentary elections. 9 years later, is a beacon of a responsive one pager, featuring parallax scrolling and a no nonsense web experience across devices both efficient and elegant.

Like Euklid Tsakalotos, Varoufakis’ successor came to Brussels empty handed, I wish to be invited to visit Berlin or the State Chancellery in Munich, equipped with a handwtitten note. My business card says „much appreciated”. Another such universal solution.

Drop me a note.
Transformation made easy.



Heavy Metal

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Deezer Heavy Metal





“Hear only what you want to hear, heavy metal”

German world class ads

production Co.

Dojo Berlin
Micky Suelzer





Not from here

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Nicht hier. Quelle: Saatchi & Saatchi Deutschland

Not here. Source: Saatchi & Saatchi Germany





“Whatever works. Swabians know how.”

“The best Spätzle (Swabian pasta) simply come from here”
“And the best beer”
“But the best interest rates…”
“Not from here.”



German world class ads






Enthusiasm over no

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Tsipras wins. 60% #OXI/No and 40% #NAI/Yes. Photo: Getty Images

Tsipras wins Public Vote Photo: Images Photo: AP

Postcard from Greece. Source: Photo: AP



My love @NeinQuarterly : we have win. Many kiss from Greece.

Intentional bad english translation
to match bad German original tweet
by ₯ Himedere. I think of as charming, sweet, and fun,
find it here. No pun intended.



OXI Quarterly



Affordable Care Act

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President Barak Obama can claim what only few predecessors can. He has changed the lives of all Americans for good. Thus he succeeded in securing his legacy, right after mockery as lame duck set in and Americans began to turn their backs on their president.

The supreme court saved Obamacare again this week.

As expat, having returned to my birthplace in Munich, Germany, here is my biggest fear:

The United States is now using a responsive operating system, while Europe is losing out.

Europe has lost what I trusted to be its greatest appeal.

Former chancellor Gerhard Schröder killed Europe’s USP with his introduction of the unfinished business of the German Agenda 2010.



Other remarkable responsive acts this week:











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Deezer Klassik





“Hear only what you want to hear, classics”

What does he think this is supposed to be? Genius!
What a party hit!
God I love you.



German world class ads


Dojo Berlin
Micky Suelzer