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Photos taken in New York by Andrew Kim

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(c) Andrew Kim, NYC-2

NYC 02, ©Andrew Kim photos from such great heights



You gotta see this series of NYC photographs taken by Andrew Kim, one of todays beautiful minds and great creative directors for when marketing wins with style, flair and stellar clarity.

Do swipe down to food porn taken with his iPhone rather.






Just yesterday Marina Galperina published an article claiming New York City to be the least happiest place in America.

You might argue that despite the mission critical statement headlining the US constitution, happiness is of no such relevance in capitalism.

No contradiction, a pursuit of happiness may however be confused with a claim to actually reach happiness and begs to be sorted out.

With today’s ever emerging technologies and serious research in big data simulations, it should be possible to provide for guaranteed minimum income without distortion of the economic system—resulting in contentment, if not happiness available to all.



Buckminster, minimum wage,

    Riding your skateboard in a traffic-poor Los Angeles

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    Verkehrsarmes Los Angeles



    Filmmaker Russell Houghten created the illiusion of a lone skater in a Los Angeles empty of any cars with patience. All sequences with speeding cars where removed in post production. The film is entitled Urban Isolation.Read in full.



      A new New

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      The New



      Launch of redesigned New Yorker magazine



      A new New

      The New Yorker launches revamped website.
      A cleaner more organised look and feel, easier to read and navigate and the reader can work with it too.
      You can collect section with your cursor. And you can now run your cursor through the characteristic New Yorker typeface as well.

      John O’Nolan, founder of ghost has coined WordPress to be the operating system of the web. The New Yorker makes good use of it with a customised, responsive theme. Readers profit from a more agile, more responsive organisation serving up more immediate, frequent updates.



      mobile first illustration by Barry Blitt.



      With its popularity and broad readership, the New Yorker is now the flagship for journalism heralding a global web standard in the early 21. century.

      Way to go for a branch seeking orientation.

      I like to hold on to the illusion that a poke of mine contributed to the introduction of the characteristic New Yorker font as web font.

      Here now, greater orientation and a much improved reading experience across all devices. Excellent use and proof of what can be accomplished with graphic design in acceptance of proven and tried technology.

      Read the editors announcement in full.



      Game of Thrones by the Queen’s Guard

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      The Queen of England’s Guard is do an excellent rendition of the ‘Game Of Thrones’ theme.



      Nothing world shattering as the Queen’s Guard have been playing Michael Jackson’s thriller at the 2012 Olympics and the James Bond theme prior to this.



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      The future of marketing, as seen at Cannes Lions

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      Mashup by way of a photograph by Büşra ŞavlÄ.



      Last year John Winsor, founder and CEO of Victors & Spoils wrote a post titled The Dinosaurs of Cannes about the scene at the Cannes Lions Festival, the ad industry’s star-studded annual awards show. Winsor said, “As you walked down La Croisette the rest of the week, you could see lots of dinosaurs basking in their glory while asking what all the furry and feathered things running around at their feet and flying around above them were.” This year the new mammals and birds of the industry have begun to strut their stuff.

      What these new species have in common is that they’re based on open systems. These systems are digital at their core, and leverage network effects and the ability of the “digital democracy” to find the best talent and ideas wherever they exist. Unlike closed marketing systems, characterized by agencies that wall off their in-house talent (creating a scarce and expensive resource), open marketing systems seek talent from anywhere in the world to solve problems, and then curate the best answers.

      Such systems are taking on incumbents in every industry. Airbnb is not only challenging the biggest hotel chains but also challenging the bureaucracy, going after the New York City housing and tax laws that stand it its way. Now, with a valuation of $10 billion, Airbnb has the capital to take on the hotel industry and its supporters globally. The app-enabled car-sharing service Uber has also become a global phenomenon with a valuation of over $18 billion. In an ironic turn, cab drivers in London, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid decided to strike in June, 2014 to protest Uber. The result: Uber gained several hundred thousand new members. Quirky is disrupting incumbents in consumer product design and innovation, Local Motors in the automobile business, Relay Rides in car rentals and Kickstarter and AngelList in the financial sector. Name an industry and there is a new open-system player leveraging the power of the networked world to build a paradigm-shifting competitor. […]

      This year at Cannes it felt like the light finally went on. […] These open-system mammals and birds have evolved to a point where they are beginning to articulate and deliver on the new paradigm while the dinosaur guardians of the old, closed marketing world are starting to acknowledge the shift.

      Read in full and learn from John Winsor what brands can do.



      New Airbrn Logo

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      Bélo from Airbnb

      Bélo from Airbnb



      Airbnb says the “Belo” is about love and belonging. Everybody else is reminded of human genitalia.

      Not me though. It’s a double-u. A more casual logo for WordPress.

      Read in full by Brian Chesky
      View campaign



        Attack on suits

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        Apple (R)  | Bloomberg (R) | Getty Images

        Apple (R) | Bloomberg (R) | Getty Images



        Tech behemoths Apple and IBM announced a partnership Tuesday that could make Apple—traditionally a consumer brand—a major player in the business market.

        IBM said it would create a class of more than 100 business applications exclusively for iPhones and iPads to run on Apple’s iOS platform. In return, IBM will sell Apple’s products with 100 industry-specific apps to its clients worldwide.



        Every brand manager can pay lip service to mobile first these days

        The partnership is about “transforming enterprise,” Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC in an exclusive interview. The partnership aims to “deliver on the promise of mobile in a big way,” he said.

        Insanely great when every suit can soon do what mommy bloggers have been doing for more than a decade.

        Read in full by Matt Hunter.



        Nice font for Oregon and crime statistics

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        Organ Schrift für Oregon

        Nice font by Dieter Hofrichter for Oregon



        Orgon sampling





        Less dangerous state

        less dangerous state



        Oregon’s⁴⁰ neighbouring states, Washington⁷⁹, Idaho¹⁷ and Nevada⁷⁵ all have low crime statistics for gun related deaths. With California¹²²⁰ being the exception.



        Gunshot survivors speak out. A campaign by Rolling Stone Magazine. Have you been affected by gun violence? Tell us your story.




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        Peanuts® Get in the Game Poster

        We are all good. Peanuts® mash-up.



        The best team of the tournament is bringing home its 4th Worldcup title and star. An accomplishment that was only achieved by the end of the extended game, however it was definitely a much deserved success. This team was the best Worldcup team and has developed continuously throughout the past years. (…). Not only in its economic prowess, but also in playing soccer, Germany has become a super power. The country has succeeded in setting up a fault free system – with fanatically sound clubs and appropriate formation.

        Reimagining German Philosopher’s book cover

        July 13th, 2014 6 comments



        Markus Gabriel's book cover reimagined.

        Why the world doesn’t exit. Markus Gabriel’s book cover reimagined.



        German Publisher Ullstein's book design


        You may have found the German editions of Malcom Gladwell’s brilliant bestsellers ugly. Germany’s youngest philosopher Markus Gabriel’s bestselling book design is uglier yet. The reimagined cover I did to reflect the upbeat, fun nature of its content, is leaning on another German bestselling author’s excellent book covers. Those of Johannes Mario Simmel books.