Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality Olympus PEN E-PL1 3D Demo
From Mullen’s site here is a submission by Mullen’s Michael Bourne I found rather becoming for introducing a novelty camera by Olympus. What strikes me most though, is that the casting of the actor demonstrating the camera, may play a greater role in making this demo charmingly convincing, while the use of augmented reality helps transport the camera’s features rather to the effect that this novelty stays subtly in the background. Either way, a well balanced act of pitching with a first to market idea. By keeping it real and close to the consumer with striking authenticity.

First person shooter demo of Leica
Meike, product manager at Leica, demos a handmade prototype of the new Leica S2 in the setting of a trade fair with a slight Henry Kissinger accent, which makes this little stunt even more authentic. It makes me wonder, if not the Leica S2 takes more of a center stage position than does the Olympus PEN E-PL1? Then again, is less more? It certainly is more of a challenge to convince a client to just have an employee demo the product (think of Apple’s remarkable product presentations), than it is to throw in a first to market experience providing a wider playground. I am a much of a dandy when it comes to branding and a die hard Leica fan.


On a side note, I came across this interesting intervention by Mullen Advertising on an interstitial when registering with DISQUS only yesterday. It suggests: “I’d like to see young photographer Laura Taylor use the Olympus E-P1 (or Olympus E-PL1 for the matter). Bring Laura Taylor and Olympus together in your campaigning efforts for Olympia.


I'd like to see young photographer, Laura Taylor use the Olympus E-P1

I'd like to see young photographer, Laura Taylor use the Olympus E-P1
discovered during registering DISQUS Sept 4 2010