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Vocoder fables in the OREO Wonderfilled anthem

October 8th, 2015



Oreo  Wonderfilled - The Martin Agency

Oreo Wonderfilled – The Martin Agency Source



Wonderfilled comic fables

Wonderfilled comic fables






OREO (Mondelez International)
The Martin Agency
Magnus Hierta
Brig White
Chris Peel
Angie Elko, Sarah Berkheimer



What the new taught us about service

October 6th, 2015






Since its launch a year ago, doubled its unique users and quadrupled pageviews and mobile traffic.

Since its launch a year ago, doubled its unique users and quadrupled pageviews and mobile traffic.



What worked, what didn’t & what’s next


  1. The future of digital government is mobile.
  2. Service reigns supreme.
  3. Connect emotionally.
  4. Good design means taking away.
  5. Never stop improving.
  6. Spread the love.


In two weeks, we’ll kick off our first-ever Agency Redesign Summit, where we’ll talk about the next phase of expanding our technology and design framework to the State’s 60+ agencies. We’ll be rolling out access to reusable web components, our universal navigation, the Drupal Content Management System, cloud hosting, the content strategy, style guides, and much more. It’s a new age for State government, and the team can’t wait to embark on this next milestone for digital service design in New York.

Read in full by Rachel Haot on medium.




October 5th, 2015



Fiorucci Plakat

Poster and ad.



A faster horse

October 5th, 2015



Ein schnelleres PferdFord Mustang kein Elektroauto bislang

Run Time

David Gelb
1 Stunde 249 Minuten



My father let me have his creme colored Mustang from age 14 on. That was in Germany where driving was prohibited under age 18. That was when he took the keys from me.

Age 14, when there were still borders in Europe, I took my friends across for ski trips on Austrian slopes. Dad told me how to drive in the everglades early on. In Washington DC he let me do the driving, got out of the car and said: “Meet you at the hotel.”

Today’s Mustang looks like a toy car. Why shouldn’t it? It is a toy, now isn’t it? It would make for a desirable EV and be something to look forward to.



This changes everything

October 4th, 2015



Das ändert alles

Plakat zum Dokumentarfilm This changes everything


Run time

Avi Lewis
Naomi Klein
Naomi Klein, Vanessa Braided Hair, Crystal Lameman, Lliam Hildebrand, Li Bo, Chee Yoke Ling, Jyothi Aningi, Sunita Narain, Mary Christianou, Mike Scott
1 hour 29 minutes



A movie that has its effects even before viewing. I don’t even have to go and see it, since I love distraction from demands these times hold for us just like everyone else. No need to push me I am over the edge. The question being introduced come with its answer of tremendous value and impact.



What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?

More so, I would like to extend the question to Volkswagen, its bosses, consultants, employees, managers and agencies. Now that their reliability and reputation is put to the test, a once in a lifetime opportunity is being offered to bring German engineering back and confront the requirements the early 21. century holds. How switch mockery back to reliability? A marketing challenge worth mastermind’s time. Make the world crack up with laughter and astonishment.

Diesel and gasoline are but a swindle in the face of emerging environmental collapses not counting the current emission scandal. A huge scandal will be to further waste resources on gas or diesel driven motorcars and miss out on the obvious evolution, vital for the future economy [of Germany].






Referendum from the documentary



The diesel scandal is a license for a new beginning

German detail verse is the best prerequisite to revive German engineering with engineering electric motors, proving skills with the development of long-lived batteries and devising enabling algorithms.



Germany's beloved Leitz binder

Germany’s beloved Leitz binder with data moved to the net.





All content of Germany’s beloved Leitz binders belong on the web

What hasn’t come to a bad end under the leadership of Angela Merkel but has led to continuous record breaking news from Germany, is to thank a nation holding still. Now holding still and not doing anything will lead to unprecedented radical events. In turn radical activities are now required to confront the otherwise inevitable with nations united and progressive technological trust. What a small country like Letland can do can be done by larger countries as well. All energy on the development of algorithms to create useful connections. Germany’s largest database is supposedly that of the job bank. It holds data of German business looking for employees and local job seekers. With algorithms it should be capable of connecting job offers with job seekers and provide an interface to make the connection up to the point of an interview. The interview can also take place via Skype which is has been reported that refugees stay in touch with their families. Extend and refine this tool by the German unemployment agency to scale for all of Europe and you have a preventive measure for registration of refugees before trespassing.

