Veggie winegum ad with burka uproar

Wine gums without jelly manufactured from pig feet being chewed by a muslima wearig a burka.

Wine gums with no jelly manufactured from pig feet, being chewed by a muslima wearig a burka.

Katjes “veggie wine gum”-campaign results in a shitstorm. It calms down after 3 days. Something we learn in a German language interview with Martin Pross from ad agency antoni. “They want us to falter”.

German language interviewwith Martin Pross who came up with it



German trade cooperative takes 160 Nestlé products off the shelves

Edeka takes 160 Nestlé products off the shelf

Edeka takes 160 Nestlé products off the shelves.

In a dispute over prices, Germany’s largest supermarket chain Edeka is leading a wider charge in the European retail industry against Nestlé, the newspaper “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” (SZ) reported on Monday.

Every now and then major brands disappear from the shelves and become available again after a couple weeks.


Getränke Grözinger, a small local foodshop joined the boycott but for ethnic reasons and landed a viral hit.



Exit sugar

Putting the pressure on
food manufacturers

Exit sugar is Rewe's hands on DIY solution approach put in the hands of the consumer. Photo: Verena Gründel | WuV

Exit sugar is Rewe’s hands on DIY solution approach put in the hands of the consumer. Photo: Verena Gründel | WuV

Too much sugar makes you flaccid, unmotivated, tired, depressed and ill. For the food industry sugar is a lucrative boon. For you consumers it’s an addictive drug much like nicotine. How can food producers be motivated to reduce the sugar subsidy without loss of revenue?
Consumers want less sugar. The result of a research experiment the retail company REWE conducted all out in public.


More hands-on DIY exit sugar campaigns involving the public

Rewe with gains in consumer confidence has demonstrated a profitable brand experiment for large trading companys to follow. What creative ideas put in physical reach of consumers hands can achieve. An idea that does, as Gareth Kay has nailed it.

German language sourceby Rolf Schröter



Apprenez l’anglais et boostez votre carrière

Speak english and boost your career

Business. Money. Success. | Babbel

Business. Money. Success.

Babbel invites you people to learn a foreign language without being pushy—offering entertainment instead.

Today, negotiating in French.


An entertaining, more so exciting aspect mixes in—should you be up for it.

The negotiations with Merkel and Macron on the future of Europe I believe, offers an opportunity to make up for digital sluggishness and counteract thus possible, future imminent, economic decline.

Boostez votre carrière, européens

For Germany (8 years of continued growth) in the merger with Macron’s France it’s no utopia, but a real possibility with determination and setting an uncomplicated course. Even when imposed by state law, which Germany is capable of with its law abiding citizens.

Unlike a statement by Ralph Dommermuth, published on February 3 by German newsmagazine Focus, statistics support the idea that , 511,81 Mio Europeans can make up to the lead and 25 years of advance in digital technology of 325,44 Millionen Amerikanern.

Keep in mind that Germany has more than once proven an enormous bounce back quality once everything is lost. Think of the two world wars.

Spoiler Alert

All is lost, seems an prerequisite.

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