“Therefore I am.” Your Sunday song.

Screenshot Billie Eilish | Therefore I am / YouTube

Billie Eilish ~ Therefore I Am

Go get’em

Germans feel informed and are touched by this ‘one of us’ ad by a leading grocery chain

Jung von Matt/Next Alster for the Edeka grocery chain

Erika is one of us. She’s got her little girl here with her. She got the best food. It’s great what this woman does. She takes care of the community.

People seem to prefer lighthearted, upbeat adverts that manage to kick in to their emotions while making them feel informed. According to a recent sentiment analysis by Unruly Haribo’s campaign tops the sentiment.

“We will hug again”

Anomaly Berlin for Zalando

At no time was it prohibited or inappropriate for lovers and close family members to hug. Nor was it at any time not okay for lovers or close family members to love, kiss and hug each other. Not even during the pandemic.

The social constraint however having to hug everyone at first sight—strangers you haven’t yet come to know or trust… Where did that come from? How did such delusion get started? Would keeping your distance not be more appropriate and appreciated? Smooches here and there, cheek to cheek1 everywhere. Manufacturers addressing the consumer as old buddies, waiters and waitresses pretending to be your best friend…

  1. bis à bis[]