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Better than the golden age of flash

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During the golden age of freedom, as Sandijs Ruluks, recalls the nineties in retrospect from his view as a web and print designer, manufacturers everywhere pressured their ad agencies to build them a web presence of their own. Suddenly everyone needed a website.

Everyone wanted a website.

Until then it was not known and in the following likely ignored, that a website must do more than make promises, a website must immediately fulfil any promise made.

Pressuring their ad agencies, businesses were sold a static website as dynamic for their money. This is how it must have happened to nine million German businesses (an approximate count of websites ending with “.de”). An expenditure of between 45,000 and 300,000 Euro for each.

Advertising is a big promise. Can’t see anything wrong with that. On the web however, people expect instant solutions from businesses and results for their searches.

While people’s behavior changed, ad agencies insisted on their business model for good reason.

They had little to no competence in new technologies, competence that was (and still is) demonstrated by mommy bloggers.

Meanwhile what is happening is even more unbelievable.



The consumer returns to being a citizen.

Little by little people can no longer be satisfied with promises, it’s no longer suffice to protect appearances. The citizen who became a consumer now wants to return to being a citizen. People now wish to be citizens in charge for their responsibilities. They want results they can handle in everyday life.

Even though people currently are still willing to be made a product, this can be reversed as fast as it occurred in the first place. Have you never wondered when did citizens decide to become consumers?

Ello is a simple, beautiful & ad-free social network. The users won’t become the product.

Apple Safari browser now offers to choose DuckDuckGo instead of Google. DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers’ privacy.

Image is everything


be yourself


Reversal of values



Not values but interests is what we may prefer to be consumed by. It’s easier and less time consuming to settle issues based on interests than on values. Raw data exchange of interests is what keeps knowledge transfer going. Self-actualization is inherent and mandatory for survival.

At the Frankfurt book show, the philosopher Byung-Chul Han had made known, that from now on it won’t depend on the ownership of books, but on the accessibility of content. Accessibility not ownership.

In the analog world it’s all about values, about mental states, the digital world is about interests.

For digital it takes efficiency, for analog it’s effectiveness.

Exactly, the golden age of freedom was dominated by the effects Adobe Flash provided. Motion graphics and animation. Without such effect, it was no longer possible to sell a website to fortune 500 companies. Businesses mistook motion graphics as dynamic.

Today we know that dynamics are determined by participation. It’s not what you do, it’s what the people do. The level of participation on behalf of both visitors and developers account for traffic, pageviews and relentless, continuous updates of plug-ins and web components.

German content management systems are left behind, not neccessarily because they are of lesser quality but because they are meant for the developer, more advanced countries in digital build their stuff for the user not necessarily a developer.

Since a quarter of a century, the advantages and efficiencies of object oriented are known. The C programming language evolved into Objective-C and so forth.

From the beginning of the 21. century, milestones mark the adaption of universal usability in web design. CSS (1998) und HTML5.0, the rediscovery of liquid design allowing a one for all solution with mobile taking over, which now is referred to as responsive design and is practically essential to cover the different formats and screen resolutions spanning from desktop PCs to smartphones and tablet PCs.



Everything gets a redesign

In the US most major websites have already been redesigned for the 21. Century. See, In Germany, each of the 9 million websites ending in .de require a redesign, unless German businesses want to lose their traffic to their mobile ready competition. The begin of another golden age with a difference.
This time design tops marketing.



New units in CSS like vh, vw (viewport height and width) allow much greater flexibility to position elements. It will also solve the problem that has puzzled so many designers – why centering something vertically in CSS is such a pain. Flexbox is another cool concept which is a part of CSS. It allows to create layouts and modify them with a single property instead of writing lot of code. And finally web components is an even bigger take. It is a set of elements bundled together, i.e. a gallery, signup form etc. That introduces an easier workflow, where elements become building blocks that can be reused and updated separately.



Most encouraging for businesses, start-ups, artists, authors and self-employed people is that all this progress has been made with the the end user in mind. It is available at little or no cost right of the shelves.

Not what we think changes what we do, what we do changes our thinking. It enables the enslaved consumer to return to being a mature citizen and returns to her the bill of rights to speak up and being heard.

Start-ups and family businesses can now train their resilience in standing up against multi nationals. The early 21. century is demonstrating and has made obvious, that small can surpass big.

A license to kill.



Practice nudity

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The paintings of Michael Demontier and Neil Farber



Yamasuki Yamazaki やますき、やまざき



Today we know that Norwegians are not shamelessly sharing their sauna naked. It is common to wear a bathing suit unless one is in the company of close relatives. Sorry Jeff Jarvis.



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Yamasuki Yamazaki やますき、やまざき von ShiShi Yamazaki



Artwork title:
Record company:
Yamasuki Yamazaki やますき、やまざき
ShiShi Yamazaki vor einem Jahr / Creative Commons License NC ND
ShiShi Yamazaki
Yamasuki’s – Yama Yama : Daniel Vangarde
Bleu Blanc Rouge

Software as it used to be

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Scotch Plaid Flannel, our unofficial uniform of Christmas morning. #LLBean #plaid

A photo posted by L.L.Bean (@llbean) on



Some waves as they finally break on shore as they used to.

Voices are being heard, that the perpetual beta state has never justified the launch of half-ready products on the market. Software should again be as it used to be, a final packaged good and turn key application ready and reliably performing for professional use.



