Even Faster, Higher, Stronger

August 29th, 2016

3 magic word make the world go round.

Mentalist reminder

August 28th, 2016

Tricks are mean.

Carpool Karaoke

August 24th, 2016

James Corden’s White House tour takes a turn when First Lady Michelle Obama joins him for a drive around the grounds singing Stevie Wonder and Beyonce.

Can’t get enough of the civil wars

August 22nd, 2016

Taylor Swift joins the Civil Wars to perform “Safe and Sound”.

The kids are alright, what’s with the parents?

August 22nd, 2016

German actor Til Schweiger with daughter Emma Schwaiger in a well executed 15 sec. tv ad. Yes the kids are alright. They better get their parents insured.

Billie Jean

August 22nd, 2016

Joy Williams and John Paul White known as The Civil Wars broke up after they were heralded by media and loved by the audience for two years.

White man showing off a black man’s video

August 20th, 2016

Michael Kiwanuka’s new album Love & Hate is a bittersweet offering, pulling from ’60s and ’70s soul, growing more melancholy as it plays.

Every olympic logo rated by design legend Milton Glaser

August 18th, 2016

Emily Gosling’s ultimate show down of olympic logo design rated by Milton Glaser.


August 17th, 2016

This is what has happened not only to alien invasion movies but with American crime tv series in recent years. Focus shifted from action to communication.

A pointer to the lost infrastructure of social media

August 15th, 2016

As social networks grew in popularity and influence, the old decentralized blogosphere fell apart, leaving all the power in the hands of a few private companies.