Wonder Woman gets plenty of praise

Wonder Woman's stunning return

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OK, let’s just come out and say it: Wonder Woman is the most famous heroine of all time. No offense to the Lara Crofts, Buffys, or Disney princesses of the world, but none of them have been plastered on as many magazine covers, adorned as many T-shirts, or sold the countless comics, dolls, and action figures that Wonder Woman has. The full package of beauty, brains, and brawn, she’s been a feminist icon since her star-spangled intro in 1941.
Cathy Youngon hairless armpits

Now the small
walk tall

WuV Cannes Interview Welche Art von Unternehmen haben es drauf?

What kind of businesses have got it going?
Now the small are walking tall. They also have the ability to learn stuff. They usually invest their own money.
That’s the shoemaker, the toolmaker, the…
They are performing insanely well on Facebook. Because its their own money. They are looking for results. They don’t have these silos, this separation of media and design and they are incredibly fast learners. They are willing to make mistakes and optimise.

Your second day of summer

Second Story Sunlight

Hopper, Edward
Second Story Sunlight
Oil on canvas
40 x 50 inches
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Photograph by Sheldan C. Collins

Kiwi portraits completed, a most delightful campaign

Kiwi portraits completed

bottom half completed by Kiwi, outdoors campaign


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Renoir’s response was: “Why shouldn’t art be pretty, there enough unpleasant things in the world.”

Kiwi's pleasant integrated campaign

integrated campaign