Doug’s day

Doug's Day ©Hergé

Hey, hey, it’s Doug’s day. Soure: Hergé’s Tintin

Doug’s day
Son-in-law Douglas turns 35 today. He looks a lot like Captain Haddock from Steven Spielberg’s 3D take on “The Adventures of Tintin”. And like Haddock, Douglas claims to be clean.

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Cheer up, Frenchie



Aw, cheer up, Frenchie. What could possibly go wrong?

© Nomi Kane ’17


Kopf hoch, Franzose
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Sprengwriter wanted



Sprengwriter wanted

War paper from 1984,
continued in the early 21st century.

Sprengwriter wanted
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The week in design



MyFonts 404 Fehlerseite

A weekly visit of MyFonts is mandatory for creatives. Typography offers a gateway to the viewers subconsciousness.
Here is their 404 error message, which you won’t likely get to see otherwise.



Eröffnungssequenz u. Filmplakat für einen Dokumentarfilm

Opening sequence and poster motif for a film documentary.



Hergé‎'s space rocket

Hergé‎’s iconic space rocket



R Sikoryak turns Apple's terms & conditions into a parody of Hergé‎'s Adventures of Tintin.

R Sikoryak turns Apple’s terms & conditions into a parody of Hergé’s “Adventures of Tintin” – amongst others.



Infinite inner city aircraft landing strip

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Papyrus roll
total recode
for WordPress
one page love

Gute Gestaltung



One Pager

Rob Hope, our much-envied Cape Town surfer, designer and developer, surprises. This time with a reversal from minimum to maximum. Then again the maximum by means of the bare essentials only. He completely re-coded the elemental one page WordPress theme “clutterless”. And offers it as a free download.




Made in Munich Lilium, the electric vertical takeoff and landing jet on its maiden flight near Munich, Germany. Comments see the Tesla of the skies in the Lilium.
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And finally… the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time, and no doubt at least a part of the future of voice interfaces

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German version of Apple’s environmental campaign
To ask less of the planet,we ask more of ourselves