McDonald's "Build your burger" is the most current, most visible and most successful idea that does by German Razorfish and Munich agency group Heye.

McDonald’s “Build your burger” is the most current, highly visible and most successful idea that does by German Razorfish and Munich agency group Heye.


Ideas that Do vs Messages that Say

via Edward Boches series of lectures at BU.

A few years ago, ideas that do were far less common than they are today. For one thing, brands weren’t yet sure what to do with consumers who were starting to make noise in social media. Agencies were still stuck in the mindset that the answer to everything was a TV commercial.

True, on the digital side the Razorfish’s and R/GA’s set examples with platforms. And in the more traditional world Crispin Porter Bogusky led the way with ideas like Whopper Sacrifice and in Europe DDB Amsterdam added new value to “Fahrvergnügen” with VW’s The Fun Theory.

But they were in the minority when it came to creative ideas getting produced.

Now, however, everyone has caught on. And so we have smartphone apps, Facebook experiences, crowdfunding, staged events in search of virality, customized digital experiences, transmedia product launches, participatory television, you name it.


Four ideas that do by Edward Boches



You expect a universal marketing solution and are left with ideas that do?

„Ideas that do‟ was coined by Gareth Kay.

No ingenious solution, however nevertheless:

“Not what we think changes our doing, what we do changes our thinking.‟

Most current best practice outside the US?

Find McDonald’s “Make Your Own Burger” Case here.

The entry you are looking at consists to 99% of Edward Boches’ entry from January 29, 2013, however the context was changed considerably.

Edward Boches is Chief Innovation Officer, Creative Director at Mullen. Kay is Chief Strategy Officer at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners



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