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Katrina’s Epilogue

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“We want to dress like, walk like, talk like, dance like, yet we just stand by/ We take all we want from black culture, but will we show up for black lives?”


Tampered with heist flag

Guys, I tampered with your heist flag



Macklemore & Ryan Lewis via Pitchfork

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis



White Privilege II


Katrina’s Epilogue

Formation (Dirty) via new south negress



Macklemore & Ryan Lewis return with the follow-up to the rapper’s 2005 track “White Privilege” with “White Privilege II” featuring Chicago singer Jamila Woods.

Kyleen James



Every so often you gotta go down on your knees when hearing a song. Last time it happened was with Kanye West’s soul music—when he had magically mixed in a bit Strange Fruit by way of Billie Holiday. That’s soul.

Step aside. Have living artist Jamila Woods from Chicago take over with white privileges.

It’s not that the beating continues until moral improves, you are brought down on your knees when hearing the song in the epilogue of storm Katrina. And it won’t fade as quickly as you would wish for.



A 2 min read on Medium by Kate Forestall popped up today titled: “Formation doesn’t include me— and that’s just fine. Dr. Zandria Robinson had already composed an astonishing commentary on the video, a must-read to understand why this is more than a song. But I’m here to say something else — if you check the “caucasian” box on a job application, your place is in the bleachers for this dance”.




Beyoncé is a black woman artist making black art for black women. She is not stealing from black culture or appropriating. She is not touching her toes in the stream of the various elements that encompass American blackness. No, she is creating work that speaks to an audience that might not receive the sort of mainstream, visually and sonically-enticing wisdom that Bey has perfected. This reality has never been more evident than on “Formation,” her latest off-kilter, even downright weird trap track, which dropped on Saturday afternoon.

Britt Julious




Just in:
Will #BlackLivesMatter be the last social movement that’s allowed to arise using social media?







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Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop


Iggy Pop – Gardenia | #PostPopDepression


Iggy Pop – Break Into Your Heart | #PostPopDepression



Post Pop Depression

Iggy Pop, our most peculiar man from the outskirts of Miami, Florida is here with fresh recordings. Clear minded like no other. We know he gets along with his parents. They have been supportive all along. And now he made himself some new friends. Sounds familiar?


It feels fresh, yeah.


I’ve heard reports from US Radio DJs. How early in the year 2016, many a trusted face has us recall them with a new album. In consequence it is honored and recognised amongst their best albums. At an instance.

Wrong or right, my marketing mind wants local friends such as the iconic F.S.K to follow suit. F.S.K are now a category 1 pop band, since their amazing latest concert at Rote Sonne, a Munich dance club managed by Upstart (Peter Wacha) Munich’s proliferated entrepreneur. I want them do their fans the favor of an online presence and a fresh album that rocks as they do in concert.

Weeks ago, Frau Hammerstein from Antiquariat Hans Hammerstein a much regarded second hand bookstore on Munich’s Türkenstrasse, has tried to get Iggy Pop tickets in London and Paris. No luck though. She had to give up the tombola with seat №600.

It makes you think, if there is not so much David Bowie in Iggy Pop, as there is Iggy Pop in David Bowie rather? A thought introduced by Lady Hammerstein.

She had met our friend Reini at the last Motörhead concert. The two favor straight forwardness. Lemmy much like Iggy Pop is a most respected, reliable man and musician.



“All’s Well That Ends Well”

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The New Yorker Cartoon by S. Gross

The New Yorker Magazine Cartoon by S. Gross

“All’s Well That Ends Well”


Problems do not matter so long as the outcome is good. (disambiguation). William Shakespeare (1741).

“When I now have a look at the world of commercial realities, then it’s a market world. Then it’s a world that follows algorithms and it’s following a plan. By the plan of costs/benefit, of profit maximization and more.

Now stories that follow a plan, are not really stories. A story evolves when something comes in its way. When a plan won’t add up, when a plan won’t work, something takes a surprising turn”.

What the gentlemen, Precht and Kluge have each other to say in a tv episode by German television on behalf of a complex world and its helpless inhabitants, comes to life by association.



