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A pointer to the difference of living in New York and San Francisco

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Getting together by



My long passed away father, was wondering on visits, why I live in New York and not in San Francisco, where both his phyiscal sons live. My adored friends Thomas and Michaela, when passing through, confirmed that the closer they got to our home the uglier it got.

Years later, Thomas was first to welcome me back in Frankfurt. He was right all along, the work city Frankfurt was a perfect fit for me returning from NYC. I visited splendid bars on my casual way home with a watchful eye on work material while sipping dry Martini. All to regain power for preparing the next day after getting home.



The difference of living here and there

I much recommend you have a glance at the illustrated difference of living in New York and San Francisco. A Medium article by Sara Cooper. It may likely be representative of many incessant city comparisons. All with one thing in common: The grass is always greener.



SUP It’s fun!

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Crying at the discoteque

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Pointer toward how to build a brand in 5 days by Mark Wilson

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After Hillary Clinton’s logo broke the Internet, Moving Brands®considered a new, logo-less approach in a five-day design sprint.



Hillary billboard by Moving Brand.



Moving Brands®, an international ad agency with an office in East London, took on FastCompany’s challenge to remake the Clinton campaign branding.





Step 1︎⃣ Get to know your client



Webseite von Moving Brands®.



Step 2︎⃣ Research and Form A Point Of View

Mobil von Moving Brands®.



Step 3︎⃣ Define The Brand Story, “Make It Real”



red thread of story line by Moving Brand



Hillary Plakate von Moving Brand.



new bags vs old bags von Moving Brand



Step 4︎⃣ Decide On A Name



Banner von Moving Brand®



Steps 5︎⃣ and Beyond: The Visual Brand



Buttons von Moving Brand®

Visual stuff that most laypeople would call “the brand.”



Bedeutender Fortschritt auf gemeinsamer Grundlage von Moving Brand®.



Moving brand® wörtlich genommen.



Please read Mark Wilson’s full article, it’s right on and obligatory for practitioners in the communications business.

Further unsolicited propositions | New classic advertising



60+ Awesome, Free Tools for Modern Storytellers

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60+ Awesome, Free Tools for Modern Storytellers



Fantastic list of free web tools. Thank you sir.
Confirmed, I use most on the list and recommend you use them too. Preferably for your ideas that do.



The world we deserve

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Callum & Cousins

Callum and cousins, Eugene, OR.



Pacific Crest Trail

Pacific Crest Trail




Hipster music virtuoso Sufjan Stevens has taken much out of the complexity of his early work, which made everyone buy a banjo and increased sales of the forgotten instrument. The new songs remind me of the way Elliott Smith used to sing. Not the singing exactly but how it is dramatised.






Well, my siblings and I were raised like tenants, to be honest. There was a total absence of intimacy in my family, though there was still a great deal of camaraderie among the kids. Things were set up almost like a business, and it had to be managed that way because we were really poor, and there were a lot of mouths to feed. My dad and stepmom never had real, consistent careers. They were just always making ends meet. There were rules and regulations and chores, but very little time for casual enjoyment of each other’s company. I don’t know if that sort of ideological approach to parenting was intentional, but it’s a little ironic that my closest fatherly companion is Lowell, a man who has no blood relation.

Excerpt from Pitchfork interview with Sufjan Stevens by Yan Dombal




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R8 Pacio Riversi

r8 Pacio Riversi



Have listen to
James Joint.















R8 Pacio Riversi

Extra vigilance

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Extra vigilance

Chimps are exceptionally cautious when they cross the busy road in Uganda’s Kibale National Park. Ninety-two per cent of them looked right, left, or both ways before or during crossing, and 57 per cent ran across – showing that they knew the value of reaching the other side as quickly as possible.

Read the complete scientific report in the American Journal of Primatology.





Read in full.



Spokesperson of the German web is back with disillusionment and support for ideas that do

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“What must be done for the internet to develop into a valid and valued culture technology?”

Peter Kruse, known as speaker for the German language web (Source).



You may refer to your web activity, your blog perhaps, as your web presence. Alas, the web is no presence media. Even the thought of being able to buy presence is absurd – no one could afford it with the depth and extend of the platform. On the web its all about resonance. The formula for success, “the more persistent, so much the better” won’t work. Instead try, “the more activating, so much the better”.

Peter Kruse, the spokesperson of the German language web has been absent for quite some time. Now an interview appeared in the current issue of brandeins, the German economy magazine. Kruse comes to the aid of ideas that do, coined by Gareth Kay:




“It’s not what we do,
it’s what people do with what we do.”