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The new trailer parks out at sea

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Caribbean Princess

Caribbean Princess



Disney Dream

Disney Dream



Carnival Sensation

Carnival Sensation



Carnival Sensation

Carnival Sensation



Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas



Norwegian Sky

Norwegian Sky



Milstein’s aerial photography will be on display at New York’s Benrubi Gallery July 9–Aug. 22 and at L.A.’s Kopeikin Gallery July 18–Aug. 22.

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Why De La Soul embraced kickstarter

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The story of three hip-hop legends who raised over $600,000 via crowdfunding by Pos

Pos commands the crowd at Coachella | Photo by Jeff Kravitz, Getty Images



Why De La Soul Embraced Kickstarter

11,169 backers pledged $600,874 to help bring this project to life.








Why De La Soul Embraced Kickstarter

At first, I honestly wasn’t sure if this would be the correct path to take. We were not sure if people would feel like we were begging for money, or just be turned off that a well-established group was taking part in crowdfunding. But after taking some time, looking into Kickstarter, speaking to artists who have launched campaigns themselves, as well as fans that have backed them, we saw that a large percentage of our fan base were very aware of the crowdfunding platform. We also saw that there were other established entertainers, musicians, and authors who had connected with their fans via Kickstarter and launched successful campaigns.


Be sure to read the full article by Pos.



De La Soul merchandise next to Decemberist stuff

De La Soul merchandise next to Decemberist stuff



How musicians cope with the paradigm shift

As adored readers may have notice, I keep looking into how musicians cope with the paradigm shift. Other times, I simply get sucked into a good story by something astonishing I haven’t yet heard about.

So yes, I noticed the shift on the so reliable, illustration art based Decemberist site, when it radically changed from being centered around what Peteski would call “I’ve got an art blog”. They even had a very involved huge following supplying them with Decemberist art doodles, album cover art, all amazing and well done!

Suddently the site shifted from user side content to a commercial merchandise shop type story. I trust, most everyone understood that the Decemberists had come to understand, that they can’t serve their audience if they fail to support the band members with some security.



Is New York Times about to crack the code of network effect marketing?

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Disney Panzerknacker

Code cracker



New York Times started publishing today selected articles directly into Facebook’s newsfeed.

Learn from Andjelic, the on her toes, New York strategist, why piggybacking strategy may pay off for NYT.

Read in full by Ana Andjelic.



Pantone© Soccer

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PANTONE Barcelona vs FC Bayern

Pantone© Barcelona und Pantone© FC Bayern



Bayern Munich beat Barcelona, 3-2, in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League semifinal on Tuesday at Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany. Barcelona advances on aggregate goals, 5-3.

The Spaniards Daiquiri green, Pantone 12-0435 offered better orientation for the audience.

Art Direktor Paulo Oliveira put together a Champion Leagues Pantone color collection. Get it here.



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Penguin Bücherkampagne




Penguin Buchkampagne

Hot Dog



Penguin Buchkampagne




British Penguin Publishing acquired 45% of Brazil’s Companhia das Letras back in 2011. For stakeholders the devour campaign may have dual meaning. Pearson, Penguin’s owner expands their educational program and Brazil’s Companhia das Letras profits from access to digital. Books aren’t with their backs to the wall.



Weekend plans

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Snickers stickers

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A pointer to creative failure

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AMOUR 65 1 ©MalavidaTry being focused – concentration is key

AMOUR 65 1 ©Malavida



And then she says something I needed to hear:


Your authority comes from your audience, from how you help that audience get something they want.



AMOUR 65 3 © Malavida



A pointer to the difference of living in New York and San Francisco

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Getting together by



My long passed away father, was wondering on visits, why I live in New York and not in San Francisco, where both his phyiscal sons live. My adored friends Thomas and Michaela, when passing through, confirmed that the closer they got to our home the uglier it got.

Years later, Thomas was first to welcome me back in Frankfurt. He was right all along, the work city Frankfurt was a perfect fit for me returning from NYC. I visited splendid bars on my casual way home with a watchful eye on work material while sipping dry Martini. All to regain power for preparing the next day after getting home.



The difference of living here and there

I much recommend you have a glance at the illustrated difference of living in New York and San Francisco. A Medium article by Sara Cooper. It may likely be representative of many incessant city comparisons. All with one thing in common: The grass is always greener.



SUP It’s fun!

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