Wild stories

Sleeping Beauty, 100 years of deep sleep as consequence of disruption…

Karl May, who’s „Wild Kurdistan” was published in 1892 and „In the land of Mahdi” take the reader along on the same route, refugees are using these days to escape their countries.

History can make us immune to the coarsest mistakes and we get to learn from the two, that grave mistakes dissolve in acceptance of their contextual surroundings.

Kluge und Brecht swiftly touch the influence of digital public and find to hospitality. Hospitality is capable of dissolving current dramas.

People closing their borders, may have more peace and quiet, but neither luck nor happiness.
Watch a complex world and its helpless inhabitants

In command of the German language, enjoy a layed back conversation with Germany’s best known philosopher, Richard David Precht and the author, director Alexander Kluge.





A logo stands out in midst of bad logo redesign

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David Beckham Logo

Subtraction is often more effective than additions.



At age 84 legendary ad man George Lois Is still at It



George Lois the American icon in graphic design has clear words in the face of political correctness.

I have a fitting logo to show off in midst of bad logo redesign. That of David Beckham.

Those of you who hate it, can refer to it, by picking up a running joke by Peteski: “Someone please shoot me”.

For those of you who love it, it may be shared as best practice. You don’t have to guess what it stands for. It says David Beckham in capital letters. The cut out of what you may associate with a Lois Logossoccer-goal-hole, makes it more memorable.

Every so often it is more effective to subtract than to add layers. Added layers rarely are of relevance but common practice of many insecure brands. Some brands keep adding. A practice more often than not to the effect of subtracting rather than adding value.Read in full by Florian Bachleda






German rock music as I have come to expect it

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Supernormal in German music rocks



German music
as I have come to expect it



Sohnemann Heinz






Tut es doch weh



Have a listen. Good solid German rock music. You hardly notice you are listening to it. It’s special by not trying too hard to be special. It’s unique by not trying too hard to be unique. It’s supernormal.

And that is exactly what I find sensational about Turbostaat. Nothing special—nothing here tries to capture an audience’s attention with added layers. No effort is required to love it. The uniqueness is that you cant sense it being unique. It sounds and feels as expected or as we have ideally come to know it from good German rock music. Even the videos are non-disturbing as we have come to know them from garage bands. Not bad. Not really well produced either. Done. No need to wait for perfection to set it.



Take good care of yourself

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Tu Dir selbst was Gutes

Something to show for in auto tweet.






“Take good care of yourself”

New classic advertising




Introducing Elon and the rebirth of Currl

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Introducing Elon
and the rebirth of Currl

Rob Hope, Capetown surfer and developer is back with Elon, the first WordPress theme by Currl




Here is the Elon demo, here is the Elon product page, use the coupon HITDELETE for 25% off the price.

Read in full by Rob Hope



Welcome Alistair

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Announcement of Birth





Welcome Alistair.
The man who fell on his feet

Born January 29, 2016 at 8:18 PM, 18.89 inches, 7.07 lb.
Please note that Alistair fell on his feet right at birth.



All our utmost gratitude toward family & friends for continued support and sympathy.



Visit mom's site

No mommy blog.
Rather what consumes my daring daughter.

Forget work-life balance. It’s work-life



A pointer to Dov Charney’s statement regarding the American Apparel bankruptcy ruling

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Bring back Dov!

Protest signs created by Dov Charney’s supporters at a rally at American Apparel Headquarters.

American Apparel



Read in full on Medium



”Since relocating American Apparel to Los Angeles in the late 1990’s from South Carolina I was bucking conventional wisdom by trying to preserve American manufacturing jobs and keep apparel manufacturing in the United States. Even though everyone else was moving jobs offshore, I was able to build and grow a profitable apparel business by manufacturing domestically. At every step along the way people challenged me and said I was crazy for trying. American Apparel was one of the only companies that shattered the sweatshop paradigm by paying fair wages, and did so at scale. By the time American Apparel went public in 2007, it was running the largest operating apparel manufacturing plant in the United States.“





American Apparel brought us the drama of clashing conventional classic corporate identity design with controversial, adventurous authenticity in its ads. Thereby introducing DIY employee created content. Ready or not: Truth well told.





A pointer to welcome the human-to-human purpose and experience driven era (adventure) by Ayelet Baron

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