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Campaign pins

July 29th, 2016



Campaign pins

Forty-Five Pin Project



Campaign pins
As history has proven, when done right, the small political pin can pack a big punch. So why settle on a single designer or slogan when you have the best designers in the world willing to help out? That’s the idea behind the Hillary Clinton campaign’s The Forty-Five Pin Project: Everyone from Stephen Doyle to Michael Bierut to Louise Fili has designed their own button in support of the campaign to make Clinton the 45th president of the United States.
Read in full by Meg Miller



Campaign pins



Digital is just getting started

July 28th, 2016



Longtail has just gotten longer



“Vanity trumps privacy,” as already proven on Facebook. “Wherever attention flows,
money will follow.”

just getting started
Uber owns no cars; AirBnB owns no real estate.
Access replaces ownership for suppliers as well as
consumers. On-demand rules. Sharing rules.
Unbundling rules. Makers multiply.

Countless artificial smartnesses, will be added to everything, all quite different from human intelligence and from each other.

We are at the beginning of the beginning — the first hour of day one. There have never been more opportunities. The greatest products of the next 25 years have not been invented yet.

You‘re not late.

Illustration by Mrzyk & Moriceau

Read in full by Stewart Brand

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just getting started


Munich insurance co’s classic tomato ad

July 27th, 2016



Allianz classic  tomato ad

Allianz’s classic “tomato” ad.




“A fixed alliance with getting lucky”

World-class ads made in Germany










With their insurance payment the people are not investing in liability and accountability in the event of an accident happening, they pay so the accident will never happen.

To run the classic sequence from way back (original beetle) alongside today’s classic (beetle) emphasises the trust we have in the reliability of an insurance company that has been around for as long as we have. But it won’t help sell an insurance the way Carglass ads help sell their service.






How did she get there

July 27th, 2016





get there
Caroline Hugall set up a platform on Squarespace to deliver weekly insights from inspiring women in media, communications and arts.Heidi Hackemer:Founder, Wolf & Wilhelmine



get there



“When they go low we go high”

July 26th, 2016



Speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz with Michelle Obama (Chuck Kennedy:The White House).

Speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz with Michelle Obama
(Chuck Kennedy:The White House).



go high
Sarah Hurwitz is holding a dream job, I only came to recognise as such in the very late years of my advertising career.

It allows you to keep a low profile and enjoy privacy, while you directly influence stuff that matters. Including the part where you get to feel the consequences of your doing instantly as well.

“Hurwitz has a knack for finding someone’s voice” former White House colleague Jon Lovett said. The voice might say: No, that transition is clumsy. Or: Are we really telling this story in a way that honors these people?

A rarely found concentration on tossing aside words that could potentially jeopardise or distract from the core message.

The kind of supreme concentration every copywriter must claim for herself, every media worker and every media designer must claim to be taken serious.

No matter how many best practices tell you to aim low, dumb things down and pay lip service to social media trolls.


Read in full by Krissah Thompson

Hurwitz with members of her speechwriting team, Adam Frankel,
Ben Rhodes and Jon Favreau

Hurwitz with members of her speechwriting team, Adam Frankel, Ben Rhodes and Jon Favreau.



Michelle Obama’s Democratic convention speech in 3 minutes.





go high



No ifs or buts

July 24th, 2016



The chorus goes: “No ifs no buts”.

The chorus goes: “No ifs no buts”.



No ifs or buts

World-class ads made in Germany








No ifs or buts
When at a wedding it comes to the part where you speak your piece or hold your peace and the bride herself is about to break the peace, the chorus goes: “No ifs no buts”.



No ifs or buts




July 23rd, 2016



Foto: Mauricio Lima für die New York Times.

Foto: Mauricio Lima for the New York Times.





A brief look back at the Friday evening shootings in Munich


  • Police confirm 18-year-old shooter had no links to Islamic State
  • Munich police chief emphasised the attack to be by no means associated with refugees.
  • Nine people were shot and killed, and a further 21 injured
  • The gunman shot himself, bringing the death toll to ten.

Eva Fisher offers her account of the Friday night shooting here in Munich.

Mrs. Hammerstein, the iconic food blogger from Munich, had just moved to the northern part of town. When the attack hit in walking distance. She heard from friends around town of dramatic measures taken and a city in panic. Much of Fishers’ account she can confirm from what she heard. People reacting hysterical to any combination of the word “terror”.

Something officials and media may want to avoid in future.

Only one stop away from where the shooting took place. The only difference to any other summer night was the noise of police sirenes and a single helicopter.Read in full by Eva Fisher






Where has Heathrow taken you?

July 19th, 2016



“First Flight” is set to David Bowie’s little-known but lovely “When I Live My Dream”.





Enough already ad industry.
Please put an end to story telling

A Newspaper article would have been suffice to mention that London airport celebrates 70 years of its existence. True this is where the Beatles departed but am I ever going to be interested in feature stories of who travelled to or fro Heathrow? Has storytelling ever been what a consumer in general longs for the most?

Of course not. Bedtime stories are nice for kids exiting their toddler age, but grown-ups want action not stories. You and your first girl friend may have exchanged stories the first night when you got to know each other. But today in the face of 7/24 web pornography? You want action not hear your boy friends life story.Read in full overat Creativepool News Heathrow







July 18th, 2016



Is Pitchfork ignoring the European market now that Britain no longer takes part?



Bilderbuch Engine




Plansch (splash)



Feinste Seide (finest silk)




Schick Schock

Schick Schock














Bilderbuch Machin

One word song titles, a two word album title, friendship photos
and good fate with typography and design.



If you are the only Austrian to shake his ass, you are the hottest Austrian shaking his ass

Toss aside lame duck songs such as Diskokugel (mirrorball) or Suppenkasper (CDD1). And not even the German language will get in the way of global success. You use language in your songs sparingly. People anywhere decipher your vocals even though in German. It’s pop music, geez. Songs carry names like “softdrink”—what is there not to understand!?

Pitchfork, the most trusted voice in music, has yet to discover German language bands. Qualify them for the US market and keep them on their radar.

Aside from Bilderbuch, there is Beatsteaks. Without the Brits (#brexit) will not work in favour of the European music industry.

Everything is just dandy with each of you boys from Bilderbuch, good games you all, brilliant.

Stick to the vocals of Prince, Falco and vocoder. Keep stealing from Kanye West and Peter Frampton2.

Austrians had a quicker grasp than Germans. A quicker grasp to first learn the skills to play any instruments like their American idol. A firmer grasp to steal like an artist.

But there is one German band to have on your radar, Beatsteaks.






A world of betterment

July 16th, 2016



A world of betterment. Make Turkey Great Again

Turks love Erdogan

A world of betterment: Make Britain Great Again

Brits love Europe





A world of betterment: Make Munich Great Again

People from Munich love beer.