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Foster the people

June 27th, 2016



Foster the people



Foster the people



Foster the people



Very Britisch outcome of brilliant usability design

June 27th, 2016



best practice in usability, the British ballot

You are looking at a prominent best practice example for usability.



Now that we are witnessing the Brits exiting the European Union, which by the way is never going to happen, it sure seems as if the Brits are the only ones who really ever loved the EU.

brilliant usability
Barry Blitt cover for the New Yorker magazine July 2016

Barry Blitt cover for the New Yorker magazine July 2016

However British the outcome from this brilliant ballot design, it’s strict uniqueness, no distracting use of colors or added elements outside of brief instructions and the boxes to place your vote.

For as long as I live, Britain has been renown and adored for its beat, promotion abilities, advances in contemporary design, classic advertising, digital thought leadership and with this ballot for UID, user interface design.

Creatives have the London ad agency BBH to thank for being typecast as black sheep.

With Brexit it has become obvious that the only ones who love the EU are the Brits. The young, the Scots, Irish and Londoners.
The E.U. with its Brussel’s suits sucks.



brilliant usability



Kiss FM print ads

June 24th, 2016



Kiss FM: David Gilmour, George Harrison, Jim Morrison via adeevee

Kiss FM: David Gilmour, George Harrison, Jim Morrison via adeevee.
Source and credits.



Kiss FM print ads


Kiss FM print ads



Made by mid tier

June 23rd, 2016



Take your word for it.



Made by mid tier

„Made by mid tier.”

Made by mid tier




Event agency



Deal. Take your word for it2 With its testimonial campaign, DK Bank aims to get their mid tier prospects talked about. Its self-serving purpose is not only acceptable it creates a recommended win win situation.

Fintech and e-commerce in Germany are the driving forces for usability. A much welcomed practice to wave the service desert the country was mocked for good-bye. The world knows the country for its talent to represent complex matter in an easy to grasp way. Anal retentiveness with focus on detail will soon pay for usability. Usability will finally become a driver for transformation. It may put Germany back on the radar for digital innovation.

Whatever works. Munich’s Fidor bank centered around consumer self-help. Paypal, as the new money. Smava and Auxmoney with crowdfunding credits. Or the growing number of e-commerce epigones of US successes. They took over close to all German tv commercial air time.

It only works with smooth running, seamless usability in place. The school of digital life.

How can we grant access to knowledge for as many people as possible? How can we make the world and its use of diversity explicable? These are the pressing questions in our time of transition. Its what the wealth of the majority and social peace depends on.

In command of the German language now listen to Wolf Lotter’s wonderful summary of current most pressing questions.

Via the German economy magazine, Brand Eins:



Einfach besser zuhören auf Brand Eins.

Listen to "Simply Better"by Wolf Lotter Made by Mittelstand



Brexit for buggerlugs?

June 23rd, 2016


Unreal Tournament honoring
British racing green



Brexit for buggerlugs? No way. We'd all have to refresh our french from the ground up.

Fear not but bring out your french text books just in case.



Brexit for buggerlugs?
Visit the forumUnreal Team


Brexit for buggerlugs?



“Stressed Out”

June 22nd, 2016



Everything is being redesigned



New Aesthetic

25 Songs that tell us where music is going.
A one-time spectacular. The NYTimes Magazine.

NYTimes Magazine with a special on New Aesthetic in music1



„Stressed Out” Twenty One Pilots
Brilliant example on how content within its context become relevant.



New Aesthetic in music
“Four years ago, I discovered James Bridle’s attempt to define the new aesthetic for the early 21. century with the help of many.

With eyes wide open you could find it in fashion, war gear, in the arts and on numerous Google street view across Europe.
NANew Aesthetic by James Bridle

NA in design and perception

While a large number of photos aimed at documenting the progressing fragmentation of markets and the splitting of the web with pixelated imagery, quite the contrary happened.



Every trend is followed by an equally powerful counter trend.



Neither design nor perception pixelated and fell apart in its bits and atoms.

The quality of on screen images, happened to supersede that of glossy print magazines we had all grown familiar with. On screen display resolution superseded print results. Along came theme or template based design and the acceptance of web standards such as proven and tried layouts and functions. In turn it reached the level of best practices in print design.

