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Magine that

March 4th, 2015





Great dane wins sing along song contest.



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Small cars of Europe

March 3rd, 2015



Fiat 500X (Photo- FCA)



Fiat 500X ad by the Richards Group, Dallas, TX.



Pfitzer blue pill



It takes a Dallas ad agency to capture the humour in small European cars and its aging population.



This Idea must die

March 2nd, 2015


A compendium of answers Edge founder John Brockman collected by posing his annual question — “What scientific idea is ready for retirement?”

“To kill an error is as good a service as, and sometimes even better than, the establishing of a new truth or fact,” — Charles Darwin.

A catalog of broken theories that hold us back from the conquest of Truth.



Much effort and rigor goes into what idea we must dispose of. Is it time to consider that in the early 21. century we are picking up where the age of enlightenment left of in the 18th Century?

A belief that animals where without foresight and empathy is what we fifty-somethings grew up with.
We believed that fishes won’t feel pain since they were not equipped with a voice we could understand.

Read in full by Maria Popova.



Everything is Design

February 27th, 2015




Courtesy of IBM corporate archives.



Today design can solve problems education, politics and businesses struggle with

Everything is Design: The Work of Paul Rand[/i], a new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York, reveals that today’s design-led businesses owe much credit to the work of visionary graphic designer Paul Rand.

Learn more from Carey Dunne on how Paul Rand pioneered the era of design-led business.




February 25th, 2015






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February 24th, 2015






“I am looking for something for my girl.“

World class tv ad made in Munich


MyDays, Munich
N/A in house?




“I love you – forever”
– You see three guy weeping and whining. A demonstration of what they are looking for as a present for the girl.

The poor salesperson seems to understand.

The result?

“I love you – forever”
– Prompt delivery of exactly what they have been looking for. Girl cries:





German design walking dead

February 23rd, 2015






Clean the ocean






Was it Anthony Bourdain who during a tv sequel on Germany suggested,
that they are all dead?




As long as our perception is dominated by digital, “terrible” must be the most used word in front of any display. Huge praise for German television, many stations are set on transformation in 21. century.




A welcome best practice demonstration of German design from Hamburg. Product design by design agency Korefe. Subtle and simplistic as is, it clearly stands out from the over-ambitioned design confusion are confronted with on the supermarket shelves.

Today more than ever, design offers a passage to integrated marketing. Design is a more capable a problem solver where politics, education and businesses have lost their way.



People simply want it more simple

People have problems and businesses are here to solve problems (Ana Anjelica). When a product on a shelf, piled with design cluttered products, get’s our attention for its lack of design, then it resolves into behaviour (Naoto Fukasawa), gets taken of the shelf and brought to the cashiers.



Could you order a small breakfast in Paris?

February 22nd, 2015



Coquetier «Le Lotus Bleu»



Service petit Déjeuner « Le Lotus Bleu »



Hugh Hicks Sargent said, you are accomplished if you can order a small breakfast in Paris. Cliquez ici.



Hemingway goes offline

February 21st, 2015



Author Ernest Hemingway ©Earl Theisen:Getty Images



The popular and well perceived Hemingway editor (The New YorkerFast Company) gives english language writers a nudge. It pokes you to write clear concise prose the heming way. You can use it online or get your copy at the app store.




February 20th, 2015





Hello how are you?

All these title card bits are scored from beehoven’s 9th symphony.



You never want to lie to your audience… You can trick them, you can disturb them, you can annoy them, but you can never lie to them. To me commecials are nothing but lies.

Don Hertzfeldt