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I do not need a drill

June 28th, 2015





size matters

I do not need a drill.
I need a hole in the wall




My neighbour has a bicycle

Innovate or die. It seems like advertising industry has been living in the shadow of this mantra for the last fifteen year. Long gone are days of advertising as as usual, and more adept agencies and clients alike have been in constant reinvention mode, trying to adapt their business to the Fear Factor that consumer behavior has become.

It all started with nerds sharing code. It continued with people sharing content ranging from the latest news to the most intimate moments of their lives (just look at Secret. Actually, don’t). Now micro-entrepreneurs, who are just like us, are now sharing property, possessions, skills and knowledge.

It sounds like an amazing thing. Except that, if you are a brand in the business of creating all of those things, it is actually not. It is dangerously close to pure panic of being squeezed out of business by virtually anyone describing their model as “AirBnB for X.” And with good reason.

Read in full what began as poetry by Ana Andjelic



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Affordable Care Act

June 27th, 2015







President Barak Obama can claim what only few predecessors can. He has changed the lives of all Americans for good. Thus he succeeded in securing his legacy, right after mockery as lame duck set in and Americans began to turn their backs on their president.

The supreme court saved Obamacare again this week.

As expat, having returned to my birthplace in Munich, Germany, here is my biggest fear:

The United States is now using a responsive operating system, while Europe is losing out.

Europe has lost what I trusted to be its greatest appeal.

Former chancellor Gerhard Schröder killed Europe’s USP with his introduction of the unfinished business of the German Agenda 2010.



Other remarkable responsive acts this week:











June 24th, 2015



Deezer Klassik



“Hear just what you want to hear, classics”

What does he think this is supposed to be? Genius!
What a party hit!
God I love you.



German world class ads


Dojo Berlin
Micky Suelzer





Gone with the wind

June 23rd, 2015



Gone with the wind





Strong words.
Pointed fingers.
Richmond being trapped.


Huff and puff

huff n’ puff




We don’t need this fascist groove thang (Heaven17).




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June 22nd, 2015



Bill Bernbach on the future of advertising, 1977. Source.





Truth Well Told

Mad Men knew all our secrets,
and it gleefully spilled each
and every one of them.





Mad Men knew what was true:
Learn from the greats.
Drink with the crazies.
Save yourself, because no one else will.
Remember who loves you.
Get out while you can.

Read more by Julian Koenig, (writer on Volkswagen’s 1959 “Think Small,” campaign) in an interview by his daughter Sarah on This American Life, 2009.



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It was better then

June 14th, 2015



(c)Riva YachtGünter's car

What captivating pleasure it is to see Riva boats.


Production company



Is this cultivating a retrospect way of life? Who cares. Günter Netzer was the first German soccer player to let his hair grow and to follow in Gunter Sachs’ dandy footsteps. Whatever works.

If waiting for Brigitte Bardot works then let us wait.
Germany can use more Gunters, despicable playboys and fellowmen of fashion.



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The unbelievable journey of the Bavarians

June 14th, 2015



MAN magical mystery tour

Magic mystery tour as seen from a local Munich perspective.


Production company



25 championships
17 cup victories
the international sucess
the mother of all defeats
the drama back home
and the dribbling.
An unbelievable story.

MAN can.



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SUP Trend sport suffering boom art envy

June 12th, 2015






Illustration: (c) Daily Doodle Shop by way of this isn't happiness(TM)

Weekend greetings ~ Illustration: ©Daily Doodle Shop, by way of this isn’t happiness™



Boom -Art design decks

Design decks byDboom-art



Now that Superb did a good job applying some international web standard to the Mistral website, people may be looking forward to an update for the merchandise as well. A collaborative effort with amazing folks from Boom Art may lead to a mistral eco system and payment model involving athlete customised merchandise.



Boom-Art Design ist im Original nicht Mistral markiert!

For demonstration purpose only: Mistral branded Boom Art surf decks.



Renaissance Boom Art skate decks

For demonstration purpose only: Mistral branded Boom Art skate decks.



Bosch and Renaissance Boom Art surf decks

For demonstration purpose only, you got it…



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A pointer toward Tomorrow Today

June 9th, 2015








Tomorrow Today

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Everything gets redesigned

June 8th, 2015



Die Mannschaft






Logo + Logotype

Less is more demonstration by the new logo of the German soccer team.



The German soccer team gets rid of a mouthful and drops everything in their logotoype except for “team”. Thereby sending a signal to the German design nation.

Relief and clarity often come into effect, once you drop what has become irrelevant. Less weight or less hard trying to establish meaningfulness means less gravity pull.



Neugestaltung der FAZ Sonntagszeitung_2



Neugestaltung der FAZ Sonntagszeitung

All new Sunday paper “FAS”by David Hein



To judge print, you must hold the paper in your hands. Come Sunday, the new layout of the FAS launches. They try to avoid calling it launch and don’t want it understood as reaction of the Bavarian weekend paper “Süddeutsche”, and the new appearances of “Spiegel” and “Focus”.

I’ve been observing and writing about a chain reaction of redesigns everywhere. Die landslide of onepagers and website relaunches with the event of an increase of mobile users and the necessary adapting of a less complicated and complex design that comes with it. All people do now, is swiping and thumbing.



Demand for website design is greater today than in the nineties

With my new business model, I am placing my bets on the growing demand for redesign. On getting those 2.4 million German websites of small business owners and family businesses up to date.

Thereby sharpening and strengthening their brand and eventually increasing sales.





Talk has migrated to the web.
Business sites with blog-DNA promote knowledge transfer and sales.


Tell your story.
I build the platform.