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World class TV ad Made in Germany

September 19th, 2014









Viewer: “You are asking yourself, why this dude is combing his mustache.”

Mustache dude: “I am asking myself why you are watching.”

Watch only what you want to watch
Welcome to netflix



Referendum Day

September 18th, 2014



Ken Brown, Troon, Ayrshire. Sep 15 (Reuters:Paul Hackett)



“No” voter Ken Brown, a retired chemical plant manager, poses with a Union flag on the beach at Troon, Ayrshire, on September 15, 2014. Brown said,

I think that as a country we are much better together. Scotland is quite socialist by nature and that will have to be paid through higher taxation.



See more photos.
Subhead stolen from the Guardian.



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Press play not pause

September 15th, 2014



Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Same Love feat. Mary Lambert



Scientific Advertising

September 15th, 2014
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Graphics standards in kindergarten clarity

September 14th, 2014



70's NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual was a ring binderStandard ring binder for the graphics standards manual of 1970


NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual



The keyword for design
is composed of the words
and clarity

What graphics designers strive for, reaches far beyond the extend of the New York subway system, into our time dominated by mobile devices and usability design. The rediscovery of not too simple simplicity is eating the world.

The 1970 NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual, by Unimark’s Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda, reissued as a full-size book.. Kickstarter helps Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth get their project off the ground.








A bit of a revolution

September 13th, 2014



A Bit Of A Revolution

17 min lecture over on medium



Photos with insights by photographer Janette Beckman of the Sex Pistols, Specials, Clash, Jam, The Beat, Boy George and Debbie Harry.



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First person shooter tvc for Netherland’s Knab spelled backwards as bank

September 11th, 2014



first person shooter perspective

first person shooter perspective



This brilliant first person shooter commercial for Knab was created by Fitzroy.



If you give it your all, you expect the same from others. So why not from your bank?” Knab (‘bank’ spelled backwards) helps you to make the most of your money (with the pay off: “The bank that works for you” – freely translated).




Netherland’s bank is an exclusive online bank with no branches. This way energy is dedicated to online support across customers preferred media channels.
Most people spend all day starring at their screens either at the office, at home, or during their commute. So yes, services dedicated to online are obvious and make perfect sense.



Since the average bank-site is crap (with a capital C), Knab has an advantage here. Now we finally understand why we should switch to Knab.


The thumbnails make the first homepage you see below, appear clutter free. Visit the site for it’s intuitive user experience.
None of the three homepages makes use of responsive, theme based design off the shelf. Simple’s site looks and feels as though it was based on open source cms, we all have grown comfortable with from visiting blogs.

The web standard has not yet reached today’s popularity when these sites were built.



Banking websites by Simple,  Knab & Fidor.







Now we finally understand why Germans should switch to Fidor.

The German bank was first to offer peer-to-peer connectivity among its customers.
Numbrs, is no bank but an interesting application, made in Germany, capable of handling your fiscal needs, no matter what bank you are with and across several accounts with different banks.



Unlike Knab or Fidor, Simple was first to market with the convincing idea, that what we need is not a bank when we can have an app

What we need is banking not banks. Unlike numbrs, Simple is a bank and was first to market with an idea of how to build a business on a sensation of how banks and politics have failed us.



Apple Pay™

With Apple’s announcement of Apple Pay™, the theme of the game may change once more for both, banks and their counterparts listed here. Family run businesses, small businesses sadly excluded due to the assumed unprofitable expense of the electric receptor device.



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September 10th, 2014

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Protected: CC Rider

September 10th, 2014

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Apple has a tether for the fashion world

September 10th, 2014



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The new Apple watch looks insanely great when rigid regulations are in place to protect the population from misconduct. That is not the case. So long Apple.