Portraits of her

iPhone 8 Plus — Portraits of Her — Apple

Portraits of her

The basic income of world famous painters
democratized and ruined.

Wait for painter to die.
No money to buy portrait.
Wait to see it at the museum.

Everyone masters portraits.
Look at someone else’s.
Look at your phone.



The New Yorker money edition

“We are going to be friends”. Your Sunday Song.

Meg und Jack White

Meg und Jack White
Sources: abeautifulgirls.blogspot.co.uk und Wikipedia.uk.

Conan O’Brien discusses The White Stripes

The last performance of Jack und Meg as The White Stripes.

‘Super Kind’ preaches good manners on LA metro trains

Why not add a little social responsiveness to your client work

Super Kind predigt gute Manieren für das Los Angeles Metro System

‘Super Kind’ preaches good manners on LA metro trains

Anna Akana plays Super Kind, a J-pop superstar by day and mass-transit-riding superhero by night.

Mike Diva, who likes to simulate Japanese ads, proceeds into American mainstream with his work for LA Metro (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority).

Super Kind

Do not contaminate train compartments with food residues, don’t ruin the ride for fellow commuters. Make way for everyone else and let people leave the train before you get in. Offer your seat to the frail. Demonstrate manners. In command of the German language get the essentials on handling people here.
Read in fullby Tim Nudd