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Affordable Care Act

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President Barak Obama can claim what only few predecessors can. He has changed the lives of all Americans for good. Thus he succeeded in securing his legacy, right after mockery as lame duck set in and Americans began to turn their backs on their president.

The supreme court saved Obamacare again this week.

As expat, having returned to my birthplace in Munich, Germany, here is my biggest fear:

The United States is now using a responsive operating system, while Europe is losing out.

Europe has lost what I trusted to be its greatest appeal.

Former chancellor Gerhard Schröder killed Europe’s USP with his introduction of the unfinished business of the German Agenda 2010.



Other remarkable responsive acts this week:











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Deezer Klassik



“Hear just what you want to hear, classics”

What does he think this is supposed to be? Genius!
What a party hit!
God I love you.



German world class ads


Dojo Berlin
Micky Suelzer





Everything gets redesigned

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Die Mannschaft






Logo + Logotype

Less is more demonstration by the new logo of the German soccer team.



The German soccer team gets rid of a mouthful and drops everything in their logotoype except for “team”. Thereby sending a signal to the German design nation.

Relief and clarity often come into effect, once you drop what has become irrelevant. Less weight or less hard trying to establish meaningfulness means less gravity pull.



Neugestaltung der FAZ Sonntagszeitung_2



Neugestaltung der FAZ Sonntagszeitung

All new Sunday paper “FAS”by David Hein



To judge print, you must hold the paper in your hands. Come Sunday, the new layout of the FAS launches. They try to avoid calling it launch and don’t want it understood as reaction of the Bavarian weekend paper “Süddeutsche”, and the new appearances of “Spiegel” and “Focus”.

I’ve been observing and writing about a chain reaction of redesigns everywhere. Die landslide of onepagers and website relaunches with the event of an increase of mobile users and the necessary adapting of a less complicated and complex design that comes with it. All people do now, is swiping and thumbing.



Demand for website design is greater today than in the nineties

With my new business model, I am placing my bets on the growing demand for redesign. On getting those 2.4 million German websites of small business owners and family businesses up to date.

Thereby sharpening and strengthening their brand and eventually increasing sales.





Talk has migrated to the web.
Business sites with blog-DNA promote knowledge transfer and sales.


Tell your story.
I build the platform.



What’s that?

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Blood Advertising Fritz Cola campaign

Billboard riddle. Spoiler alert: Geistesblitz



Blood Advertising Fritz Cola campaign

Billboard riddle. Who knows?



Blood Advertising Fritz Cola campaign_3

Billboard riddle, who knows what it means?



For the love of print and the rare European ad agency struck by the idea of accepting the change in consumer behavior.

That said, when did the citizen become a consumer? And isn’t the consumer revolving back into a citizen as we speak?

The agency struck by such idea is Blood Actvertising in Hamburg. Nice website too. The product is Fritz Kola. A successful European Coca Cola competitor.

An idea that does (Gareth Kay) should people be amused and try solve the riddle.

Spoiler alert: The top billboard riddle’s solution spells: Geistesblitz. German word for the incident when struck by an idea.



Coke vs Kola with Stevia

Coke vs Kola with stevia



“Fritz-Kola extends their congratulations to Coca Cola on their groundbreaking innovation.”

Fritz-Kola’s headline for a previous print ad, with which Fritz-Kola® promptly responds to Coca Cola’s announcement of testing Coca Cola Life in Argentina.



Good things

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Good Things by Austin Kleon

#newspaperblackout #blackoutpoetry



From the desk of Austin Kleon





Had I known how to save a life

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Grey's Anatomy



Breathe – Grey’s Anatomy, The usic Event.



Grey’s Anatomy, Music Event – Cast sing “How to save a life”.



I can however refer to a friend who has demonstrated how to save a life.



Citizen Ex

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Citizen Ex profile pics from James Bridles email



I am astonished by and consumed with the notion, that we all have long been living in media for quite some time.

Many want to think of themselves as living in a world, the world we all call ours, while everyone is actually living in media. In an electric reality. TV series characters provide the feeling of confidence we once hoped to find in our family.

In midst of what consumes me, I received mail I subscribe to by James Bridle that immediately caught my attention. Here goes.



Citizen Ex

Citizen Ex starts with the notion of Algorithmic Citizenship: that our rights and allegiances can be as easily and dynamically assigned and manipulated as any other data. As you browse the web, it shows you where the websites you visit actually are, and what this means for your Algorithmic Citizenship.

You can download Citizen Ex from, where you can also find out more about Algorithmic Citizenship, and read the first of several “domain stories” I’m writing over the next few weeks, which explore the connections between the political and physical infrastructures of the web.



Algorithmic Citizenship

Your Algorithmic Citizenship is how you appear to the internet, as a collection of data extending across many nations, with a different citizenship and different rights in every place. One day perhaps we will all live like we do on the internet. Until then, there’s Citizen Ex.



Shut up and listen

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Clint Eastwood by Herb Ritts

Shut up
and listen.

Clint Eastwood by Herb RittsClint Eastwood by Herb Ritts





The new trailer parks out at sea

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Caribbean Princess

Caribbean Princess



Disney Dream

Disney Dream



Carnival Sensation

Carnival Sensation



Carnival Sensation

Carnival Sensation



Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas



Norwegian Sky

Norwegian Sky



Milstein’s aerial photography will be on display at New York’s Benrubi Gallery July 9–Aug. 22 and at L.A.’s Kopeikin Gallery July 18–Aug. 22.

Read in full.



Why De La Soul embraced kickstarter

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The story of three hip-hop legends who raised over $600,000 via crowdfunding by Pos

Pos commands the crowd at Coachella | Photo by Jeff Kravitz, Getty Images



Why De La Soul Embraced Kickstarter

11,169 backers pledged $600,874 to help bring this project to life.








Why De La Soul Embraced Kickstarter

At first, I honestly wasn’t sure if this would be the correct path to take. We were not sure if people would feel like we were begging for money, or just be turned off that a well-established group was taking part in crowdfunding. But after taking some time, looking into Kickstarter, speaking to artists who have launched campaigns themselves, as well as fans that have backed them, we saw that a large percentage of our fan base were very aware of the crowdfunding platform. We also saw that there were other established entertainers, musicians, and authors who had connected with their fans via Kickstarter and launched successful campaigns.


Be sure to read the full article by Pos.



De La Soul merchandise next to Decemberist stuff

De La Soul merchandise next to Decemberist stuff



How musicians cope with the paradigm shift

As adored readers may have notice, I keep looking into how musicians cope with the paradigm shift. Other times, I simply get sucked into a good story by something astonishing I haven’t yet heard about.

So yes, I noticed the shift on the so reliable, illustration art based Decemberist site, when it radically changed from being centered around what Peteski would call “I’ve got an art blog”. They even had a very involved huge following supplying them with Decemberist art doodles, album cover art, all amazing and well done!

Suddently the site shifted from user side content to a commercial merchandise shop type story. I trust, most everyone understood that the Decemberists had come to understand, that they can’t serve their audience if they fail to support the band members with some security.