I have worked with the German chancellors’ digital campaign team at the Konrad Adenauer house in Berlin and have rarely met a more capable or more adapt team in any of my fortune 500 business experience.

Demand screening for your town.

Order Naomi Klein’s book

Spiegel commentary by Armin Mahler in english.



Hearing aid

October 1st, 2015



deezer Hörspiele


„Hear what you want to hear”

German world class ads


Sounds like you
Dojo Berlin
Micky Suelzer



As the camera rolls back it becomes obvious that the girls father keeps a watchful eye over his daughter even in the most intimate situations.



Dojo Berlin street art

Dojo street art



Here now what Dojo Berlin writes on their website. Deezer is propably the most audioerotic business in the hear and now. Relaying on pure will power, they accomplished to compress all the greats in music history. Albeit their great ego all humbly fit onto the broken display of your popular smart phone. In sharp contrast to your ex girlfriend your music is there for you when you need it.

When the people at Deezer invited us to the pitch, it occurred to us that you can goddamn hear what you want to hear. The outcome: thousand of app downloads and millions of clicks in the currently popular internet. More important though, our ice-cold, next-door kiosk man now greets us. #itwasallastream

Dojo compromises the local ad scene with their juvenile approach to creativity and brilliant casting. No license to kill required.



deeper streaming logo





Jamie Lee Curtis tells Adweek how she invented Instagram

September 23rd, 2015



Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is now on Twitter



Emma Bazilian interview with Jamie Lee Curtis.
The social media part.



How long have you been on Twitter?

Not that long. Maybe a couple of years. Until recently, I had no activity at all; I had a Twitter account just to have it. But then I signed on to do [Scream Queens] with a myriad [of] young people, Internet stars and bloggers, and in doing so, I feel I am now required to participate in social media in a way that I have looked askance at.



What other social media platforms do you use?

Facebook is now for old people, so I’m on Facebook with my other old people. I actually started Instagram about three years before Instagram arrived—I just didn’t have the savvy.



How so?

I recognized that people wanted to share photographs from their iPhones, so I started a Blogspot called iPhoneys for iPhone photographers to share their vision. I invited a group of people who I knew took nice pictures. At that point, I was such a Luddite that they had to actually send me their pictures and then I would upload them to the blog. Eventually I ended up giving everyone the password so they could upload their photos themselves. By the time we started doing it with any regularity, Instagram began. So I feel like I was ahead of the curve and saw the future of iPhone picture sharing, yet I have reaped none of the rewards.

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Philosophical practice

September 22nd, 2015



Thomas Palzer / The coming book

Nicolai Howalt / Courtesy Martin Asbæk, Edel Assanti Gallery & Bruce Silverstein Gallery.



The coming book is a website

A website that belongs on your bookshelf with a difference. While it doesn’t matter to the author if you read his book, as long as you have purchased it – it makes a world of difference to our author that you read his website.

Literature and philosophy are for a fastidious existence.

Thomas Palzer is an award winning German author, philosopher and film director. Palzer is best known for his elegant, fluid use of the German language. Frequent Pop Sunday radio shows for the Bayerischer Rundfunk contributed to his popularity. With regular columns on the topic of Zeitgeist Palzer is regarded as trustworthy.

You can order the cover motif by Nicolai Howalt as poster 39,4 x 27,6 Inches for $ 64 £41 + shipping here. The poster is beautifully printed on Gallery Art Matt, 200 g/m2. The poster is signed.
Printed in 2014 by Medicine Museion, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Do visit the website that belongs on your bookshelf.



The postcard that reveals the web’s greatest secret

September 21st, 2015



Karl Valentine postcardKarl Valentin postcard

Karl Valentin postcard presented on a handkerchief used by German army parachuters for orientation.



“All is said, but not by all.”

made in munichWho said it and when? Karl Valentin (1882-1948), the Bavarian Charlie Chaplin. Much later and better known outside of Bavaria, Bill Bernbach, initiator of the advertising creativity revolution, stated: „Word of mouth is the best media of all.”





Live faust, die junge

September 17th, 2015