Two-minute shorts totally freak out Fox viewers

Floor 9.5

Fox and Mars candy brands teamed up to get up-and-coming horror directors to make disturbing short films on time for Halloween.
To begin with, they didn’t know they would be Mars ads…

Skittles “Floor 9.5”

Starburst “Replacement”

M&M’s “The Road”

Snickers “Live Bait”

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“Preaching Blues.” Your Sunday Song.

Larkin Poe

Georgia’s Sisters Rebecca and Megan from Larkin Poe

Preachin’ Blues is a Son House cover
on Larkin Poe’s recent album ‘Peach’:

Larkin Poe Logo

Georgia sisters Rebecca & Megan are carrying on the tradition of roots American music



Portraits of her

iPhone 8 Plus — Portraits of Her — Apple

Portraits of her

The basic income of world famous painters
democratized and ruined.

Wait for painter to die.
No money to buy portrait.
Wait to see it at the museum.

Everyone masters portraits.
Look at someone else’s.
Look at your phone.



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