If there is a new aesthetic, then one that came along with the event of retina displays for watches, cell phones, tablet PCs or ever larger tv and desktop monitors.



What the boys from twenty one pilots may also stressed out by, is the ever more demanding claim as a result of ever increasing expectations set in quality.



NA der Musik

The new aesthetic in music comes close to what is experienced as supernormal. Tt’s something we know and trust that we only need be reminded of and surprised by. The Hamilton Cast’s „Say no to this” demonstrates this nicely and should you not know the Hamilton Cast, take „Sorry” by Justin Bieber.

A warm symphonic sound makes for the fundament of the new aesthetic on which the interpreters give their best.New Aesthetic in MusicA One-Time SpectacularNYTimes Magazine


New Aesthetic in Music


New Aesthetic in Music



On the road again

June 21st, 2016



On the road again

“It could have been
so beautiful!”

Foto: Elizabeth Currier, Oregon USA



On the road again



Out in the country

June 18th, 2016







out in the country

Returning from a really nice Birthday Party out in the rolling hills east of Lake Starnberg.



This is great.
Some 160 interesting looking, pleasant, handsome people. Many in their sixties or nearing/exceeding their sixties. Nonchalant, friendly, and responsive. A few amazingly well dressed, adorable kids. A herd of black sheep feeding of the grass next to the beer garden and a majestic view of the alps. Country Life. A cool guy pointed out to me, to be wearing the same shoes as mine. His were obviously more polished and not falling apart. Peter Wacha, a biochemical wonder, was there and plenty of folks you probably know by name but I didn’t. Tasty Bavarian food, excellent deserts, dark beer, three DJ’s. Oh and one missing, the most radical musician of the five, Justin Hoffmann.



"Where there was cheese there will be art."  twitpic via @NeinQuarterly.

“Where there was cheese there will be art.”
twitpic via @NeinQuarterly.



An stunnngly beautiful and impeccably hosted event
we’d like to hold dear for another 30 years.





Thank you for having us.



out in the country



A pointer to Fascism’s an Epidemic. What’s the cure?

June 18th, 2016


This is NOT a Drill!

Your everyday behavior contributes to the cure

Fascism’s an Epidemic
Now is the time to make your social media activities pay of:

  • Ignore anti democratic press reports. Refrain from sharing articles on uproar about anti democratic suspects.
  • Social media is here to exploit your last sanctuary: Your cognitive surplus.

  • Share instead write ups on politicians and family businesses triumphing among big businesses.
  • Reward media reports on big business serving social goodness.
  • Enjoy and share your discoveries of businesses and activities serving social goodness.
  • Don’t be mad at Bernie Sanders.
  • Determine how your business supports democratic values and brag about it.
  • Make good use of your cognitive surplus with smart, fun sharing.
  • Know your name and keep your head up.
  • Make use of strategic consume. Support your trusted local neighbourhood shops.
  • Show your support for open source technology and other large scale movements that make tools available to mid- and small size businesses. There plenty out there!


Fascism’s an Epidemic



New money is here

June 17th, 2016



Full blow, more direct German version of Paypal tv ad puts focus on "The new money is here!"

Full blow, more direct German version of Paypal’s tv ad,
keeps its focus on the majestic “The new money is here!” claim.



The New Money is Here!

“Key visual” of the German PayPal website





new money is here

“The New Money is Here!”

World class claim




Exec. Creative Director

Sen. Copywriter





Kevin Jones

Chelsea O’Brien




New money is here
When I first saw the the bold yellow type claiming “The new money is here!”, it instantly struck me that this must be the most impactful, far reaching, disruptive and relevant headline in recent times.

Aside from the claim made, that here it is the new money for the new age, I didn’t feel the execution concentrated as it should on its bold, disruptive message, but the ad went on explaining. It began explaining things I didn’t need to hear since I was already sold on the idea that here it is, the new money for the new age. Based on having been pre-sold by Josh Reich, founder and CEO of Simple, that what we need is banking not banks.

And as we seem to know, explanations are an indicator for failure.

For more than twenty years none of the great disruptors ever explained what they were doing. Google didn’t tell you what their homepage was about other than presenting the Google logo and an input field, now did they? And others followed until one day it also became fashionable, especially for start-ups, to provide insight on why they do what they do.


New money is here