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Sick, the second episode of season three #TheWalkingDead, view it here

Expectations, set by the unexpected and fantastic spooky appearance of Michonne (Danai Gurira), closing season two, were not met by Seed, the opening episode.

Instead the audience was taken straight to the terrible behaviour within the young Grimes family (Rick, Lori, Carl), which I experience as more nerve wracking than all of the zombie slaying and ambutation. Of which on a side note, the later has lead to a discarded leg account on twitter @OneLegHershel.

Title sequence and music score are the best TV has to offer, an integral masterpiece surpassing ‘Prison Break’, of which the music however has a way of going deeper under your skin with ‘Prison Break’.

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Dave Stopera sums it up.


Please leave a pointer in the comments, should you know where to get a video for the title sequence.

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