Pixelmator for Mac and iPad



Affinity professinal publishing suite by Serif Europe Ltd.



Remember the days before the internet and the Apple store became a reality? When software came ready made in packages? When it didn’t take months after you purchased the software for it to be tweaked so you could start using it after another purchase of version 2.0? When software was financed by its price tag and not by in-app added purchases and advertising. When customers were respected, instead of trading their data behind their backs, stealing their address books and reporting every push of a button to third parties, all while you were harassed with facebook likes and evaluations buggers? Affinity Designer seems to come from such former times. It’s good software brought to completion before it hits the shelves and it comes without loop holes – something, I haven’t seen in a long time. Thanks. Whatever you put out next, I’ll buy it.

Translation of German user comment re. Affinity Designer by rbq on Nov 14, 1014
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Make someone happy

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Atlanta based Coca Cola company has been sending season greetings since 1931. With a return to Haddon Sundblom inspired Santa Claus this is a majestic ad and a terrific song sung with exactly the right voice: Jimmy Durante’s. In vice president McMillin’s words “It shows how the act of being generous can have a powerful, positive impact on others that lasts long after the decorations come down.”



World class ad dances from Germany

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“Hear what you want to hear from a big guy“

World class ad dances from Germany


Dojo Berlin
Micky Suelzer



On leaving his club our hero runs into this big guy. “Who have we got here?“ the giant questions thus pushing him around. What appears to be a tricky situation turns out a pleasant experience. “What cool vest you are wearing. Boy, you look sharp! Perhaps we can have dinner together or go see a movie?!“—Hear what you want to hear with deezer music streaming.






“Hear what you want to hear from your waitress“

World class ad dances from Germany


Dojo Berlin
Micky Suelzer



“Did you just stare me in the eye?” A waitress points at her breasts. “My eyes are down here!“ Her colleague joins, “I live right across the street. Let’s go, all three of us.“ – and, “I want your child…“ The first waitress: “I want two.“—Hear what you want to hear with deezer music streaming.






“Hear what you want to hear at your work place“

World class ad dances from Germany

Record Company

Dojo Berlin
Micky Suelzer



Our employee of the year is having a good time at the office. But then the manager snatches a nut he was about to toss in his mouth. “I’ve been watching you all morning. I am here to tell you what a remarkable person you are.“ The manager then grabs his box of nuts, “I’ll have these to practice so I can become as great a person as you are. And by the way, you’re promoted. You’re eyes are beautiful.“ – “So are yours!“, to another employee while leaving the room heavily breathing—Hear what you want to hear with deezer music streaming.






“Everybody dance now“



Havas, Munich



Now don’t miss what must be the best German dance video of the year if not of all time:






“Gentleman of the year“

World class ad dances from Germany

Record Company





A brief history of web design for designers by Sandijs Ruluks

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The dark ages of web design (1989)



Tables – The beginning (1995)



JavaScript comes to the rescue (1995)



The golden era of freedom – Flash (1996)



CSS (1998)



Mobile uprising – Grids and frameworks (2007)



Responsive web design (2010)



The times of the flat (2010)



The bright future (2014)



…to be continued.

to be continued… (2015)



Only some six years ago, I received cost estimates of 65,000 to 145,000 US dollars for work, I can now hack on my own without any third party aid.

This is what gives the evolution of the web its revolutionary edge. It’s what the visitor, my client’s consumer can do with the web, that makes it useful and usable. Usability is the deciding factor in interactivity.

The beloved “Do”-word defines dynamics. As long as its immediately usefull and needed, emotions don’t have a part, the mental state of the user is without a thought. Naoto Fukasawa famously said “Design dissolves inbehavior.

The aimed for behavior of interactivity is a transaction, the finalised purchase and result of trading. For my clients and myself a much welcome and celebrated development of web design.

Clients can focus on their product(s) improvement and I do what I do better than anyone, ensuring a becoming brand and building it aside from usability.



The lecture of a brief history of web design for designers by Sandijs Ruluks is recommended.



Rules apply

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Apple Piktogramme



Fake it ’till you make it

Fake it until you make it, and remember that what makes design great never changes.
Kare’s shared wisdom for young designers hoping to make as big an impact as she did in one swell sentence.



What makes design great never changes

Everything changes continuously with the tick of the clock. Change however occurs in intervals. It takes time for any design to resolve into behaviour and for the new behaviour to spread.

Read in full by John Brownlee.



World Dirndl

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Reinkarnation von Karl Lagerfeld mit Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne & Géraldine Chaplin



The film is about Coco Chanel’s visit in the 1950s to a hotel in Austria, where she was inspired by the jacket worn by the elevator attendant. But the way it’s told fuses the nineteenth century, the 1950s and modern style. The story about Chanel, played by Geraldine Chaplin, frames a dream sequence/music video interlude in which Williams appears as a reincarnation of Franz Joseph I, the Emperor of Austria. As the emperor, he and his wife Elisabeth “Sisi” of Austria, played by Cara Delevingne (who appears earlier in the story as a rebellious waitress), step out of their formal portraits on the hotel’s wall and the scene shifts back in time to imperial Austria. The pair waltz and sing a duet of a new track called “CC The World.”




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“It loves you back”

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Dolce&Gabbana The One: “Street of Dreams” Ein Martin Scorsese Film



Matthew McConaughey: I love your dress.
Scarlett Johansson: It loves you back.



Learn more about the movie.